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I really enjoyed the last 3 episodes and was really excited by the season finale.  Can't wait to see more next year!

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Anyone watching season 2?

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I am but I'm about a week behind... I have about a month's worth of shows I need to watch off the DVR first lol

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I am, but I haven't watched this week's episode yet. I hope to watch it tonight. The pace is a little slow for me this season, but I'm still watching.

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DH and I are watching season 2 (first time in years that we've actually had the time to watch a series and are enjoying it too!). 


I think the season 2 has probably started off a little slow because the writers are building stories with the characters.  I think this is important if the show is to go into any depth character/story-wise.  The way I look at it is that the zombies are merely just a backdrop for the human drama.  The zombies provide the circumstance but what really is important (to me at least) is the moral and ethical issues that arise as well as the development of human relationships.  I'm hooked.

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I am liking this season a lot more than last year mostly because of the character development going on. IMO they were way too slow getting to it. Apparently they are only showing 6 episodes now and the other 6 will start in February. I hate that!

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DH told me today that they were signed on for season 3 already.

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I still really like this show! People on another forum I frequent were complaining about not enough zombie action, but as somebody above said, I think the zombies are just the background for the human drama. I love that it's not all terror and gore, and I'm really getting into some of the story lines. This show is truly unique!

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finally watched last week... has anyone read the graphic novels - seems like they are trying to get the story a little more lined up...?

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I haven't read the books but a co-worker has and I hear a lot (of complaining) from him about how they are different! I really wonder where they are going to go with it.


I didn't think last week's episode was that great. Very slow and also didn't make sense about the zombie in the well. Why did they bother pulling him out since they weren't drinking the water anyway?

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Originally Posted by katiecat View Post

I haven't read the books but a co-worker has and I hear a lot (of complaining) from him about how they are different! I really wonder where they are going to go with it.


I didn't think last week's episode was that great. Very slow and also didn't make sense about the zombie in the well. Why did they bother pulling him out since they weren't drinking the water anyway?

I thought they were drinking it? Didnt the house people say that there were four (or three?) wells, and one they use for the animals (or something like that?) but its totally fine for humans. So i thought the group was going to be getting their water from there. Plus, they said something like "we should seal off this well" i assume it could somehow seep into the others?? (I know nothing about well water.) That whole scene was totally disgusting and kinda unnecessary.


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I think a lot of the scenes are really disgusting, lol but I guess thats the sort of thing to expect when you're dealing with a Zombie apacolypse. What I really enjoy about the show is the character development however some of the decisions they make are exceptionally stupid. I dont understand why anyone would, in a zombie apacolypse leave her son with a perfect stranger (as in the flashback in episode 5), let him go romping thru the woods in search for a missing girl. I, as a mother, would keep my kid very very close to me. Heck we arent living in a zombie apacolypse and I keep my kids near me!


With all the things I guess I could complain about I still think its a good show. I find it interesting how really bad Shane is, a cop, and what a good guy the 'backwards redneck' Darryl, the one 'everyone wanted to shoot', really is. The women are exceptionally annoying tho. Lori... Why do they always always always portray women as over emotional idiots? Id LOVE to see a strong, intellegent woman who can make very wise decisions in very difficult circumstances. I cant remember the name of the woman who shot Darryl thinking he was a walker, but she's SO obnoxious! So I guess my only complaint is how all the women are portrayed. I mean, Lori's got a child so presumably she knows how that happens! And Glen's new girl (cant remember her name), she knows what she wants and seems to have a mind of her own, but all she really wants in a time like this is a shag? Really??


As far as the books are concerned, if it all played out as it did in the books, I guess it could be too predictable?? (am I being too generous here?). I havent read them so its all new to me, and as far as tv show, apart from the above complaints, Im still enjoying it. Darryl's storyline is interesting, you see his internal conflict surfacing in this last episode (5). Shane's a nasty piece of work, tho.


Be interesting to see why all those zombies in the barn havent been set alight or blown up yet...



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I was unclear on whether they were already drinking from that well or not but as soon as they saw the zombie in it they decided not to drink the water from then on anyway. I was wondering about the seepage thing, too. That's the only way I could explain it. I still haven't watched the latest episode but will soon.


Genifer, the scene where they were digging through that zombie's stomach to see if it had eaten Sophia or not was totally disgusting! Just the sounds....ewwww!!!! lol If I was Sophia's mother I would be insane by now!


The thing with Glen and that girl was horribly done. Just...so much wrong with it. The *idea* of it was great - hey why not? But it totally lacked any passion and what was with the whole "fade to black"? I thought what am I watching a kid's show? 

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Finally watched last Sundays show. It was great! Darryl is my favourite character so when it looked like Andrea had shot him I paused it and told dh "seriously? They're going to kill off the best character?" lol Not to mention when it looked like the zombie was gnawing on him when he woke up.


Will they ever find Sophia??

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I can't decide what they are going to do with Sophia.  Finding her safe and sound is too easy, finding her dead is too sad and having her become a walker is just too jaded.  


The well thing bugged me, if the walker had been stewing in it, who wants to drink it anyway??  Killing him would have been the humane thing and I would have assumed the well was no good once I found an alive dead guy in it anyway.  


Every time they show Andrea I want to smack her.  Lori...I'm not sure about her.  Some of the time she seems like she has it together and others not so much.  The morning after pill thing was dumb.  There were probably 100 other things in the pharmacy that could have induced abortion if that is what she wanted.  Shoot, I've got one in my kitchen cabinet right now for my RA.  \


Dale bugs me, nosy old man.  


I think basically Rick,Glen, Shane and Darryl are the only ones contributing to their survival.  Every one else is too busy fretting, shooting people or gossiping.  

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I don't know, I think the characters are acting like any number of humans would act in dire circumstances.  Not everyone can be a hero or has the capacity in certain situations to step up to the plate.  I'm actually pretty satisfied with the characters and their various flaws because I imagine that there would be a good sampling of all their flaws in the real world.  Some people are strong, some fall apart, some were petty before and will remain petty, some will continue to make stupid decisions and continue to be self-centered.  An a-hole can rise up and be a hero, or just continue being an a-hole.  I think there a lot of accuracies in the character development.  I don't think that an apocalypse would necessarily change people for the better, I think that it would make some unstable people or despicable people worse.  I think too that some of the people who may be more unlikable right now are either to redeem themselves somehow in the future or will eventually bite the dust.  


The show has a soap opera feel to me in that not a lot happens but there are plenty of conversations.  I was once unemployed for two weeks and found myself watching "All My Children" and couldn't believe how much didn't happen in each hour.  But for some reason I got wrapped up in the characters "problems" in the short time that I watched it.  I feel like that with The Walking Dead!

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Was anyone suprised by what happened with Sophia? I dont know why I was, but I was! Totally taken by suprise!


Catscradle, I agree with you for the most part, but I do think that in a situation like that, there would be atleast one woman who said and did things that made sense, atleast, and who could possibly contribute something more than these gals...


Shane is ... Well, Im in two minds about him. I liked Rick's character, and thought Shane was a real slease bag, and in a big way he is, but he was absolutely right about what he did with the walkers in the barn. I understood his frustration.

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i wasn't surprised but we didn't guess till *right* before she came out of the barn

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I.WAS.SHOCKED. I thought the finale was amazingly well done. The shocker at the end... oh my gosh. Never in a million years would I have imagined that would happen the way it did. And how awesome that they all, in an instant, knew EXACTLY how the old man felt about the walkers he was trying to save.
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I knew the ending was coming because someone posted a screen shot on IMDB and there was a big debate about whether it was photoshopped or not. That particular storyline does not happen in the comic. So there was a big debate there.


I think on the one hand, yes they knew what herschel was feeling, but on the other hand....they also knew what had to be done, and they did it. Rick stepped forward as the true leader of the group and made the decision that had to be made. Hopefully that will show hershel that his way is not the solution, and he'll come around to the groups way of thinking. Personally, if i were Rick and Shane, i'd just take the farm. He could join us, or not, but thats the way it would be.

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