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I made a baby hammock!!

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So I made a baby hammock today for our little man. In the process I hurt DD b/c I didn't get a strong enough spring but she is fine and the hammock is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope little man likes it! I got all of the supplies for less than $40. I was just so excited that I had to share with you ladies.

Big Momma
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That sounds so cool! How did you make it? Do you have pics?
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I am intrigued, too! How/where will you hang it?
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oh gosh! you are going to love your hammock!

I had one for DS -- an indian style one-- amazing. I was so sad when he grew out of it!

My mom used to warn me that they were addictive-- I assumed she meant for the baby, but maybe for mama too.
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I am going to put hooks a few places in my house, near the kitchen dining room, near the couch and in my room. maybe even in the laundry room. I will leave the chain up bc I can't reach that high and then take it off and move it if I am going to be changing rooms. I will have to take a pic and post it for you all to see it. I am also thinking about getting a door clamp so I can take it with me for when we have church dinners but I think that they baby passing will make that not needed. (I have a very small church so I am not too worried about baby passing)
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