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What gestation were your twins born? Did they require NICU time?

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Jut out of curiosity... What gestation did you have your babies and did they have NICU time? If they did how long were they in the NICU?
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36 weeks 6 days

Both of them spent 24 hours in NICU. The NICU time for DS was related to his breathing-- he had trouble for the first few hours after birth, and needed supplemental oxygen and careful watching. DD2 was in there (not right after birth-- she was moved there on the third day) because her jaundice was so severe, and because she'd lost 20% of her body weight, which was alarming to even me. I'm not sure what benefit there was to her being put in there-- they wanted her under lights, and that could have been done in my room just as well. I still can't figure that one out.

They both came home when I went home, though.
(Although I had to fight hard to bring DD2 home, because her weight was under 5 lbs, and they had a policy about not sending babies home until 5 pounds. She was literally ONE OUNCE under five pounds! By the next morning, she'd gained six ounces.)
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38+4 and no NICU time. Only issue was one had trouble maintaining body temp. but that is common to any baby.
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38 weeks even. No NICU time.
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40 weeks 6 days. No NICU.
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37 weeks 5 days. No NICU, but the smaller twin had preemie sucking issues.
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29 weeks, 63 days in NICU for baby A, 65 for baby B. Baby B came home on supplemental oxygen 24x7 for another 2-3 months.
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32 weeks, 30 days in the NICU. they came home on the same day. baby B was on oxygen for 1 day and baby A (smaller guy) was not at all. they just needed to get the sucking reflex down.
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31.6 weeks

NICU 4 & 5 weeks. Both vented in NICU--a few side issues, but basically feeders and growers.

Came home on apnea monitors, some meds, and home-bound (flu season) for 7 months.
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40+3. No NICU time.
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Born at 30 w 5 d. Spent 6 weeks in the NICU. Baby B 42 days and Baby A 45 days. (So jealous of you full term mamas!)
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Born at 24 weeks, 4 months in NICU, then a year on oxygen tanks and apnea monitors. But that was 15 years ago! I am happy to report they're both healthy, long-distance runners today! They wear glasses and are on the mild-moderate end of the Autism spectrum, but it's impossible to know to what extent those things come from early oxygen exposure and possible brain damage, and to what extent they might just come from the boys' Dad.

Good luck to everyone!
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36w 0d, zero NICU time - never even went to the nursery
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39 weeks, they only stayed in the hospital because I was recovering from HELLP and a C-section.
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37 weeks 5 days. No NICU or nursery time. They were discharged with me the next day.

My twin B also had some minor sucking issues, but they resolved within a few weeks.
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39.6 weeks.... no NICU...we did have bili issues but they quickly resolved
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34w2d. 7 days in the NICU, 3 days on a pediatric ward. Mostly just growing and sucking issues.
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37 weeks, and 4 days in the NICU for my smaller babe, for retractile breathing.
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35.5 weeks

one night in NICU, then 2 days rooming in with me before leaving, we were there to monitor jaundice but pushed them into releasing us and got bili lights and bili blankets brought to our house.
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35.5 weeks after being on bedrest since 26 weeks. Baby B had to spend 23 hours in the NICU as she was just 21 grams under the hospitals weight cutoff (the NICU Dr. was great and said we should've slipped a penny into her diaper as she was perfectly healthy). They both roomed in with me until we were discharged. We were in the hospital for five days as Baby A developed jaundice.
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