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Witchy Weight Loss and Support - Yule be losing some weight with us!

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Welcome to the Samhain to Yule edition of the Witchy Weight Loss thread, for anyone who wants to bring an earth-centered/holistic/pagan spirituality to the issue of weight loss and health through better choices in diet and exercise. It's Lunar Samhain today, a new moon, PERFECT time to be making some resolutions towards a healthier life.

Who am I? I'm a mom of 3 children, school and preschool age, in my early 40s. I run a home daycare, homeschool my oldest, I'm a student, and have a busy family. The home daycare/homeschooling is actually going to work for me because I can build (mild) exercise into my day with the kids.

Goals? I am still trying to lose my baby weight from #3, although he is almost kindy age! I want to no longer be officially overweight, to be healthy and fit and to support my kids and my dh, who was just dx'd with Type 2 Diabetes I want to buy a pretty dress and feel good about wearing it! I want to have fun, to dance again.

I was about 196 pounds at my highest, about 183 last June, 181 when I got serious about exercise in August, and 175.5 at Mabon, and 167.2 now. 159 pounds will put me at a bmi that is no longer officially overwieght for my height, and I think 145 will be an appropriate final target weight, but I am open to being happier at a higher weight if I am fit and strong at that weight. So, nearly 30 pounds pounds down, about 20 to go.

How I'm going to get there? Will continue working on developing my yoga practice, swimming with my family once a week, hooping, exercising, walking, time outdoors, eating a low carb, no processed food, gf diet, weighing every day, not eating in the evening.I am going to try growing sprouts and salad greens indoors to supplement my diet and ease the $ cost of all this fresh food in the winter. I am tracking my diet and will post a food diary here if I feel I'm stalling in the weight loss. I'm feeling pretty jiggly, so I really want to work hard on exercise this period - considering 100 push ups in 6 weeks, and starting some intermediate yoga videos.

Statistics? (optional if you don't want to share!)
Here are my measurements from Sept 23, to today, Nov 6:

calves - were 15 inches now 14.25 inches, -.75
thighs - were 23.75 inches now 23.75 inches, 0 change
hips - were 42.5 inches now 41.75 inches, -.75
belly button - was 38.5 inches now 38.5 inches, 0 change
narrowest part of waist - was 33.5 inches now 31.5 inches, -1
bust - was under/over - was 34/39, now 33.5/39 -.5/0
bicep - was 13.25 inches, now 13, -.25

1 weighed 175.6 on Sept 23, today weigh 167.2. So I've lost 8.4 pounds, and 4.25 inches in the past 44 days. I have had a lot of travel and stress and cheating with junk and not exercising like I feel I should, so I'll take those numbers happily

I am wondering a bit if my scale is off or if my measuring technique is off, as I would expect to have lost more inches with 8.4 pounds? Maybe I just lost muscle, which would not be so good. But I'll still take those numbers as a trend of progress towards my goal.
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Yay new thread! I need a renewal of purpose, I think.

Who am I? I'm a 38-year-old mother of one nearly-5-year-old and a postpartum doula. I am finally losing the weight I packed on thanks to a nasty bout of postpartum depression after DD was born.

Goals? When I was discharged from the hospital with DD I was 132 lbs, which is a good weight for me when a lot of it is muscle. A year later I was at 160 something, and I went up as high as 173 I think. Now I am down to 146.5, so I have about 15-20 lbs more to lose, depending on how my body composition does. I have always identified more strongly with the hunter/strength aspect of the feminine (somewhat ironically as I am only 5' tall, but I'm just going to rock it as much as I can) so my goal is to be strong and fit, and about 25% body fat which will hopefully be also ideal for fertility as DH and I are finally OFFICIALLY TTC.

How I'm getting there: weightlifting, interval training, walking & a no-starch, no-sugar diet with some modest portion control (which is not very hard at all when there's no starch or sugar!)

Statistics? I will update this later after I have had a chance to spend some quality time with my measuring tape.
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Who am I?
Mary, 45 yo SAH/homeschooling Mama to 3 balls of energy. In my 'free' time I knit. All the time. Obsessively. Passionately. Happily.
And although knitting is not exercise and doesn't burn very many more calories than sitting still; it does keep my hands busy and therefore away from snacks + it makes me very, very happy.

Health. Mental, physical and spiritual health.
I basically woke up right before my 45th birthday and realized how much weight was still on my frame even though emotionally I was healthier than ever before. I made myself a vow to lose 100 lbs before my 46th birthday.

How I'm going to get there?
For weightloss I am utilizing the hcg protocol.
For mental and spiritual health I am employing a number of strategies, all informed by my ever-strengthening 'not giving a shit bone.'

As of this past week I am about 57 lbs lighter than I was in June. And I have until June to lose the rest.
I feel like I've stripped away the years by losing this weight. My joints no longer ache and I feel really good in my body again. Right now I weigh less than I did when I was a fat, very miserable 14 yo. Right now I can fit back into my wedding dress (we've been married for 16+ years.)
Right now I feel 35, not 45.
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Maiasaura here. Yule, YAY! The only thing I hate about Yule is it's the end of the dark half of the year. I love the dark half.

Who am I? Going to be 51 on the 17th of November. I just realized my birthday has always been the kick-off for the Winter holiday season! So I'm in Cleaning Mode. I have even had Classical Christmas music playing on Pandora for two days I am just In The Mood, lately!
I am handfasted wife to M, my long-distance reunited love with my high school sweetheart-- one day we'll be together and wed legally. I'm a oldah mamah to one feisty 9yo boy

Goals? I topped out at over 203 a couple years back. When M and I started re-uniting, a year ago, I lost 16 or so pounds that haven't come back, pretty much. Then I settled at that weight.
In September, I went on the hcg diet with homeopathic hcg, and lost 20ish pounds in a month. I've regained a little, but I'm settling at around 167. I'm going to maintain that through the holidays, and in January looking to lose some more. Then if I end up having to do another round to get to my ultimate goal (around 130ish), so be it.

How I'm getting there: More hcg! I love this diet!!

Statistics? Hmm...need to post later with that. I know I'm down like 3" in my waist, abdomen, and under my bust. I've gone down most of a bra size and a pants size
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Can I join? I've been lurking on all you wonderful women, but I've been hesitant to add another thread as I suck at keeping up with the ones I'm already on.

Who am I?
I'm a 37 yo mostly SAHM to my inquisitive ultra animal lover 6 yo DD and my super goofy and lovable 4 yo DS. Before children, I worked with adolescents and adults with acute psychiatric challenges. I'm taking a break from that for now while my kiddos are young. I love music, teach voice lessons and perform occasionally. It is always challenging to perform because of my weight issues, and it is always an opportunity for growth to "be seen" regardless of how much I happen to weigh. This is a current issue for me right now as I have a concert on Sat. I've feel for the past year I've been on a reclaiming journey of my physical, mental and spiritual self. In June, I felt ready to reclaim my right to feel good in my body and I began to actively "try to loose weight" which in itself was a huge decision for me. It has been a challenging but amazing process.

I would like to be at a healthy for me weight by my birthday in May. I am open to what that will feel/look like because I've been overweight for awhile. I have about 25 lbs to go before I'm not classified as overweight, but those #'s are just #'s IMHO. My goal is to feel healthy, energetic, fit and strong.

How am I going to get there?
I have been doing the HCG protocol homeopathic drops. I stop the drops in 7 days and will then begin to stabilize. I've lost about 30 lbs since July and about 22 since late Sept. I plan to do another round in Jan. I will continue to try to focus and tune into my body. I am working on strength, core and flexibility through yoga. I also am trying to do daily energy work to keep balanced.

I'll get back to you. It's measure day for me, but I'm without my tape right now.

I look forward to hanging with you witchy mamas and supporting you all on your journeys. You've all been doing so great!

Originally Posted by Aubergine68 View Post

Statistics? (optional if you don't want to share!)
Here are my measurements from Sept 23, to today, Nov 6:

calves - were 15 inches now 14.25 inches, -.75
thighs - were 23.75 inches now 23.75 inches, 0 change
hips - were 42.5 inches now 41.75 inches, -.75
belly button - was 38.5 inches now 38.5 inches, 0 change
narrowest part of waist - was 33.5 inches now 31.5 inches, -1
bust - was under/over - was 34/39, now 33.5/39 -.5/0
bicep - was 13.25 inches, now 13, -.25

1 weighed 175.6 on Sept 23, today weigh 167.2. So I've lost 8.4 pounds, and 3.25 inches in the past 44 days. I have had a lot of travel and stress and cheating with junk and not exercising like I feel I should, so I'll take those numbers happily

I am wondering a bit if my scale is off or if my measuring technique is off, as I would expect to have lost more inches with 8.4 pounds? Maybe I just lost muscle, which would not be so good. But I'll still take those numbers as a trend of progress towards my goal.
Bolding and underlining mine.

I noticed a math error in you Stats. Add another inch mama. 4.25!
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Who am I? i am a mom of four, i birthed 3. i had the first at 19 and perm added 20 pounds to my frame. fibro meds added another 30 then another 20 from DD1. DD2 actually didnt add any perm poundage as i was on a GD diet. but i am sick of feeling so heavy. i am now 34 and feeling older than i am.

Goals? to lose some baby weight. i know i will never be 115 again. but i would like to be 145 or less. 135 would be awesome. my main goal is to feel better.

How I'm going to get there? I have cut dairy out of my diet. i cutting sugar and breads out of my diet as well. i am attending a body flow class and a yoga class 3x week. trying to add in yoga at home as well. i also like to hula hoop in the afternoon on the porch. and trying to raise my activity level in general.

Statistics? i was at 173.6 lbs. i am now hovering around 161 lbs. that is a 12 lb loss. i plan to get real serious again after thanksgiving around here. right now i just dont want to gain. i have gone down several jeans sizes.
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hi ladies! yay for new thread!

my goals are to keep improving the health of my body and spirit.

right now, i'm being told i need to go have a sword fight. i guess that can only help, right?

i'll come back and write more later!
hugs and happy new moon vibes!
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Welcome, everyone!

Thanks for the extra inch, femme rouge

Enjoy the swordfight, aweyn!

Back later! Duty calls!
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Who am I? Let's see I am a full-time working and 3/4 time student Mum to one eight year old boy and wife to one groovy DP (who is also trying to loose weight / get fit.)

Goals? Still trying to get below 200 pounds / below 36 inch waist. Then we'll rethink goals.

How I'm going to get there? Yoga, Wii Fit, walking. Still want to try Couch to 5K but every time I am set to buy sneakers, something comes up and eats that money. With winter coming (slushy messy snow this morning) I will probably be put on hold. But we are looking into signing up for Family Swim at the pool where Ry takes lessons for the winter semester.

Statistics? Still haven't done my measurements. But I fit into not one, not two but three different pairs of size 20 jeans. I am officially down another size. I will weigh myself in a week or so after AF comes and goes.
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Intro- Yule!

Who am I? I'm Kate, a WOHM with 2 boys and a wonderful DH who is turning his life around with better eating habits and exercise.

Goals? Starting at 213 as of 06/2010, I am looking to lose 40 lbs and get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 180. I would like to complete this by the end of the year 2010.

How are you going to get there? So I have promised everything in the book, more exercise, etc. I am just not doing it though. My goals for Yule:

  • Get a solid night of sleep
  • Do Yoga at least 1x week
  • Remind myself that I am fabulous no matter my shape and love me for me.
  • Take my thyroid meds consistently, along with vit d, selenium & magnesium.
  • Eat healthy and lose the sugar from my diet

Black is 08/03/2010
Purple is as of 09/23/2010

Orange is as of 11/14/2010
Height 5'10"
Weight :203 -> 197->199

Upper arms 13" ->12.25"->12.5"
Lower arm 10" -> 9.5" ->N/A
Chest (above the bust): 39" ->N/A ->N/A
Under bust 38", ->N/A ->36"
Bust: 41" -> 40" ->40"

Waist, relaxed, 41" -> 39" ->38"
Hips, around fattest part of butt 45" -> 43" ->44"
Upper thigh 24" -> 23" ->23"
Calf, fattest part 16" -> 16" ->16"

So since 08/03/2010 - I've lost 7.25 inches and 6 lbs!
I fell flat with only a +0.5 increase overall.  I see some areas that increased, so its time to get back in the game and get those numbers down again. :D

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me: 36 years young, momma to one 4 1/2 year old sweet boy (who loves sword play at the moment), one furry pup, and wifey to dh for many many many years!

goals: mainly health and healing, with a mind that loosing at least some weight would be part of that. 2010 was a wild year, and i mysteriously gained about 30 lbs in a very short period of time. a lot of that came of, again, mysteriously, basically instantly (both happening at the time of moves from different states). i'd love to get back to where i was before that whole escapade... which at this point would be about 10 lbs from where i am now. after i manage that (which i'd like to see happen before aries new moon), and find i feel "healed" from it all, then i would like to get to my "optimum" weight-- intuitively it feels like 165. that's still "over" for my height (i "should" weigh 155 according to those charts), but i dont like how i look when i get bellow 160. i am really big-boned (size 11 feet), and i feel like i "look better" fuller. actually, i really like how i look now, but i know it's not healthy. if i get to 175 and feel healthy, i might settle around there. my body used to love 173. it would find ways to stabilize there. it was kinda cute, actually. no matter what i'd do... i'd wind up back there.

methodology: intuition and herbs, mainly. i swim, but that's mainly for joy and beauty and peace, as opposed to "working out"... that doesnt resonate as "me," and i'm working on being more honestly "me" in general. flowers "are" me... so, i've been working with flower essences as part of a greater healing towards wholeness. i am thinking i need to start eating raw coconut again. it's been a while, because it's kind of $$, but i think i need to find a way to make that work for a while.

stats: i'm hovering around 195 right now. i think i was about 205 when this thread started. i dont wear jeans (really any pants if i can help it, other than leggings), and i dont weigh with any regularity. i've not been measuring myself, but i did accidentally shrink my fave sundress the other day, and it now fits *wonderfully*, so i'll take that as a good sign.

it's going to get cold here this week (highs in the high 60s-- go on, laugh), so i need to get out my "winter" clothes. that's all tied up with ugly emotional stuff from last winter, and the beginning of the turmoil... so i may be coming back to gripe and ask for hugs......
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Just checking in on us over here post-change.  I'm struggling to find all my threads and forums but I wanted to pop-by with a "HELLO" and hope ya'll are having a great day!

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I had a long message all typed out and then decided to see if there were any new smileys - and then couldn't get out of the smiley popup!! Had to close the window.  So the upshot of my post was - new workout routine, ow sore, lots of gym opportunities coming up, weight still at 147.  Hope everyone is doing well!

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Who am I?  I'm Stacia.  I work full-time as a midwife and also go to school full-time.  I'm a mom of two boys.  I have been using my chaotic schedule as an excuse for eating poorly and not exercising for a long time.  I've been overweight since I was a teenager.  I have PCOS, which makes it hard to lose weight as well.


Goals:  Immediately, I would like to lose 10% of my body weight, which would put me at 237lbs.  I'd also like to get my fasting blood sugar into normal ranges and get better control of my PCOS symptoms.


Methodology:  Exercise is my major thing -- I have been trying to run 3x per week a la couch to 5k.  I also bike to school, which is about 5.5 miles one way.  I do that 1-2 times per week and will keep it up until the snow flies!  I have also cut way back on sugar and fast foods but am trying to be moderate about carbs and fat instead of very restrictive.  I eat about 1600 calories a day.


Stats:  I'll do measurements on Dec. 1.  I'm currently 250.5 lbs.  I had made it below 250, but my pre-period bloating has put me back up again.

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Can I join you? 


Who am I?  I'm a 33 year old mama of 4. I've been working on weight loss on and off since the youngest was born just over 3 years ago.  At the time of his birth, I was at 220.  I'm now down to 175, but I had gotten as low as 164 this summer, and just this morning (after a few weeks of avoiding it, since I knew I wasn't going to like it) got back on the scale.  I'm also a single mama now, working half time and taking classes towards nursing school.  I live in rural New England which is great for some things (dirt road running) and rough for other things (affordable and convienient gyms).  I feel like my diet is pretty good (whole foods, organic, homemade), I just eat too darn much of it!  I also have a real honest to god sugar addiction.  I kicked it for almost 6 months this summer and that was when I got down to 164, just by cutting out sugar and running about 3 times a week.  I also feel so much better, emotionally, when I'm off sugar.  I made it through 3 kids birthdays, and slipped up and tasted the frosting early in September, and I've been struggling to get off sugar again ever since.


Methodology?  I need to get myself organized, and some accountability is huge for me, so here I am!   I am also going to start using FitDay to track my calories again.  I don't worry so much, on there, about getting all the exercise accounted for -- I just need to track the calories. I'm on day 4 of being off sugar again, and I know that if I make it a week, I'm in a pretty good place for continuing, although I *always* crave it.  I also need to drink more water, less coffee, less beer/wine, and eat more veggies.  As a single mom, it can be a challenge to make myself the interesting veg dishes that I love, when I know the kids just want straightforward spaghetti and sauce.  But I need to work on it.  I'm considering doing a paleo or low carb type of diet, as when I did the 1st 2 weeks of south beach a while ago, I lost 10 lbs, which was a huge boost and a great way to kick start myself.

I started running this spring, using c25k, after a lifetime of feeling like I could *never* run, and I really love it, although I'm having trouble finding time to get out there lately, which is only going to get worse with the winter.  I'm getting a used (free!) elliptical this weekend, and I'm thinking about joining the crossfit gym in town -- it's cheaper than the others, has more frequent class times, and has a playroom (unstaffed, but free!) just off the main exercise room for the kids.  I am also working up my courage to try bikram yoga.


Goals?  Right now, I'd like to be 15 lbs down by my birthday, January 7.


I'm being called by my 3 year old...more later!











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i dont think i am even going to try losing any more weight until after the holidays. i am just going to maintain. avoid dairy, avoid lots of sugar and lots of bread. i am going to try and stick to meats and veggies. and tea. which means i need to go buy more. lol. i have been out for a week now. i asked the herbalist lady to whip me up some but it is taking forever for her to do it.

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i agree, weightloss during the holidays-- not so wonderful! 


one year, i said i wasnt going to pay attention from t-day thru new years. i ate whatever i wanted, but i did a TON of yoga (more for all that lovely family stress, right?).... at the end of it, i'd lost 5 lbs. go figure.


i'm promoting flower essences again. i've been a RR fan for ages, but only recently started playing with the others....... and i am having so much fun! <happy dance> 


at the pool yesterday, i made a pact with a swimming buddy that if it snows this winter, we will both head to the pool. :-) i feel it will this year.... ahhh, that would be sheer swimming bliss!


ok, so i'm back on my coconut. YUM, and ahhh, it helps soooooo much. but the acid thing is still helping a ton. last night (after a scrummy, local, GF supper), my belly was hard and swollen again... i took my "shot" of acv/ginger and *instantly* the swelling/puff/hard belly went away. huzzah!


off to start my cooking for our family t-day celebration tomorrow....


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Happy T-day Aweyn smile.gif


I'm finally back with my stats.  I weighed and measured today.  I'm 5'4" if I stand really really straight.  I started actively trying to lose weight in July when I was around 200.  Now I'm 168.


Measurements: Sept  Today


Bust:   46.5  42

Waist:  44     36

Hips:    50.5  45

Thighs: 45     41.5


Thigh:   28     25


At the end of Sept, I started the HCG protocol.  I'll begin stabilizing this Thurs, so I won't be losing more for awhile.  Then I'll have the holidays for my body to get used to this new size and weight.  I'll probably start a new round of HCG in the new year.


Have a great day! 

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Wow, FR, your stats are really awesome! Fantastic inch losses!

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