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For anyone who hasn't seen... MDC going offline tomorrow (Tuesday) morning for approximately 24 hours for server switch:

I'm feeling only slightly panicky that I won't be able to check in on everyone!

Karen, so glad you're home and with some of your placenta! So sorry about the miscommunication and not getting all of it, though.

Julie, sounds like a lovely walk and afternoon/evening!

I had a lovely, cozy nap earlier - felt like a lot longer than the hour it was! Then I went out to La Madeleine with a few moms from a homeschool co-op we're part of (actually, they're probably all MDC mamas, too). It was nice to get out and have a little break!

I see my MW tomorrow. I am really curious what tomorrow will bring as far as ctx activity. So much more today and yet it's all faded again. Hoping this goes for days and not weeks... DS3 has been saying baby would come in "5 days," and today made it "3 weeks." How about 3 days? That would work!

Hope everyone has an awesome day and that we can find each other on the flip side!
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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
For anyone who hasn't seen... MDC going offline tomorrow (Tuesday) morning for approximately 24 hours for server switch:
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Oh crap - no MDC fix tomorrow? That's it - nobody have babies tomorrow!

I've had a really long day and I'm super tired, so to everyone and hope you have a good night's sleep.
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looks like mdc is back!! it is all so different looking now.. going to take me awhile to get used to it!


So i had 3 or 4 "real" contx wake me up last night... but still no other signs of labor greensad.gif ... 4 days passed EDD now. Getting pretty discouraged.

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              Yay! It is back.


Hang in there Catie. The baby will come out, he can't stay in forever.


I had a midwife appointment last night 6pm! My husband finally came with me and my son came as well. Everything looks good, officially term by all caculations. The midwife estimated the baby to be about 7.5 lbs now.


I have to get my boy off to pre-k but I'll check back later.

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He'll come Catie!  It will be any day now.  You're doing great hanging in there.  I would be going nuts too!


I don't know if I like this new set up.  It's taking me awhile to get used to, but hopefully I like it more once I figure everything out.

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thanks mamas.. i hope he is here soon. I am so tempted to ask my MW to sweep my membranes or something tomorrow at my appointment..... But I REALLY want this baby to come on his own. I thought for sure he'd be here "on time" since I got my due date right this time (i know exactly when ovulation/conception occured). I need to keep myself busy so I don't think about it.. but it just takes so much out of me to do anything! THankfully my mom is coming over this afternoon to give me some company and play with Liam. smile.gif And I have a MW appointment tomorrow morning.. and Liam is being EXTRA sweet today. Lots of hugs and kisses. =D Oh-- and he slept from 7 last night until 6:45 this morning!!!!!!!!!! With only one wakeup at 3. That is the most he's ever slept at night I think.... yeah, cutting nap was definitely a good idea.

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40 weeks today.  joy.gif Not getting my hopes up over the ctx I'm currently having though.  I've lost more mucus/bloody show this am but other than that, nothing terribly promising.  None of my other labors have started this way so I'm really stumped about what's going on. 


Catie, thanks for the FB group.  I requested to join. 


Off to try and figure out this new layout...not sure how I feel about it just yet. 

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Yay MDC is back!  


Yesterday was the day I hoped to go into labor... just because it would have worked well with dh's schedule and backup child care. So of course, I had hardly any contractions all day.  And no MDC to provide a distraction!  Hoping for the weather to clear up today and then I'll get out and do errands. It's been rainy, cold and gray for 3 days now and I'm definitely getting stir-crazy. I have an appointment tomorrow (one we all thought I wouldn't make it to) and am curious about how that will go. My dr has said she doesn't think about inducing twins until 39 weeks (many docs think 36-37 is "full-term" for twins).  I'll be 37 and 5 d tomorrow so I suspect she'll want to start talking about it. I've always been opposed to induction but this time I'm a little tempted... 


But between now and then, I've got pineapple in the fridge and plans for a long walk when the sun comes out. 

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Woah - this new format is going to take some getting used to!


39 weeks today, and baby is very happy where he/she is...luckily, I have friends coming out of the woodwork to help look after my kids, and tomorrow is a holiday, so dh will be home.  That takes care of this week - next week is a totally different story!


So did anyone have a baby yesterday while MDC was down?  All of your profile pictures are so different, it's taking me a while to get used to who's who again!

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I was totally taken by surprise with the site being down!  I do not know how I missed it but after having convincing contractions that woke my up at 5:00am, everything stopped at 8!  I am so pissed!!!!  I am officially father overdue than I have ever been!  I saw my midwife yesterday and she was super calm, very much trying to tell me that things will happen, do not get fixated on a date!!!!  I know all this stuff, I truly do. As a doula I have told this same thing to so many women, but I am not getting it myself.  I am just done!  I want this baby out now!  I resisted temptation to have her check me and sweep my membranes.  I did do an inversion last night as baby's position was not the greatest, hoping he/she is settling in better now!

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Wow.  This MDC change has really thrown me off.  It's basically been the same the whole time I've been a member.  


I have a pp appointment with the mw assistant today.  She's coming to my house.  Molly's bellybutton stump fell off last night. Freaked me out-so early!!!

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not loving this new MDC.. its all too much change right now lol.gif

but anyways, we are adaptable, right?



Happy  Due Date Ashley!


Bobbi, I had a dream Nic had her baby last night~!




I was having pretty regular contractions last night but they didn't go anywhere...   but really, I dont want baby to come till after Friday Night now.. its St.Martins day Friday and we have been making lanterns at home-school day the last 3 weeks in preparation for it. They are So beautiful and the LO's worked so hard (and me too!) and I would be really sad for us to miss it!

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I'm so glad we're back up! joy.gif  I'm not much of one for change but I am seeing good stuff so far so I'm happy. thumb.gif  I just need time to get used to it.  lol.gif


Not having any way to chat and commiserate yesterday was HARD!  I had virtually no ctx activity yesterday, saw my MW, had a great chat with her, etc.  She said baby is in an ideal position (hoping s/he stays there!!), is not super low (which I figured) but that it doesn't really matter, and that she thinks all the prodromal start/stop stuff is my *body* being ready to go and baby not being quite ready yet.  Makes sense to me, and my feeling has been that baby isn't quite ready, so it works.  I keep trying to remember that baby's brain is growing every day - she says baby really benefits from every day up to 39 weeks (which is Friday!).  So I'm trying, trying, trying to be patient...


And THEN, I took a nice bath in our new tub while the boys rested and started feeling a little more ctx-y.  Laid town to rest after and was having more ctxs that got my attention from my dozing.  Got up and had one of those "OH my this is new and different and long and strong!" ctxs.  A few minutes later, another one... DH was gone but I was texting him and resisting the urge to tell him to come home until I had a few more... Got a variety of milder ctxs and one more whole-belly, strong, long ctx.  And then nothing more of the big ones.  greensad.gif  I was SO hoping.  


I did find a little bit of pink when I wiped later, though. joy.gif  Of course, I also had some mild signs of a UTI on the urine dip strip earlier and so it could've been pink urine?  It was fairly dilute and hard to tell just where it came from... But later I checked and urine was totally clear, so who knows.  I am resisting cervical checks as much as I can because I think they have caused irritation and, obviously, they mean nothing.  lol.gif  I have guessed Fri/Sat for a baby and am content to be right in my guessing, so I just need to be patient.  Sooo much easier said than done.


Anyway, hoping to hear about more babies as everyone gets back and finds us here! joy.gif  


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We're leaving to just get out of the house for the afternoon.  Just had to pop in and say hi to all of my mama friends, though!  Hope to catch up soon!

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Making a big batch of pregnancy tea as I type... I'm so exhausted and I dn't know why, anyone else???? Not sure I'm loving this change but I've seen worse, so I can embrace it LOL!

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I'm nesting like crazy today. I haven't had this much energy in weeks. I've been having lots of BH and some back pain.... I wonder if those are good signs!?!?!? If not, oh well at least my house will be spotless again for a little while. ;-)

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Just hanging out at home with dd2 - the older 2 are at schoool/preschool.  Going to make up a mess of pumpkin muffins for snacks, etc.


I hear you about exhaustion, Nic - I have been so. tired. the last couple of days...


39 weeks today, which means I'm going to be pregnant for at least 2 more weeks.  I can be pretty zen about it, as long as I have some help - this week is taken care of, and my aunt is going to be in town next week.  


All I want to do is sit on the couch and knit - gotta get these muffins done first...


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I would have your urine checked for blood, Heather, if you think that could be it.  A UTI this late would suck!

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