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anyone else on bedrest?

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I haven't been around much, it's been crazy, but now I'm on bedrest so I'll be around more

Anyone else? How are you passing the time? How much longer do you have to go?
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Take Care Mama! Sorry to hear you are on bedrest
I'm not yet on bedrest BUT have had issues with my BP so it may be in my future.. Last pregnancy I had some issues to and modified bed rest was enough for me to lower my BP. This time they told me if it goes up I will be straight into the hospital since they know how hard it is to bedrest at home with 4 kids. But I only have about 3 weeks to go till 36.5-37 weeks when I usually deliver so not long now! I bought a home BP monitor so I can watch it myself..
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Me too! I'm "pre-preeclamptic;" my bp is high and I have protein in my urine. Levels aren't quite high enough to diagnose pre-e yet, but my mw thinks it's just a matter of time. Thankfully, it's just modified bedrest though so 2 hours at a time. So far, I haven't found much to do.

Today, I waited to hear from my OB to find out if they're thinking induction around 37w and I need to move to the city this week (we live off the road system in Alaska) - no word yet, so I'm going to call first thing in the morning.

For now, I'm trying to use the extra time to nap since I haven't been sleeping well at night... and at 35.5w, I might have a baby sooner rather than later if things get out of control here.

I'm thinking about trying to crochet. I think I can manage it laying on my left side. I'm going to pick up some books, and I've been recording shows on our DVR so that I can pass the time later.
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totally forgot I posted this redface.gif


I'm going a bit out of my mind, but my Christmas shopping is nearly done and I've ordered everything I can get online for the baby - now just to get a few more things after the bedrest ban is lifted :D


you both hanging in there??

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