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Our baby is here! *pics*

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Our baby boy arrived November 5th at 11:10am after a 14-hour drug free labor and delivery! (pushed for 50 minutes!) His name is William Charles but we are calling him Charlie! He weighs 6 lbs 14 oz and is 19 and 1/4 inches long. Breastfeeding like a champion!


I'll write the birth story soon! (some stuff didn't go as planned but my doula really helped me get the drug free birth that I wanted!) And most importantly, Charlie is perfectly healthy. I'm so in love.
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Your link isn't public. Can't wait to see pics and hear how it all went!
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Just fixed it!
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Yay! Beautiful pics! What a sweet little guy! My 3yo oohed and aahed, too.
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he is So beautiful! and you too~ you look so happy.
congrats mama!
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Aww...congratulations! I'm so happy everything turned out well for you all.
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Congratulations again! He is soo adorable, and I'm loving the name Charlie! I think that is two Charlies in our ddc now, one boy and one girl!

It was really fun being your Birth Buddy, too!
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He is soooooo sweet! Congratulations to you and dh!
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Congrats! A beautiful name, too!
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He's beautiful and I love the name Charlie! Congratulations!
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What a beautiful boy! Those cheeks are adorable!
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So cute! I want one!
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He's SO cute! Congratulations!

I'm so glad everything worked out, despite firing your mw at the last minute!
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Congrats! He is beautiful! I think it is amazing that it is so early in the month and there have been so many babies born already!!! Good motivation for those of us sitting here waiting impatiently! I am so glad you got the goal you set for yourself, even if I wasn't a doula I agree they rock! Happy baby mooning and enjoy nursing!
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Congrats, mama!! So happy for you...he's gorgeous! I know you haven't had the easiest go of it this pregnancy but you got a pretty darn cute end result!

Rest up and enjoy your babymoon!
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Congrats Adrienne!! I LOVE the name Charlie! he is so adorable and you look great!
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So sweet Charlie is a wonderful name (my brother and my grandfather are named Charles sooo I might be a little biased...)
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what a sweetheart he is!!!! you look radiant!! congrats!
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Awww he's so sweet! Congratulations!
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Congrats! You guys both look great! What a cutie!
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