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My roommate's dogs are driving me NUTS. Whenever anybody arrives, they bark like crazy nonstop from the moment the car pulls into the driveway till a few minutes after the person gets inside. They aren't menacing to the person at all, they just bark. And bark. And BARK.

DH and I have made some progress by asserting dominance but that only gets them to stop barking when we are right there with them. If I yell at them from another room they ignore me. When I get home they bark till I get in.

RM sometimes gets home late and they wake me up all the time with their insane, constant barking for 5 solid minutes when he gets home. I'm typing this on my Blackberry at 2:15am because RM just got home and I can't get back to sleep now. I'm worried they're going to wake the baby after s/he's born.

We've been trying for the 18 months we've lived here and made very little progress. There's got to be something I can do to stop the barking!