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has anyone made a ragtime quilt

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I go the the local quilter's guild with my neighbour, even though I don't have time to quilt a stitch. I saw a ragtime quilt there and my obsessive MUST do this brain centre has kicked into action. Surely one doesn't need to buy a pattern but I cant find one on the internet. Can anyone recommend internet resources for this type of thing. Has anyone actually make one? Or want to?
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Are these like crazy patchwork quilts ? If so, I've seen some awesome victorian ones. I am wanting to make a patchwork duvet cover for Saffron & have thought about crazy patchwork.
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oceanmama, ragtime quilts are made patch by patch with all 3 layers at a time. you sew together the front, the batting (middle) and back of each patch. when you have sewn together all the patches your quilt is complete. AND the patches are sewn together with the raw edges all out in front! which are then are cut into like tassles and when washed in a machine they fray. You have to use flannel to make this 'tassling' work properly. Quilts are very soft and QUICK to make and EASY. if you look up rag time quilts on google you can see quite a lot of examples.

This is one I really like: (you will probably have to type in the url yourself)

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Wow that's pretty impressive. I've never seen or heard of a quilt like that before. I guess it would be ideal for us attached parents since time is a bit limited ! I'll have to do some more research.
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i'm looking to do one of these myself!

i thought joanns website had the pattern, but i couldnt find it

what you basically do is put two squares of flannel together with some cotton batting (cut slightly smaller) in the middle

sew those into a 'sandwich" and then piece the sandwiches together

i know thats not very detailed
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LdyBluNH - well you must have a great mind I just can't figure out how to do the corners. Any ideas?
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i KNEW they had it!


Ragged Homespun® Quilt

This quilt is made up of 9 rows with 7 squares in each row. All seams are sewn wrong sides together. Approx. finished size is 48" x 60".


8 ½ yds. of assorted homespun fabrics (flannels may also be used)
1 yd. of Warm & Natural Cotton Batting

Use 1" seams throughout.

Cut 126 9" squares from the homespun fabric. Cut 63 6 ¾" squares from batting.

Make a little quilt sandwich of homespun square (right side down of backing), batting square (center batting square) and homespun square (right side up). Quilt as desired. (We chose to meander quilt).

Stitch 7 squares together (wrong sides together) to form row. Stitch using 1" seam allowance. Press all seam allowances open.

Complete 9 rows of 7 squares each. Stitch rows together. Press seam allowances open.

Clip seam allowances at ½" to ¾" intervals being careful not to clip into seams.

To fringe seam allowances, wash and dry quilt.

HINT #1: To avoid clogging drains when fringing quilt, use commercial laundromat facilities unless you have a lint trap on your home washer. Check dryer lint trap frequently and remove lint built up.

HINT #2: Several blocks of your quilt may be pieced as desired. We chose to cut blocks diagonally to create triangles and then piece them together. Cut blocks 11" square. Cut diagonally and mix homespuns. Sew together with 1" seam allowance and trim block to 9" square.
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wooo hoooo!!! well done LdybluNh! I don't have time to read it now but I'll be back! Thank you so much. I was just about to break down and spend $12 on a pattern. Frolix
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This is great!!! Thanks! I selected the fabric today and I will start the quilt tomorrow. You ladies have great suggestions!
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cant see it!

When I click on that link it does take me to the Joann website, but it doesn't show the quilt. Did it expire or something? What am I doing wrong?
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ok now I found it

I found it at this link:


well I guess it is the same link, but it still doesn't work when I click on it.
Anyway if anyone else wants to find the quilt go to the Joann site click on projects / advice, then on quilting, then at the bottom click show more then scroll down until you see the homespun ragged quilt.
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