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I think on the one hand, yes they knew what herschel was feeling, but on the other hand....they also knew what had to be done, and they did it. Rick stepped forward as the true leader of the group and made the decision that had to be made. Hopefully that will show hershel that his way is not the solution, and he'll come around to the groups way of thinking. Personally, if i were Rick and Shane, i'd just take the farm. He could join us, or not, but thats the way it would be.

That's sort of the point of the show, YK? When civilization is gone do people have to stop being civilized? Rick is trying to preserve the morality of the time before; Shane argues it's survival of the fittest. If Hershel won't let them stay, I personally think they should move on and try to set up their own place. I'm not sure I see the point of survival if your kid has seen you kill a group of innocent people - and you'd have to or face reprisals - to steal their home. I disagree with Hershel's decision to keep the walkers in the barn but it's his place and his decision about what happens on his property to people who used to be his friends and family.
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I see what you're saying. In some ways i agree. But in a sense this is a war, and im not totally sure things like private property should be respected if your very life is at stake. The group are reasonable people, they arent violent(except for crazy shane), they have respected Hershel and his family, they can help, they can work the farm and protect his family. I'm not sure if i were Rick, i'd be willing to risk the lives of all these people including my PREGNANT wife who may not do so well on the road and my CHILD who has already nearly died, for some now-outdated view of ownership rights. I'm not saying they should execute hershel and his family...but i think Rick should be a little more forceful in his approach. Its kind of like...if some huge disaster happened and there was no food and your family is starving, and you knew your neighbor had food, and they werent even going to use it but they said no, you can't have any...they'd rather let fruit fall from the tree and rot on the ground than share...and your kids are starving?? I'm not saying i'd put a bullet in my neighbor's head, but i'd sure walk up to his tree and take the fruit and say "sorry dude, but if you want to stop me, try." Hershel doesnt (apparently) have a gun. So what defense does he have? Personally i find him to be kind of a distasteful character, sitting there reading his bible and about to put out the group while keeping zombies in the barn. Nice.


What does Hershel think is going to happen if the next group that wanders by isnt so reasonable? At least Rick's group is more than willing to let Hershel and his family live and work together with them.

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That's the point though... comandeering Hershel's farm WOULD make them a violent people.  The story is about people trying to maintain their civility and the different ways people handle the stress of survival.  In Hershel's scenario, he takes care of his own.  Rick is more about a greater good and the good of all people.  Shane takes what he wants. 

I read the books and the show doesn't really follow them at all.  I really like it though, because all the things I was anticipating are different, but it's still the same story with the same basis... how people cope with the end of the world. 

The thing with Sophia never happened in the books so that was a total shocker.  Also, I don't remember Darryl being in the books, at all.  It's interesting because he's definitely one of the best characters on the show. 

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Just to clarify, I wasn't referring to property rights in the legal sense - I mean the violation of having someone commandeer your home without your consent.
I assume, though, that just to keep the plot moving they will have to leave the farm by the end of the season.
We'll see what the writers come up with! I can't wait for it to come back.
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Anyone watching the latest season? Spoiler alert..















I am super pissed about the c-section plot! You can't even get a VBAC after the zombie apocalypse? WTH?

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Yeah...i was like "huh? that doesnt make sense"...although its certainly possible and it adds more drama. So gross practicing on a dead zombie though. ick.


Rick sure has come a long way. When we compare how he treated the situation with the kid they found and took back to the farm (personally, i would have shot him to save him the pain of being eaten alive) vs how he instantly reacted to the prisoner situation...it seems he really understands now that the old law doesnt always apply and that his first and really only obligation is the safety of the group, period.


I would not be sucking face with someone bitten by a walker, even if i was doing cpr....thats way too close to being bitten imo, but good on lori. nice save.


i wonder if we'll see that younger guy that ran out into the yard full of walkers...if we'll see him again, whether as human or walker.


part of me doesnt really "get" why rick is still so mad at lori...refresh my memory but was the only time she had sex with whatshisface (shane?) when they thought rick was dead? Or did they get it on later too? part of me is thinking, yknow your options are limited, forgive the girl and move on.


i really really cant wait til next week to see the other people (the women...cant remember the names right now...) and the town they apparently will be taken to.


i keep thinking these people must smell sooo bad. i'd be finding some extra clothes around the prison and putting on some new underwear thats for sure.

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I didn't watch the last 4 minutes yet (debate was about to start and we were watching from the DVR) - so maybe they said something else at the end.... but my understanding about the c-sction was that they wanted to be ready IN CASE they needed to do one - she said "Carl was born by c-section and this one might need to be too" or something like that (explaining to Glenn why she needed to practice)

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I am still watching and liking this show. I read most of the comics over the summer (and comics are not my thing) so now I'm mixed up with the two different stories!


My impression about Carol practising for a c-section was that it was just in case. She won't do it automatically just because Lori gave birth by c-section before.

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Loving this show! Just watched Season 2 on the ROKU, before this new season came out.


Like the other poster, I am unsure why Lori is getting such a cold shoulder from Rick. I did not see Season 1, or had very spotty viewing, and did not pick up on it. They seemed to be close, then now he is really cold towards her.

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I thought the c-section thing was stupid, but I haven't read the graphic novel.  I don't see what cutting into a zombie would really do to help her further her knowledge.  I understand she doesn't have an anatomy book and she wants to feel like she's doing something, but geez, I don't think she's going to get a lot of useful information.  Doesn't she pretty much know where to make the cut, if she has no choice?  Maybe she wants to practice taking the organs out, but aren't they all rotted out on a zombie?  I feel like it's going to give her misleading information.


But what annoys me about it is that it just seems like the writers are kind of limited in their view of birth. I'm assuming that particular character would know a little more about it. Realistically, if you were in a situation like that and a woman had problems giving birth and you were just a helper, there is a lot you'd probably do before cutting her open, and cutting her open would probably only be a last resort, meant to save the baby. Probably what will happen is they won't know how to feed the baby, and then they'll happen across a formula plant with a years supply of the stuff, and they'll find some glass jars and come up with some sort of nipple they can use and it will be all, "Thank goodness, we had no clue how we were going to feed this here baby!"

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I personally LOVE this show. I haven't been up for much horror or gore since I became a mom. But DH bribed me with a shoulder rub to watch the first episode when it first aired and I was hooked from day 1!


I do however, dread the potential of a zombie baby. :( I have some birth trauma issues personally and really am anxious about this.  Not giving anything away -- I have no idea how they will play this all out. But she did talk about what would happen if the baby died and became a zombie inside her in the last episode.


If anyone reads spoilers about this will you please PM me? My first birth was a planned home water birth turn hospital birth with an abusive OB and nearly bleeding to death followed by a planned hospital waterbirth with an awesome midwife and a beautiful all natural water birth followed, unfortunately by nearly bleeding to death (I lost consciousness 5 times while the doula was holding my baby to my breast -- saying 'goodbye'  to my son each time). It was pretty terrifying and I am afraid to think what would have happend had I been at home. If this had happened in another time, I would likely not be alive. Anyway...not to get off topic too much, but the birth stuff scares me a bit.

As far as the bigger picture, I think Carol  was great for doing her 'anatomy study'. It makes sense IMO. I am sure they are going to have her go into labor during a zombie attack or something equally awful. I may be skipping out on those episodes and count on you guys to fill me in. 

I also am not sure why Rick is so mad. I mean, if it were the end of the world and you thought your husband was dead and found comfort, safety and security in the arms of another man, well, that is probably the only situation in the world where infidelity is understandable. 

Cora is 8 and Tobin is 4 but I still can't watch movies or TV shows where there are traumatic births or where parents lose a child. So if any of you can help me out here and give me a heads up if there is a zombie baby plot, I would be grateful.


Otherwise, I am really ashamed to say that I really LOVE this show. I definitely turn my head away at the really gruesome stuff -- but I am sucked in and the survivalist/naturalist in me likes to think of all of the better ways I would survive in this situation. I mean, moat anyone??? Come on -- we know they can't swim! Why hasn't anyone dug a moat? 


:) I am looking forward to chatting about this show with you ladies! I can't wait until Sunday for the next episode!


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I am guessing here, but maybe Rick is upset because there's a possibility the baby might be Shane's? That's the only reason I can come up with.


What did you think of the way Rick "handled" the lead prisoner? That was brutal (but necessary IMHO!)


I am NOT a zombie fan at all, but I love this show!  I've always enjoyed TEOTWAWKI scenarios.

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I just think they didn't have a very good marriage before - and this post-zombie-apocalypse world isn't going to fix that

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I don't know -- we didn't get much about their marriage before this happened. I am sure that emotionally he is upset that the baby could not be his -- but come on!! It is nuts out there.


I think the thing I have been thinking about is feminism in the zombie apocalypse world. I know that sounds silly...but I remember a scene from last season when all of the women were in the kitchen and the men were out killing zombies. I consider myself a feminist for sure! But heck yea would I rather be in the kitchen instead of out there killing zombies. I can't even look when they show super disgusting stuff.


Calling again on those of you who may watch the show before me. PLEASE give me a heads up if there are birth triggering issues!


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No birth triggering issues in the episode that aired 10/28.


As for the c-section mention in the last episode, I'm pretty sure Carol said, "She had a c-section with Carl so she will probably need another one." To me that sounds like they're assuming c-section. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out. And LOL at them scrambling to find formula- so true! And how will they raise the baby without baby einstein? That poor deprived baby will never learn to think. Hehehe.

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Yeah, the assumption that she can't give birth vaginally and a major surgery in an abandoned prison during a zombie apocalypse with the only trained medical professional being a veterinary doctor, was the only way the baby is going to be born was insane! INSANE!

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Holy Fuck. That is all I am saying for now....


Yowzers....this is an intense episode!!!


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Omg. How the hell are they going to feed that baby? They are basically trapped in the prison,. The only thing I can imagine they'll do is give the baby powdered milk that they find in the food supply...or set out to find formula somewhere. eeek!
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I know right? I couldn't watch the 'birth' scene. I had my head under a pillow. :(

I agree about feeding the baby. That is going to be awful. Maybe they will try to have one of the other women lactate. That would be cool!


I had a hard time calming down after that episode last night -- it was a tense one!


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How long is unopened powdered formula good for? I figure the premade would have gone bad already, right? I have a year in my brain as the limit on powdered. I think they should find a mama goat while maggie or one of the other women lets the baby nurse. Preferrably sophia's mom (can't remember her name!) Since she must have lactated before, so she is more likely to relactate now.
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