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I think I missed that question, OP. Sorry. 


My son is almost 4 years old now and he's still nursing. It still hurts, always has. I just.... learned to grin and bear it, I suppose. I can't say it's been a pleasant experience. I've definitely never loved nursing, but I love that it's something I was able to do for him, despite our issues. 

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Well, I saw a former IBCLC and a current one yesterday.


The tongue-tie was not completely resolved.  It was done under general anesthesia and the nurse who woke him up by snuggling him was such a heavy smoker that my 3-week-old baby smelled like cigarettes in addition to anesthesia...


So I couldn't do that crap again.


We called and got an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Chicago (closest doc we are able to find who does the procedure and WITHOUT general!!).  Our appointment is tomorrow.  We drove up here (took over 5 hours and we stopped 4.5 times...) today.  Staying in a hotel.  Taking our 2.5-year-old to see the SUE (T-Rex) exhibit at the Field Museum in the morning, and then Anders will have his frenulum clipped.  Again. 


I have been so scatterbrained, yet so focused on getting this resolved ASAP.  We had a postpartum doula come last night to get me packed despite my haze so I could sleep.  And then, of course, I COULDN'T SLEEP!


If this doesn't make it better, I don't know what I'll do.


Pain with nursing has become so severe that I've gotten to the point of not wanting to feed the baby.  I pumped for a few days and it is better, but I certainly can't go on nursing with a latch like this.


I brought my pump and am mentally prepared (sort of ) to pump for him if he stops latching or something after the procedure.


Please send us whatever vibes and prayers you feel are appropriate!

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Major vibes coming your way! I really hope this works for you guys. big hugs

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No words of advice, but I'm sorry you are going through this.

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Procedure was done.  If anyone ever needs a recommendation for tongue-tie release in the Chicago area, this pediatric dentist is AWESOME.


He did the procedure with a laser.  Anders was actually laying on me and I held his hands and talked in his ear the whole time.


Nursing is going better so far.  Cautiously optimistic that we're over the last hurdle.


Also, seeing the ENT for a follow-up on Tuesday...the ENT who insists on doing this procedure under general because he can "better visualize the frenulum and move the tongue all around to make sure he got it all" and didn't get it all.  I figured I'd tell him what happened, potentially show him the PICTURE the dentist took of the remaining frenulum, and have him do the follow-up from the second procedure since I'm not going back up to Chicago.


We got back after midnight last night.  Took us 6 hours to get home from Chicago.  I'm exhausted!

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Yay!!!! That sounds great! 

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I'm so glad to hear nursing is going better so far!  I really hope that fixes the issue and you can move on to an easy, happy nursing relationship!

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DDCC again - Yay! Its so awesome to hear things are getting better for you.

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