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I finally got on the computer last night and came to post, only to find MDC down.  greensad.gif


Farren, so glad for good news! thumb.gif


Misa, we ended up going with the Chicco KeyFit 30.  Another good option is the Graco Snugride 35.  Those will give you plenty of use and are easy to use and install.  I can't cope with cigarette smoke so I would definitely be replacing it, too.  greensad.gif


Meta, have you tried soothing herbs like you might use postpartum?  Maybe the EMAB mama bottom balm or bath herbs?  I hope you find something that helps!


So after spending night before last sure I was in early labor (I mean, if 12 hours of ctxs don't mean anything, what does? irked.gif) only to have it fizzle for several hours before starting up again yesterday afternoon, I wake up today sick.  Chest congested, stuffy, body aches.  UGH!  I finally got the point of being okay with everything starting and stopping and piddling on (I mean, these are serious ctxs but I know there are a few more levels up they need to go and they need to come with a lot more frequency, which seems to always be my problem...).  I talked to my MW about starting the homeopathic cohoshes today to see if they'd stimulate a normal labor pattern, which she said can take 8-12 hours.  No worries - that means we could maybe have a baby tonight or tomorrow (most likely).  But what if I'm SICK?  greensad.gif  I do not want labor to be delayed because there are other things going on in my body.  I want to believe that that DOESN'T happen even though I know a lot of people say it does.  banghead.gif


I don't even want to call my MW and tell her I'm sick because I'm afraid she'll say that baby won't come until I'm better.  mecry.gif  I'm taking elderberry and homeopathics and trying to think of what else to take to try to knock this out quickly.  Seriously, nothing like being on the verge of labor at 39 weeks and getting bronchitis.  banghead.gifmecry.gif

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Oh no, Bronchitis?! hug.gifhug.gif I really hope it is something much more simple and easy to get rid of. Over the course of the night last night my headache and sinus pain developed into a full blown headcold. I feel so stuffed up and groggy, I can't breathe, I can't taste. Yuck! What is happening to us! I better not have caught this from you, Catie! lol.gif


I hear you, though, Heather - I was having pretty regular contractions too! Even during the NST they were coming at 10-12 minutes apart and some of them were feeling pretty real! I lost my mucus plug last night, too, but now I'm thinking STAY IN BABY! I'M TOO SICK FOR KISSES! ...and birthing! I'm exhausted! Is it true that birth as a process generally won't begin if you are sick? That would be ideal.

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Urgh...I'm so sorry to hear that so many of us are sick!  I'm feeling fine now (knock wood) but had bronchitis for the whole month of September.  It was awful and I can imagine going through it now would be even worse.  Get well vibes to all you mamas who are feeling under the weather.


AFM....I think the baby has dropped!  He was so low to begin with but now I have a definite slope to my belly from top to bottom (instead of a basketball shape) and I'm feeling some weird aches and pains in my back and groin that I didn't have before.  (In addition to the regular old SPD I've had since 20 weeks or so).  My husband and my neighbor commented that they think I've dropped.  Also I'm having even more trouble peeing!  Have to really lift up the belly to get going.  Since this is my 2nd I'm hoping that him dropping means something might happen sooner rather than later.  Due date is Wed but I'm hoping for Monday the 15th.  Fingers crossed!

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Heather and Farren.. sorry to have passed my sickness onto you! lol.gif I swear, next baby is going to be planned for being born in the spring, I am OVER being pregnant through the summer, and all the sickness at the end of pregnancy! Not to mention the fact that we will be going through the Holidays with a newborn! What was I thinking, wanting a Fall baby!? lol.gif


AFM: I think I'm finally over the hump and into getting BETTER rather than worse. I really think this baby is waiting on me to get better before he comes out. As much as I want him OUT, I will be glad to be laboring at full-strength, or at least close to it. I've been resting as much as I can today, and really hoping and praying to be better by the weekend. Liam of course is sick too, but just sort of snotty and cough-y for now. I actually got him down for a NAP today! It took about an hour of driving around in the car though.. lol.gif but I really think he needs the extra rest to help him get better soon too! We don't need to have a sick newborn around here!

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(((heather)))  im sorry you are having so much "false" labour and now you are sick! how crappy is that greensad.gif  i hope it passes fast!


((((farren)))) sorry you are sick too. i hate when i cant taste anything. im still snotty.. its been like 2 months if not more.. but its constantly running which i prefer over being super stuffy. have you tried saline up your nose? it can help clear it out.

exciting about your Mucous plug, too bad its at such a bad time..

im still waiting for *any* sign that real labour is going to happen soon..but no. my body evades me once again. im cursed to carry babies to 42 weeks..


frisbee, i totally have to lift my belly to empty my bladder at this point..its so weird~!


catie, glad you are on the mend hug2.gif  hope liam gets better soon too..

i was sure this baby was going to come as soon as i was feeling a little bit better, but no... lol.gif


so my hair is red~!  joy.gif i bought henna last week and finally mixed it up yesterday and put it on my head in the evening. i slept with it on my head wrapped in plastic wrap and a towel and i have to admit it was not a good sleep, but it was worth it for feeling a bit less like a total messy ragamuffin. i think ill have to convince dp to give me a neck rub tonight.. i also trimmed my bangs which were almost in my eyes..

im thinking of waxing my legs just for fun too... might as well make these last few days/weeks productive, right? i cant imagine when im ever going to find the time once baby gets here.


oh, did everyone read on FB that Ashley (birth dance) had her baby girl this am early early~!  so exciting!!

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Farren-- maybe a dumb question... is your actual name Farren Square? I thought your first name was Farren and you did a play on words like "fair and square"....... but then saw on FB that your name on there is Farren Square.... anyway.. just wondering.. wink1.gif

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My first name is really Farren (a combo of Farrah and Karen - my parents fought over those two names for 12 days after I was born until they thought to combine them!) but my last name is not really Square. How hilariously perfect would that have been?! I started using the moniker after becoming a fire dancer and performer, then opened an Etsy shop with the same name. I decided to switch my facebook over to the "fake" name because I am also a teacher and didn't want students or their parents searching for me... sometimes my performance costumes (and my burning man pictures) can get a little questionable.


It does make it easier for everyone on MDC to figure out who I am, though! lol.gif


Fern: I want to see your gorgeous red hair! I am seriously impressed you are considering waxing your legs. I haven't done any leg maintenance in months now. DP is lucky he still gets armpits!


And yeah, I have to lift my belly up to empty my bladder, too. Glad I'm not the only one cause I felt a bit crazy there for a while.

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Yay, Catie!


Farren-ok, now i'm going to have to go peruse your albums. lol.gif  Ok, just did.  My god, woman, you're gorgeous!  And I really want to learn to hoop-can you point a lady in the right direction to learn?


I shaved "down there" for the first time in months (thanks to olive oil and defying physics) the day before I went into labor.  Which was nice not having dried blood/sticky pads getting stuck on hair...but not so fun with the itch of growing back in.  Yikes. 

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Originally Posted by FarrenSquare View Post

Fern: I want to see your gorgeous red hair! I am seriously impressed you are considering waxing your legs. I haven't done any leg maintenance in months now. DP is lucky he still gets armpits!



well, we shall see lol.gif and i never shave my armpits.. my hair is naturally very fair and its very sparse.. so i dont bother.

i'll post a picture of my red hair in the belly photo thread..

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Thanks, mamas. :grouphug  Not feeling half as bad as I did when I woke up. Coughing only occasionally (taking homeopathics that may well be helping) and despite feeling like I'd be totally achy and miserable, I was able to go out to the park with the kids and hang out with my mom for a long while.  


And, apparently my body doesn't care TOO much that I'm sick because I've been having lots of ctxs the whole time.  I have to say, ctxs while driving are not so much fun!  I still have no real consistency to them - I've had anything from fairly mild "half" ctxs to ones that lasted fully 2 minutes!  The hard thing is that consistent contractions and I don't always get along.  :eyesroll  With my last, they were long and strong but I could cope with them, and they were 5-15+ minutes apart!  I laid down to try to rest and they got stronger, and baby was born about 30 minutes later.  :dizzy  So I am hoping these strengthen with enough warning that I can get everyone here.  I'm not sure what other signs I'm looking for, really.  :o


Because I'm sick I haven't taken the homeopathic cohoshes that we'd talked about, so this is all just my body's doing - which is great.  I am just hoping it continues to intensify and maybe we get a baby tonight/tomorrow!  On our ExpectNet game there are actually about 4 guesses (including mine!) for early tomorrow morning between about 2am and 5am.  :lol


TMI...  I confess I have never felt the need to shave the nether regions. :o  But I'm thinking of trimming for ease of care postpartum.  Anyone else?  :o  With my first, the OB told me I needed to and I have pretty much done the opposite of anything she told me in subsequent births. :lol  But I think it's probably worth doing for dealing with lochia and all.


I'm excited that we have so many babies here and so many more that will be coming soon! :joy  


I'm going to lay down and rest in hopes I get to be one of them.  :lol

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Heather!! I hear you're in labor! I hope you're not sick. hug.gif


I'm sick. greensad.gif Finally came down with the stupid head cold that *everyone* else in this house has. I just got over a head cold only a couple of weeks ago! Not fair! But, my crotch is feeling better. lol. At the WAPF conference today (I have to elaborate in a minute!), I listened to Natasha Campbell-McBride talk about GAPS stuff and she touched on yeast infections & skin irritations a few times. She also talked about how much is absorbed via our skin (as much as when we eat things, except when it's topical, the liver doesn't filter it - it goes straight to our bloodstream!) So I was feeling kind of crappy about using the Monistat cream internally, especially with little baby's head RIGHT there. I switched to my cloth pads and have been feeling MUCH less irritated already. So I've decided no more cream in my yoni - all natural from here on out. I still don't think it was yeast anyway. Natasha recommended yogurt or kefir just slathered on and sort of inside after a bath. And of course diet, which I'm already doing that stuff. But YAY for much less irritation! Now I just have to kick this stinkin' head cold.


I had one of the best days I've had in a looong time today!! Totally & completely distracting despite the fact the every.single.person commented on/touched my big belly today and I had many, many, MANY hardcore contractions.The energy at the conference was just so.....real. Real people who just want real food and real living. I have to say, the highlight of my day (aside from the food), was Shannon Hayes' Radical Homemakers lecture. She was so funny, witty, over-educated, and down to earth. I would LOVE to spend a weekend with that woman.

And the food....oh goddess the food. It was all local & grass-fed & prepared in a nutrient-dense, traditional fashion. I ate SO much at dinner that I thought I was going to have the baby just because there wasn't enough room.


It looks like some of the kinks are being worked out here, slowly but surely. I still prefer our old format, but progress is good.


Man, that baby picture thread is YUMMY! I want mine on the outside!

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