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MW pushing the 3 hour GD test because last baby was 9#+?

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At my 20 week appt, my midwife told me that I should have the 3 hour GD test since my last son was born (at 41 weeks) weighing 9#10oz. For that pregnancy, I had a different midwife (different state) that did the breakfast test of waffles and syrup and OJ and my blood sugar was 48. My blood sugars have always been on the lower or normal side, no one in my family has diabetes and my son was tested after birth and was totally fine. FWIW, he hasn't born "fat", he was born "big". He's a big broad kid who is the same size as his 4 year old brother except a few inches shorter.

Anyways, my midwife told me that she really prefers me to take that 3 hour test. Gross. first off, the midwife's office is almost an hour away, so we are talking about 5 hours for this visit? At least? I don't see that happening...I work from home and would need to find child care for my 2 sons. I was supposed to go back at 24 weeks but I haven't made the appt yet because now I just want to skip the issue altogether. (I'm 26 weeks now).

Have you ever heard of a MW pushing the 3 hour due to a prior 9# baby?
I was actually kind of surprised, I mean she isn't by any means a "medwife" and hasn't even mentioned the flu vaccine or anything else so maybe she had a bad outcome or something in the past but even my coucou bird OB with my first only did the 1 hour test...

What do you think? Skip it? Just do 1 hour?
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That seems strange since you have no history or even family history. I'd probably decline the 3 hr but do the screen. For some reason my mws office did a really different screen this time around. It was 2 hours and I had 3 blood drawls! Dumb me didn't read the paper until the day before and I didn't realize there were 3 blod drawls until she took the first one. I would have declined!
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After my third baby who was 9lb 7oz I have had to do the test twice. Once in the first trimester and I need to do it again this week. I have never had to do the 3 hour one at all. I keep trying to tell them I just make big babies! Can you ask to do the regular test first? Chances are you don't have GD, you just make big babies too.
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Well, this is one of those issues that I discuss upfront with midwives before hiring them. I will not do it. I'm perfectly happy to track my blood sugar levels for a week or so, sticking myself 6 or 8x/day, but I'm not going to feel forced into doing that stupid test.

If it's not something you've discussed with her previously, I suggest doing so. Ask her what your options are, what her protocol is, whether this is a suggestion or a "requirement", what she's going to do with the info, etc. It may be a hill to die on, so to speak, and it may not. Only you can decide that, but I'd suggest making that decision fully informed.
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I would do the same as the pp. For 20.00 I would buy a glucometer that records the last xx numbers and keep track for 10 days or so.
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I would ask her what it is she's concerned about, as you've already birthed a "bigger" baby anyway.
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My second baby was a half pound lighter than that, but still over 9lbs. The only time I felt any pressure to do the 3-hour was the one time I "failed" the 1-hour.

Except for that 1 test, my midwives have never shown any concern about an increased risk of GD.
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My first was 7lb 7 oz and my second was 10lb 6oz. I passed the one hour test with both. I am now pregnant with my third and passed the one hour test. Even though I was on the high side of normal my midwife wasn't worried and didn't say anything about my last being large and worried about this baby.

I don't know if it made a difference to her that last pregnancy I gained 70 pounds and when I saw her at 30 weeks I had only gained 15 and I am on a better track this time around.

I would think if you pass you pass and if you don't have a history for GD there shouldn't be a need for the 3 hour test.
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I thought the standard was that first you do the 1hr test. If you fail that, then you need to do a 3hr test. Or that's what my OB tells me.
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I would tell her, "Thanks, but no."

My midwife has given me the option of doing the 1 hr test, but doesn't even require that. Given that my family run to scrawny babies, if my first had been almost 10 lbs. I might be a bit concerned, but really that's a healthy weight for a baby!
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