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Am I Crazy?

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Someone I know just posted a picture on FB of her "big girls" (not yet 3.5 year old twins) in their backless boosters with a regular seat belt. That is insane right? My soon to be 4 year old niece is rear facing in her Britax still and I plan to do the same with my soon to be 2 year but clearly they cannot be using backless boosters with a shoulder belt at that age right? Can someone post any kind of link that I can send to her?

How do people not know these things yet?
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If they are within the weight limit of the seat (sometimes as low as 30 lbs.) then technically she isn't doing anything illegal.

So it's up to you if you want to bring it up with her as unsafe since there very well may not be anything wrong (as far as the law is concerned) with what she's doing.
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Most seats have age limits as well as weight limits. It is *probably* illegal, but I'd need to know the exact seat as well as the children's weights.

Legal or not, it's not a good thing. Whether to bring it up or not depends on your relationship and whether you'd be willing to risk it.
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Maybe you could post a picture of your kids rear facing and see if she comments?
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I have no problem letting her know it isn't safe. I'd just like a good, factual article pointing out the details as to why instead of it being my opinion. If that makes sense.
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sunnymw - thanks so much. I sent her all of that info and feel like I have at least done what I can do to help educate her. Thanks again.
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Originally Posted by sunnymw View Post

In case they want to take them out of boosters altogether at age 4

Thank you for posting the link to this site! I'm going to give a copy of the 5-Step Test to my SIL. She has an 8-year-old, a 2-year-old, and a 3-week-old. She told me that they're letting the 8-year-old ride in the car without his booster seat because he's of "the right age". She also mentioned that he's only 4'3" (51 inches) and he can't weigh that much (he's a skinny kid). Her other reason is because they're having trouble fitting a booster seat and two car seats in the back of their car.

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