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Originally Posted by kittywitty View Post

Hoping today is easier on you both.

AFM: I'm still pregnant. I guess what I was having yesterday was just a false start. I did have 4-5 hours of regular ctx along with a bad backache, so who knows. This girl is trying to stump her midwife-mama, LOL. Things are picking back up though, and I am having quite a bit of bloody show so I know *something* is happening at least.
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I hope it's soon for you, Ashley!
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Huh. I wrote a post from bed this morning (on my phone) and it looks like it was lost. It was handing out a lot of 's though! For Bobbi, Fern, Catie, and Julie, too! It really is sounding like a lot of us are at the end of our ropes emotionally.

DP and I worked everything out and I finally feel like he understands why my b-day is a big deal to me. Or even if he doesn't, he agreed to honour the day because he loves me. Jeeze, you'd think I was getting him to battle lions for me or something the way he disagreed at first. MEN SOMETIMES. But I wanted to thank everyone for all the support because I don't really have anywhere to vent about relationship stuff. My friends or my mom always just turn it into something much uglier than it needs to be and you guys were dead on listening and offering words of encouragement, (especially you, Julie! I really hope you start feeling better soon because you really helped me out of my own funk. ) oh geeze, now I'm gonna cry. lol

Yesterday my ctx really started picking up! They were painful, didn't stop when I laid down, and I lost a good part of my mucus plug. I was trying so so so hard not to get my hopes up but when they started coming regularly around 10 minutes apart I started timing them and did some frantic vacuuming... And then, nothing. GRR. We even dtd three times in 24 hours!! I can't remember whose MW suggested that but dtd seemed to make the contractions slow down even more. I'm only 39 weeks on Wednesday so I know I am quickly losing membership in the zen mamas club if this keeps on like this.
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aww, mz (((HUG))))) i hate throwing up.. BLAH! i hope you have a restful day and feel better tomorrow.. i seem to have on days and off days alternating lately.

ashley, i was so waiting to see a birth announcement from you! these babies ARE tricky sometimes..

i am having contractions today but nothing exciting or regular or painful. im feeling pretty good though so we are going to go for a walk along the river and then for tea and treats to celebrate my due date..i think SIL and her kiddos are coming too.
im hoping the brisk (yeah right) walk will make me go into labour, but we all know that hoping doesn't do much

anyways.. im thinking of all my november mamas and babies.. its so cool to be all in this together.
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well i attempted to take a nap while DS ran free... between him climbing on top of me every 15 minutes saying he wanted to "cuddle" (which lasted all of 2 minutes before he wanted to get back up and play) and people calling/texting my phone.. i didn't really get any rest. I am feeling a little better emotionally after a little "rest" though, and I think I'm going to take Liam outside to ride his bike.. the weather is nice today (sunny and 65) and I'm sure some fresh air will do me some good. Hopefully he will LISTEN to me when we go out there and not try to run into the road or to the neighbor's house.. because I do not really have patience for that today..

Thanks mamas for all the support and a place to vent. Its nice to complain and not have people think you are just being hormonal or crazy or ungreatful.
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Farren, I'm so very impressed.

We dtd once this weekend. When I told dh about the 3 times in 24 hours, he laughed so hard that he cried. I think we maybe managed that on our honeymoon all those many years ago, but, well, ain't gonna happen here.
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Farren, so glad your DH came around! The stop and start contractions are so frustrating. Sounds like you're definitely getting close, though!

Ashley, can't wait to hear!

After ctxs picked up last night then died down again, I'm pretty sure they were mild all night. I woke up two hours before I needed to get up and couldn't get back to sleep but continued to have ctxs while lying in bed. Definitely stronger than yesterday but not all that strong still. Sat at the library for our monthly attempt at having a babywearing meeting (no one who actually needed anything came ) and continued to have ctxs including one that was a LOT stronger... So I convinced myself maybe I should go ahead and brave the grocery so we have food and labor stuff in the house - and I had almost nothing while there! Somewhat more since getting home, but nothing spectacular. Bah.

I told DH, it was good that I got through the grocery, but also really frustrating. Had a yummy roast beef sandwich and now I think I need another... Seriously, I am SO hungry these days! My stomach must be rejoicing that it's not entirely squished anymore. I keep hoping I'm also storing up for labor, but, um, yeah... Friday is still looking optimistic.

Has anyone heard from StarMama? I think she had her c/s on Friday, right? I'm hoping all is well.
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Farren, I think I have realized this on separate occasions, but do you realize we have the same birthday AND the same due date??? Whoa.

3x in 24 hours??! Wow. When DH and I DTD these days we're not sure who is doing who a favor.
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to all of you!!

i haven't been on MDC too much over the past weeks, so have missed many weekly chats...and if i am on here, then the chat is so big already that i feel i'll never be able to catch up!

AFM, today i'm 39w2d...and quietly going mad with impatience! i was within a few days either way of 40 weeks with my other three. but for some reason, i've been expecting this baby *any day now* for days already maybe because i feel fuller/more uncomfy with this baby then throw in the prodromal labour - and i am officially going insane with the waiting.

i had my MW check me last week (i was dying so see if something-anything! was happening). my cervix was soft, and midline and about 40% effaced. i was also 1cm dilated - no biggie. i was more pleased about the cervix being ripe and getting ready. she is coming over again tomorrow, so hopefully things have progressed more.

i have nearly nested myself out of projects and my house is clean...for now. the big projects i have left are not appealing (giant backlog of ironing, giant backlog of filing ) and i am too unmotivated to do much of anything today.
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Aw Catie, I know it's awful to say....but thank goddess I can come here and read that there are other mamas feeling *exactly* like I have been!

And to everyone else. We're in the homestretch!! It sucks, but we can do it. I've been miserable about my itchy crotch but then I read about sinus infections and puking and it doesn't seem so bad - probably just the commiseration helps.

I had my home visit this morning! It went really well. Mw checked me out - I'm still measuring 36cm and she said it's because he's soooo waaaay down there. His hb was perfect, 140. My bp was the highest its ever been at 122/80. I just looked at DP and said "It's your fault."

Can you believe that after 3 GBS negative pregnancies, I tested positive this time??! I need some advice - what do I do? I know next to nothing about GBS. Mw seems totally unconcerned and said we wouldn't even have time for abx because they need to be given 4 hours before birth and I've never had a labor that long. So I'm taking a butt-load of probiotics to try to clear up this itchy crotch and that might help with the GBS. I also mentioned the thing Desiree used (that I suddenly can't remember the name of...) - the stuff you dilute with water & flush your vagina with - what's that called? Anyway, she said I could do it every time I shower and when I go into labor. But she's really unconcerned. I of course Googled it and read all of the scare-mongering stuff.

And, the itchy crotch. She took a look and said it looked a bit irritated. I did the garlic clove again last night & Monistat cream externally & my goddess I woke up SO itchy at one point during the night and I just caved and scratched. So she said I should just do the Monistat 7 day treatment internally at this point because none of this other stuff is doing anything. She did do a culture today but she said yeast often doesn't show up in cultures.

AND, I'm 3cm dilated & "really ripe" and she said that if I was nervous going places (because of fast labors with no warning signs) she is confident she could get labor started quickly & easily with a combination of herbs & homeopathy. She'd come over, I'd take the stuff & we'd hang out and go for a walk, bake, or whatever & the baby would pop out.
BUT, it is SO frustrating that I need to clear up this stupid yeast (if that's what it is) before we'd want to do that! Even now, she thinks it would be super easy to get labor started. Do you realize (of course you do) how tempting that is???

I was having some strong contractions every 3-4 minutes last night but I know that's not how my labors start. It was just really uncomfortable.

I have to go pull dinner out of the oven before my family starves to death.
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Meta-- I don't know a WHOLE lot about GBS, but I do know that my SIL had it with my nephew and they didn't do anything about it and he got really sick and had to be in the Nicu for a few days and almost died. I don't know that you need to do anything for you, but maybe make sure the baby is tested for it when he is born? I would do some more digging for sure. so sorry you tested positive for that! Are you taking probiotics? I know that can help with the yeast as well as gbs.

AFM-- in a MUCH better place this evening. DH got off work a little early, went to the store and picked up some stuff we needed, then did a bunch of chores while I took a nice hot shower all by myself. We had dinner, and now Liam is in bed and it's only 7:30! I can relax (and maybe go into labor?? ) for the rest of the evening. My SIL offered to take Liam for the day tomorrow so I can rest as well.

I haven't really said much about it, but I have been having a ton of contx over the last week or so... almost regularly all day long. BUT nothing painful (a few crampy here and there..) and nothing that is really doing much. I think I've been doing a good job at ignoring them.. I see my MW thursday if baby Ian isn't here yet and will get her to check my cervix.. I am so tempted to ask her to strip my membranes or something too to get this labor going, but I am going to be good and LET IT BE until I get to 42 weeks.... Please let this baby come before then!!!!
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Aww Farren, I'm so glad you got a chance to talk things through with your dp and he actually listened to you! Glad to have been of service, my dear! And I, too, am in awe that you dtd 3 times in 24 hours!!! I'm sorry for your sake, but it makes me feel better that it didn't produce a baby right away, because then I would've felt like I needed to try it, and I know my limitations!

Meta, it's called hibiclens. I can't remember the other name for it, because... I'm pregnant. Anyway, I douched with it before having ds, and they did draw blood cultures on him and monitor him a little more closely after he was born (vital signs every four hours until discharge), but he was fine. I was negative with dd and this one. Oh, it's also called chlorhexadine. And sorry the crotch is still itchy!

And starting labor with herbs and homeopathy? I'm so jealous!!!!! My labors are the same as yours, and the induction thing is always SO tempting, because otherwise I have to worry about everything so darn much. DH is really good at steering me away from the temptation, because he knows I'm not strong enough to resist when I get close to or beyond my due date. But that sounds like a super safe way to get things going, and if it fails, it fails.

Pomegranate, our EDD's are a day apart! Best of luck to us, huh?

Heather, sounds frustrating! It can't go on forever, right? .....right...?

Catie, I'm so glad your day got better. And hurray for getting some alone time tomorrow!

AFM, dh and I went on a walk this afternoon for about an hour. It was beautiful. The sun was shining and it wasn't super cold, and we both agreed that we just needed to get out of the house and have a change of scenery. I only had 2 or 3 ctx the whole time, but I wasn't expecting it to throw me into labor, so that's fine. When we got home, ds went down for a nap and so did we. I slept for a couple of hours and then got up and finished getting dinner ready (I had a roast in the crock pot all day), and then dh got up just as we were sitting down to eat. We agreed that our moods were totally boosted by the exercise and sleep, so all's right with the world again for a while!

He also mounted the new mirror in our newly remodeled bathroom upstairs, so I can finally move all of my stuff back in there and start using it!

Tomorrow dh works, so I need baby to stay put. Then he's off for a couple of shifts, so then I'll want baby to come again, but he works again a few days after my due date (Sun), so then I'll need baby to stay put again!

I'd love to have the baby on the 11th. That was my dad's birthday, and I love and miss him so much... Just throwing it out there, God....

Hoping to hear that Ashley had her lo!
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Originally Posted by mzminty View Post
And starting labor with herbs and homeopathy? I'm so jealous!!!!! My labors are the same as yours, and the induction thing is always SO tempting, because otherwise I have to worry about everything so darn much. DH is really good at steering me away from the temptation, because he knows I'm not strong enough to resist when I get close to or beyond my due date. But that sounds like a super safe way to get things going, and if it fails, it fails.
I was concerned that it might make my labors more drawn out rather than how they've always started - at night, with a BAM! but Mw didn't think that would happen. But at this rate, I'll just end up having to wait to clear up the crotch business.

We went to Ikea today & walked a bit. I had to stop and breathe through at least 5 contractions. I had a little pinkish mucous which was probably from my (very gentle) cervical check this morning.

I know what you mean, Julie, about being worried going anywhere!
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I can't believe we got a thread locked. Crazy bunch of preggos.
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Originally Posted by Metasequoia View Post
I can't believe we got a thread locked. Crazy bunch of preggos.
I know! I hadn't looked at that one for a while, even though I was considering posting about my jerk ex-husband who made my life miserable and I finally got up the nerve to leave after dd was born!
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Just a quick post to say we're home. Hooray! We even managed to bring some of the placenta home with us (about a third, I guess. The rest went to pathology ). Apparently there was some big communication mic-up there, because it had been waiting since Friday, but as late as this morning we thought we might not get it at all!

My milk is coming in, which would make me a lot happier if Paige was less sleepy and nursing a bit better. I'm hoping not to get too engorged!

to all!!
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Yay for being home, Karen! I hope you're doing well.

Meta-it's hibiclens/chlorohexidine. I wouldn't bother with the rinse until labor starts. It's very effective and commonly used in Europe instead of abx. Especially with abx resistance issues.
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