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Does this sound like mittleschmerz?

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I'm starting to really dislike this lactational ammenorhea thing.. my symptoms are so random.. I wish it could just be..well.. cyclical! I haven't even had a period since 4/06 so.. I do forget what its like! I conceived ds when dd was 18 months and ds is just about that age.. so if these things follow a pattern, I'd expect that I'd ovulate sooner rather than later. Anyway, last couple days I've felt what I can only guess might be mittleschmerz? Its different though. It usually is a come and go kind of thing, and this I mostly only feel if I press gently just above my pubic bone (or if an acrobatic toddler crawls over me, or kicks, or whatever) Its a really bizarre feeling.. almost like how your muscles feel the day after an intense work out. But this definitely my stomach muscles I'm feeling here!
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For me, I feel mittleschmerz around where my ovaries are so what you are feeling is different from my experience. Are you having other symptoms of returning fertility? (Do you check your cervix/cervical fluid?) Sorry I am not more help!
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Yeah, previously I've associated mittleschmerz with one side or the other. But I know everyone is different. I was all set to say that I didn't really notice any other symptoms, like interesting cm or anything like that when I first saw your reply. Then I went to the bathroom a giant snotty blob on the tp. Soo maaaaybe! Course I could swear last time there was tons of CM "False alarms" before the real deal. Pity, I wasted my last ovulation stick a few days ago. Maybe I need to start charting. Only reason I don't is it just seems soo boring to chart a huge..like.. year long cycle. We moved recently.. next time I stumble across my BBT, I'll start.
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Sounds like mittelschmerz to me.
Another facet i would add, is sometimes a heaviness in that general area, like there is a weight trying to ease something out, an achiness. Sometimes downright painful, sometimes sharp, sometimes less painful, sometimes a little more of a dull ache.

I think you had mittelschmerz, and the glob afterwards confirm that your body is definitely trying to ovulate....
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