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Also, consider that the man who had a circumcision as an adult at the onset of a medical issue with his foreskin had the benefit of the majority of his lifetime with natural intact genitals.  If amputation was the only treatment left after all other more conservative means had been employed, it was the appropriate thing (possibly).  This is the place for medical intervention.


There is no place for amputation of healthy non-diseased tissue on any minor child - a child who cannot understand the ramifications and who cannot give consent.  It is time for the medical community to stop soliciting this act.


I have no problem explaining to my child why his father and I left his body as it was designed by who ever creates things in this world (insert your belief of some higher power or natural selection/evolution.) 

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I personally don't want to circumcise my son (I'm only 6-7 weeks pregnant, but feel I'm pregnant with a boy) even if we are having a girl we plan on more so eventually we'll get another boy. My oldest is circumcised with no complications. However, I don't want to circumcise anymore of my sons. But here is where my problem lies. My husband's side of the family has diabetes horribly bad. His grandpa has died from it, just about every other person in his family has diabetes. His dad has it, and everyone gets it around age 40 or so. (Keep in mind my husband is 100% for circumcision, I am not)


My grandfather 7 years ago found out he had diabetes, he was uncircumcised, and the foreskin started to shrink and he had to go get circumcised late in life which caused him all kinds of complications, infections, it was bad. :( So while I don't want to because I just feel it is better for my child. There is that "what if" he gets diabetes and has complications like my grandfather has? I have had 2 grandfathers have the same problems. (sigh)


My husband thinks we need to for religious reasons, but I've done all kinds of research and OUR version of circumcision is NOT like the bibles. Besides, we aren't that religious anyways, we don't even go to church, I think he is still thinking "old" school ways. Or something. I just want to do what is right by our future sons.

My thought on this is what if you and the woman in your family carried the breast cancer gene. Would you consider removing your dd's breast buds because her odds of getting breast cancer are higher? For me it is a no brainer there is no way I would remove them just as there is no way I would circ my ds because something "might" happen later on. The only difference in the two is how they are viewed here in the USA circ is viewed as normal while the radical mastectomy is not for an infant. I hope that you can trust in nature and leave your ds the way nature meant for him to be :)


Also it could be that your grandfathers issues steamed from improper care as a child. Back then forced retraction and scrubbing clean was the way it was done. Do you know if they washed with soap? Doing that can and does cause issues for intact men especially those with underlying health issues. What I am saying is the way they where raised probably played a bigger roll than the diabetes in the long run.


We cant discuss religion here on the board but I can PM you with more information on that if you want it.


Honestly if I had known for a fact while pg with ds that he would grow up to have an issue that required circ I still wouldnt circ him. Why because bottom line it isnt my body to modify. He deserves to be intact for however long before having to live with having less.

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Even if diabetes runs in the family, I would think that being uncircumcised would not be an issue until the man is much older than the age where he could make that decision for himself.  If he were to become diabetic ... would he need a circumcision before he turned 18? Probably not.  Let him grow up. If he becomes diabetic as an adult, or even as a child, when he is a young adult, he can weigh the risks and decide for himself whether he want to be circumcised now so that it might not be a problem later.  Circumcising him as an infant for something that might happen 50 years later, just does not seem an compelling or urgent reason to do it as a newborn. 


Let him decide this himself. Besides, at least he would have the opportunity to enjoy his foreskin for part of his life. 



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goodvibes.gif that your dh makes the right decision and if he dosnt then goodvibes.gif that you will stand your ground and protect your ds. Many of us had to do that including me and our dh's love our ds's just as much as they ever would have. My own dh is still not anti circ but he totally gets it now that it should be the choice of the one who owns the penis. You might want to find some resources for him to read because he may run across pro circ sites on the net and you will need a way to refute that.

I did want to say though that when you say it is all on your dh that isnt true it is your ds who will suffer should the circ be done. Not only with the pain after but with the life long effects. I am glad your first ds had no obvious complications dosnt mean that he wont have issues with tight skin and painful erections down the road.
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DeannaRussell82 I just sent you a PM please let me know if you got it smile.gif

It is great that you are doing this now rather than later. Even if it turns out you are having a girl it is better to get such an important thing settled ASAP so that there isnt any surprises after you give birth and are not at your strongest.
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