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Old Sheets

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I have a nice queen size sheet that sadly got torn and a crib sheet that's losing the elastic. I have plenty of crib sheets so I'm wondering: is there anything I can do with old sheets?
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Heaps of things! When I was your DDs age I would have loved to get my hands on some old sheets


- draped over furniture/boxes to make a cubby/tent
- wrapped around a person to make a sarong/toga/ghost costume/cape
- folded to make a bed for a toy, either free form or in a box/basket

Cut up

- clothes for toys. I used to make no sew dresses/tops by cutting a long strip, folding it in half and cutting out a head hole on the fold then belting it a th waist. This can work for any size toy, just cut the fabric accordingly. You can even make a painting smock for a child like this if you have a big enough piece of fabric

- Sheets/cushions/curtains etc for toys

- kite tails

- "flags" for bikes/trikes

- making a rag doll

- slings/carriers for toys

- decorating cards. Strip of cardboard folded into thirds. On the middle section cut out a shape. Glue the fabric over it then fold one side in and glue it around the edges so the back of the fabric is hidden.

- making Christmas decorations. Stuffed and decorated shapes for a sewing option or little strips tied onto wire frames for a no sew version

That's all I can think of for now. Another alternative is to just put them in the toy box/play room and let the kids go for it. They'll probably come up with a million more ideas
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