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Got AF already

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I cant believe she came 3 months to the day How weird is that? Let me tell ya, shes making up for all those months she wasnt around. I've been using a super size tampon every hour. Do you normally bleed heavy the first period?

Anyone else got their period yet?
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No period here, but sorry about AF's return! How's your little one doing? It's fun to hear updates on our ddc's first baby!
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sorry to hear it, Ill be in your shoes before long if the past is any indication. EBF DS and DD1 and still got AF back on time and regular right away.

Was quite normal for it to be heavy for me... but that was always, not just PP, so I do not know if it will change for you. After DS my periods changed from medium flow 5 days to heavy flow 3 days and never changed back.
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I just got mine back a few days ago and yes - really heavy! I was using my usual regular tampons and they were not cutting it! I had to buy the super plus too! it was extra gross (read: clotty) too.
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I haven't yet but I'm dreading it. Even with round-the-clock EBF my first, it came back at 6 months. This guy already sleeps for such long stretches I'm getting paranoid and feeling like the birth control situation is about to become critical.
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yuuuuuup 6 weeks post partum and there are the cramps. Cervix is low and hard... bet AF will be here any time. Gosh darnit I JUST got to have sex again yesterday and this is a long weekend!!!!!

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DDCC...I got AF back at a year after B and Lilah didn't nurse (I pumped round the clock) until she was 14 weeks old, and I feel like AF is gonna be here any minute and even feel liked I O'd over the weekend BOO!!! but I wanted to share, it was SUPER heavy after not having it for so long after all my babies.  It does get easier, but I went to the doc to make sure I wasn't anemic from all the bleeding, that's how bad it was.  Good luck mama!!!



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First one is always ouchy and bad.  I remember after ds2, it felt worse than labor.  It is usually 5 months for me, and ds3 is only 7 weeks, so I hope it stays away for a bit (though to be honest, I know dh would welcome the return of my sex drive.)

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