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any one concieve their mult. after weaning or 1st pp cycle?

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Hi guys, I have been lurking around for week or so now. This is pregnancy #6 for me. We were definately done after #5 so after weaning DS, had first pp period though it was abnormal. Very light and only 3 days instead of my usual 7 full and heavy one. I figured cause it was first pp cycle. However, in the past, my first pp cycles were monsterously heavy and painful. I was relieved so I didnt complain.

I went to get on birth control pills when period was due within about a week. They tested me and it was negative. They gave me my pills and said wait a few days for AF and then on the first day take it but if you want, since its due soon anyway, you can go ahead and take it now. I dont know why but I waited. However, she never showed. I kept testing but I was 2 weeks late by the time I got a positive even though I had already had weird symtoms like I pooched out early (thought it was bloat from period soon to start) and before I even suspected, I dreamed I was pregnant. (I have had this dream every time I got pregnant)

Soo... the pregnancy wasnt a huge shocker I just kinda knew.

My question is, on my first OB appointment, after having this weird dream I was looking at an ultrasound screen and there were two babies, 2 sacs, ect and I looked at my DP and said "Ha! told ya so!"

And the dr said I was "measuring a month ahead, better not be twins in there" it just kinda got me thinking.

With my last birth I suffered a partial prolapsed cervix/uterus so uterus isnt quite high as it should be, or cervix, so i would have thought I wouldnt be measuring large but maybe on the smaller side instead.

Okay, to the point. Does anyone know if there is a connection with weaning, or first post partum cycles and ovaries releasing 2 eggs? or being hyper stimulated? I had ovarian cramping which I never usually had before round the time I would have ovulated.

Anyone concieve while weaning or first pp cycle? Know if there is a link?

Thanks! I get an ultrasound in a few days to get a more accuarate due date as I could be 12 weeks based on lmp or 10 based on first day I got my positive as I was testing everyday. Guess we will know then, hopefully they wont miss it if there are 2.
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Yes, the chances of twins are increased if you get pregnancy right around the time of the return of your fertility from my research.
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Our twins were conceived with my first ovulation before even having my cycle PP. That being said, so was our #3, who is a singleton (our #2 and current #6 - singletons - were conceived when I ovulated after 1 period).

I am interested to hear more about this connection, though. Is it a MZ or DZ thing? Our twins are most likely MZ.
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I conceived after my 1st postpartum period. They are MZ twins so not 2 eggs popping out.
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I conceived my twins while nursing my 15mo old.  I had a weird pp cycle with no ovulation and long bleeding time and then conceived the twins

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I conceived my MZ twins while nursing my 15 month old. My periods had returned when my daughter was 9 months old.

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I conceived DZ twins when DD1 was 14 months old (and nursing A LOT).  My periods had come back at four months PP, however.

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I am 24 weeks pregnant now with MZ twins and never even got my pp period after delivering my son who is now 8 months old.  DS was exclusivly Breastfed and I found out I was pregnant and quite shocked to say the least.

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I got pregnant with MZ twins while nursing a singleton and then got pregnant with MZ twins while nursing MZ twins.  I had only had a handful of cycles at all since having my first child.

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