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***Weekly Chat Thread November 6th-November 12th***

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Good morning! New thread for another week full of new babies! Things are really picking up.
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I'm 40 WEEKS today!!!

Unfortunately, I have ANOTHER cold, full blast. I didn't sleep at all last night. I was up blowing my nose or peeing every 20 minutes. Poor DH didn't sleep either because I kept waking him up. And Liam was up at 5:45 this morning........ DH took him out for breakfast (they do every Saturday morning) and I slept a little more, but it is so hard for me to sleep when I am sick!

It is a good thing this baby will probably come a little "late" so that I can be healthy when he comes!

What are you all doing to stay healthy this fall/winter?? I have some echinacea I started taking yesterday, as well as extra C and D.... what else? I've been washing hands like crazy too, but obviously that didnt work.... I am thinking I have to quarantine myself in my house until this baby comes. Which makes me stir-crazy and all I think about is baby baby baby!

Congrats to Karen!! Can't wait to see pics and hear more!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I am planning to plant myself on the couch with some hot tea and veg out and try to get better FAST.
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Catie. I hope baby waits until you're feeling a little better, but I'm still on high alert!
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Catie. I hope you feel better soon. Happy EDD today, though!!

AFM: Today is my EDD by lmp, too, although I've been calculating by ovulation which puts me at 39w 3d. Either way, I feel *ready* to meet this babe. Last night dh and I did a bellycast and then I had several hours of regular, early-laborish ctx afterwards. I was beginning to get my hopes up. I could feel the babe's head, along with a lovely little nuchal hand, turning and getting into position. Her head is way down there engaged so I think that's what all my irritable uterine activity was all about.

I'm headed out to have breakfast with some mama-friends now but other than that, I'm gonna just take it easy and conserve energy today. I have a feeling that things might really happen this weekend or early next week.

Have a great day, mamas! Bring on more babies!!
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I'm sorry, Catie. I've had a nasty cold, too, I'm just trying to grateful there's no cough... yet... but I have been barely a person because it's just endless discomfort between pregnancy and cold. I'm only 38 weeks at the start of this week, so I still have a bit of time, I hope!

Just getting to the two grocery stores is my super goal today. And it could def not happen if I just want to take it easy. Maybe a tad of cleaning... really most things are done, thank goodness. Poor DD, I've been so sick and a beast, so maybe we can do some good reading and fun today.
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Misagoat - Thanks for starting a new thread. I'm really hoping I can join in and keep up with this one.

Catie - I hope you feel better soon and that babe can wait a few more days. Happy 40 weeks!

Ashley - I had some pretty strong contrax the other night too, thought it could be labor, but no luck. I think I might have just needed to drink more water.

I've been doing quite a bit of nesting lately, just can't stop thinking about baby. I think my dh is probably getting annoyed. but I just can't help it! (Dh just saw my post and said "Don't tell your friends I'm annoyed, I'm not annoyed." He isn't, but I guess it's just me going baby crazy that I think everyone who isn't pregnant must be sick of all the baby talk.)
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Another week ALREADY!? Time is flying by fast than I'd like it to.

... and yet everyday that brings me closer to my baby makes me so excited! Hope it is really happening for you, Catie!

I didn't really have a chance to catch up with the other thread but
Hope it went well for you. Mine was just like any other day, literally. DP didn't even get me a present. He told me he was going to give me a foot rub and then complained about it the whole time he was doing it. I was so sad I just cried myself to sleep. Hahaha, don't mix pregnancy hormones with disappointment. I know it shouldn't matter that much to me but I just wanted to feel a little bit special I guess?

And then yesterday I had a serious run-around trying to get my Maternity leave EI figured out. The agent on the phone was SO MEAN to me! He ended up delaying my case further and wouldn't let me talk at all! He kept interupting me, accused me of not actually being myself (WTF??), wouldn't let me talk to a supervisor, and then hung up on me. So of course I had to bawl about that, too. Now I have to dispute it and wait for someone to call me back on Monday... oi, what a mess.
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Thank you for the new thread MisaGoat!
another week! wow.. and its my EDD week.. I thought that day would never come

catie, happy EDD!!! sorry you are sick man, that sucks.. autumn is so hard for keeping well. hope you heal up fast and meet baby So soon.

Ashley, have a lovely mama breakfast! that sounds So nice
before I got so sick and summer was so busy there was a group of us (mamas, papas & kiddos) who were having brunch potlucks once a month.. it was really so lovely. I miss that! I haven't been very sociable lately.

will we see pictures of your belly cast? and i love the description of baby getting into position!

St.Margaret, hope you get your errands done and have some snuggle time with you sickie DD

lisalee: funny about your dp reading your post and getting defensive
happy nesting!

Farren: im sorry your dp was so insensitive about your birthday! that is SO not cool i would have cried too.. and I have, on many occasions. ARG. and it SHOULD matter..dont ever think that it shouldn't. you are doing so much to grow and nurture that little one.. you need that too.
and on the EI stuff, they can be such jerks.. *sigh* sorry you had to deal with that yesterday.

afm, feeling kind of less zombie like today. today is my moms last day here and its raining and chilly..i was hoping for a sunny day so we could play in the yard.
not sure what we will do... i have some baking in mind and some knitting but i dont want all of these kids indoors all day at all. it gets so insane with 4 LO's in the house all needing outside time. i think we may have to put on our rain gear and have some park time despite the wet.
and probably a movie later on

sometimes im so thankful for movies which sounds terrible, I know. I never in a million years thought my kids would watch ANY TV (before i had kids that is) on the other hand I really enjoy curling up and watching the odd movie with them. and we dont have TV in any form, so I get to choose exactly what they view.

wishing you mamas who are in early labour beautiful births!
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So many mama due today or tomorrow! Wish I was one of you....

Fern ~ I remember being THE BIGGEST GROUCH EVER the day I went into labor with Ds. Now every time I'm a grouch, I can't help but wonder...

As per mw's instructions, I shoved a clove of garlic up my yoni last night before bed. I really expected it to irritate me, but it didn't at all! I also found a tube of Monistat external cream under my sink so I rubbed some of that on the outside. Still no discharge, so I'm not sure what's going on down there. And I'm dry which is way weird for me so I wonder if that could explain the irritation...

I slept pretty well the first half of the night but woke up around 3am & have been up ever since. I woke up tasting garlic! It's amazing how much garlic can permeate your whole body so quickly.
DP was awake too, so after trying to sleep & chatting for a while, we both gave up and came downstairs at almost 6am to watch a movie & snuggle. But Ds followed us... So we watched Sex in the City 2 (& did some skipping/eye covering ). It was nice, but now I'm pooped & I really want to get my vac cleaned! I also want to paint the bedrooms which is ridiculous.

My mw home visit is Monday!! Now I REALLY feel like I need to have this place in tip-top shape. I'm going to ask her to check my cervix. If I can shake this itch down there by then, maybe I'll cross my fingers that the exam will send me into labor. It would be perfect!

Gosh, I can't believe all of the babies we have already!!
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Hooray for EDDs!!

I spent most of yesterday getting things ready for birth and now my bedroom is all laid out with everything we need. And, of course, the ctxs that have been coming and going have been more going than coming. But I didn't want to be in labor before DS's outing this morning with DH, so that's good. And I'm about to shower and gather stuff up for doing maternity photos (DH is a semi-pro photographer so we're going to his studio) after the museum. So that's all lovely... If my head weren't feeling awful from rotten sleep and worrying about tons of stuff all night.

And as I'm sitting here typing, I'm smelling something that seems familiar... And you know what it smells like, but isn't? Breastmilk poo! How crazy is that. I have no idea what I'm really smelling but it's definitely not a tiny baby's mustardy diaper.

Anyway, hope everyone has a good day! Can't wait to see how many more babies come!
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Thank you all for the well-wishes!! I am actually feeling a lot better already than I was yesterday/last night/this morning.... and DH has been keeping Liam occupied all day and I have been able to rest. Hoping to feel a lot better by the end of the weekend..
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Meta-- I had a mild yeast infection from May until August, with no discharge only irritation during/after sex. It took 2 rounds of Monistat and a round of Diflucan to get rid of it. Can your MW test you for yeast? I hope that is not what it is!!
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A new thread already! I'm curious to see how many more babies we have this weekend!

Karen-- Congratulations on your little one!!! Enjoy your babymoon!

Farren- I'm sorry to hear your dp didn't make your birthday special. That would have made me really disappointed too.

Ashley-- Enjoy your breakfast! It sounds like you have such a great circle of local mama friends.

Heather- Yay for maternity photos! I hope you can catch up on sleep tonight.

Fern- I feel the same way about movies. We've had long periods when we didn't have any TV, then we had a TV but kept it inside a closet when dd was little. Now we have one for Netflix or shows that we download-- we don't receive any channels at all. (And we have a Wii. ) It sometimes seems like too much to me but we do have a lot of fun watching movies as a family. After the kids are in bed, DH will turn it on a lot more often than I would. I'm very noise-sensitive ( and I'm about to have 4 children...) so I'd never turn on shows just for background noise. Last year I went on a trip alone for work and until my last night there, I completely forgot that hotel rooms have TV.

I finally got a ton of sleep last night and today is the first day in a while that I feel like I've got some energy. Calm before the storm? I got up and made waffles for everyone and then swapped out the summer/fall items in the entryway for hats, scarfs and cold weather gear. Realized that I have to keep an eye out for new boots for dd-- fall is going by so quickly here!
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Ugh, Farren - big for you. Call EI back and talk to someone else - I've discovered that (shockingly) there are people there who DO NOT know what they're talking about, and the first time I applied for EI I got the total runaround. Phone back, and if you get the same bull, ask to speak with a supervisor.

EDDs springing up all around! And babies coming out of the woodwork - so exciting!

Meta/Erin - I hope you can get the itch sorted out - I hate yeast infections. I've had the same experience with garlic - I took garlic pills once and the smell of it started coming out with my sweat! I stopped pretty soon after - the only thing worse than garlic breath is garlic sweat...

Catie - you're doing similar things to what I do. I make sure we have lots of Vit C, Vit D, and wash hands religiously. I am also planning to keep this babe out of public places during flu season. We didn't vax for H1N1 or seasonal flu last year, and none of us got sick (and dh works at the hospital!), so I'm planning on a similar course of action this year.

AFM, I'm so thankful I'm going to the chiro this pregnancy! I'm feeling big and awkward, but no pain in my hips or lower back at all.

The weirdest thing happened this morning...I must have woken up 2-3 times in the night to pee, which is normal, but when I went this morning (and it was light), the toilet water was light PINK. I thought immediately that I had started to dilate, but I wiped and nothing. So where did the pink come from? I'm stumped.

I'm alone in the house - my mom and dad have the kids at the park, and dh is running errands. I'm going to go do a couple of things and then knit - I'm 80% finished the baby hat!
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Tomorrow is my due date just a day here... I've never gone anywhere near my due date, lol.

I tie dyed a bunch of shirts yesterday for my daughter and the baby yesterday and I've been a laundry queen. I haven't really put my laundry off too much so I'm really not sure how so much piled up, but apparently it reproduced like bunnies over the past week.

We had Chinese for dinner last night... my fortune cookie says, "Affirm it, visualize it, believe it, and it will actualize itself." Amen. Totally holding that one close, I actually taped it to my laptop so I could read it frequently.
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Lucy That is rotten, hope he comes to his senses.

Nic-I want to see how your shirts came out!

Catie-glad you are starting to feel a little better. Take it easy while you can. I started taking Vit D for the winter, I'll see if that helps prevent me from getting sick.

I just did a whirlwind clean downstairs, cleaned the bathroom, mopped and vacuumed the kitchen, dining room and living room and put away two loads of laundry. Why? Because one of my son's friends from pre-k dropped by and invited him over to play. I have to go pick him up in a few minutes but I just had two hours at home by myself to clean! I of course am now tired but the downstairs is clean and I bet my son had a good time. Can I admit this is the first time my son went over someone's house without me? I mean other than my friend who I've known over 20 years or family. They only live two blocks away and she has 3 boys. I only started to worry after he left but realized everything would be fine.
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Look, look I just hit "Senior member" !! Do I get a prize now? (like a baby )
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Here's the link to my facebook tie dye album... not sure if it will be visible to anybody who isn't my friend, if it's not let me know

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Originally Posted by ~Demeter~ View Post
Tomorrow is my due date just a day here...
that is how I feel too... I knew I wouldn't go on/before my due date, but it is nice to know that now that it is here, Ian will be here anytime in the next week (or two.. )!!!!!

If I was going by LMP my due date would've been Oct 29, but by ovulation date it is today, the 6th.. Hopefully he won't make me wait too much longer!
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