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~ Chat Thread Week Of 11/6 - 11/13 ~

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Thought it was time to start a new chat thread!

So far this week has started out a little bit stressful. I lost a crown last night and am in a tremendous amount of pain. I will call the dentist tomorrow but the problem is I just don't trust him and need to find someone else. I am hoping he will just put a temporary on and I can then seek care elsewhere. I can't eat or drink and am so nauseous!! A lovely day lies ahead

Did everyone remember to change their clocks? I am feeling a bit sluggish from the time change, as I usually do, but I will catch up in a few days. I just don't understand why we STILL have daylight savings time - I mean, I understand why it was initiated, but this is a very different society we live in and it doesn't seem to really have a purpose anymore. IDK, just seems a little silly.

Anyone planning anything exciting this week?
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I dunno about exciting, but maybe! I'm going to meet with a midwife on Monday to discuss possibilities and options. Possibility of whether or not I am one of those women who are unable to get a BFP on a urine test, and options being how to find out if I am pregnant or not. I feel pregnant, but DH thinks it's a sympathy pregnancy. I know five women who are pregnant right now, who are all going to have little girls next year. But if it's a sympathy pregnancy, then why would I feel like I was going to have a little boy?
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I wish they would get rid of daylight savings too. My kids woke up at 5:40 and I am so tired!

This weeks plans. Monday call clinic and make my first appointment. Wednesday there is a lunch for families of deployed service members. Friday is play group. Nothing too exciting. Should try to get some things done before the morning sickness hits, but we'll see.
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Yay, new thread! I hope I can keep up with it this time! lol

Tracy- Oh my, I hope your tooth starts feeling better soon!! Good luck with that. Hugs!!
We changed our clocks! And helped DD change her watch. I can't believe she's old enough to be telling time (even though it is digital...she needs more work on the analog) and reading!

Brittee- Good luck with the midwife appointment! Keep us posted!

Lisanne- Yay for the first appointment call!
You'll have to let us know when your DH sees the email!
Sounds like a good week for you.

AFM- Today we are going to get together with some friends...potluck at one of their houses. Tomorrow is swimming lessons for the kids, and I need to pick up my dental records, Tuesday and Thursday is speech therapy for DS. Tuesday evening is a homeschool support meeting. Thursday afternoon is my orthodontist consult appointment and Thursday evening is the Share (infant and pregnancy loss support group) meeting. Tuesday is also our anniversary! 11 years together and 8 years married! So Wednesday and Friday will be our rest days! lol Oh, and Thursday I'll turn 5 weeks, woohoo. lol
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Oh, I think the first part of the week my kids will be doing lots of playing outside since it looks like we're gonna get a few more nice days....highs in the low 70's and high 60's! YES!! I'm SO not ready for the cold weather.
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I'm sorry to hear about your tooth, Tracy Tooth problems during pregnancy are the worst.

It sounds like everyone has a busy week ahead! I'm not entirely sure what we have going on this week other than DH has a three day week. I'm not feeling that great so mostly laying low. DH has a job fair this week with government agencies so that should be good info.

Today I dragged myself outside with the kids and DH for a walk. Even when I feel awful it seems to help if I get some exercise. The sickness seems to hit me worst around 9-10am and is starting to last longer and longer. With my last pregnancy I ended up doing the unisom/b6 combo and felt better, I'm not at that stage yet and I'm praying I won't get there.

We found out that we're on our own for Thanksgiving AND most likely Christmas this year since family is going elsewhere and we don't want to travel again, hurray for no pressure holidays!
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Ugh, Katie, I know what you mean. I have really been sick the last few days and am desperately trying to keep a healthy and positive perspective - which for me usually comes with exercise. The tooth pain has totally thrown me for a loop, though, and I essentially sat on my bum today and played trains instead of cooking, cleaning, organizing, etc... sometimes I think both the kids and I really need to just let go and not worry about everything that "should" get done and just have fun playing the day away!

Happy anniversary Michelle!! Any special plans?

Tuesday my parents are visiting, which is always a bit stressful for me. I feel pretty good about it this time, though, so whatever happens will be just fine. Tuesday evening we have dinner at my MIL's house, Wednesday I have my first "official" appointment with the new midwife and then I am going to Wisconsin for 2 days to visit my SIL and nephew. Friday night is my monthly "girls night out" so I think I will spring the pregnancy news on them - although as soon as I decline an alcoholic beverage the cat will surely be out of the bag!

Phew! Its going to be a busy one! I think I will need lots of naps
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Lisanne, did you husband just deploy or just return from R&R? My husband was deployed when I was pregnant with my 3rd. She was born 4 days into his R&R, it couldn't have gone more perfect. But I've vowed never to be pregnant during a deployment again if I can help it. I hated being pregnant during it, it was easier having a newborn and 2 other children during the second half of the deployment, for me.

Busy, exciting week planned here. DD2 turned 6 yesterday and we had a flower fairy tea party. It was a lot of fun, but boy were we busy planning for it. Next Sunday dd3 turns 3, we're just having a small party at the park with some of her closest toddler friends. We'll have cake, bubbles, and sidewalk chalk. Hoping the weather cooperates. It was high 70's yesterday, but the weather can be finicky this time of year and drop suddenly.

On Wednesday we have a ball, (dh is Army, it's something they do biannually around here). So we went shopping for a fancy dress this past weekend. The in-laws are coming Wednesday afternoon to watch the kiddos. Hoping to keep the pregnancy a secret still, kids don't know yet. We'd like to announce at Thanksgiving after we have an ultrasound and know the date for sure. But morning sickness has definitely kicked in, so just hoping MIL is not too perceptive.
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Alisha, sounds like a fun week! and busy. I love the fairy tea party idea!

tracy, have fun at your first appt! Hope your tooth is better soon. I have never had teeth troubles, can't imagine!

katie, I hate hate hate traveling around the holidays! It always seems to snow and delay flights and the airport is always soooo busy. So good for you for having some stress-free holidays. Our family lives across the country for the most part so we generally get together with friends.

lmevans,I need to try to get out today for sure, we are supposed to get snow later this afternoon or tomorrow... have fun going outside!

Lisanne and Brittee, HI! and welcome first appts! I have to make mine too... and call my insurance company.

Well we had a nice weekend, i got a little done i the backyard but still have things to do before the snow hits. At least i got the pool cleaned and put away! And I went to my friend's house for the afternoon Saturday to work on the cards and gift tags we are making. We've got some really cute ones! Bears won yesterday (thankfully or my dh would have been hard to live with for the afternoon...) and we went out to a friends house to watch the cowboys/packers. So. This week I need to do some clothes shopping, I really need some new jeans (they fit but have a few too many holes for how cold it is getting) and I want some leggings to wear under my work snowpants this winter. Lots of jewelry to make this week, only 2 weeks til the first show! And then I have a baby shower Saturday. My friend is due on Jackson's birthday, 1/31!

I still haven't been able to reach my mom or one of my brothers so hopefully i will get to talk to them this week and tell them. I am so excited!
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Wow, Alisha, a ball!! How exciting! I literally cannot remember the last time I put on a formal gown. Probably my wedding! Have a great time!

firecat, are you in the Chicago area (your Bears comment made me wonder!)? Some other MDC mamas and I are starting an AP playgroup - if you are interested let me know.

I have an appointment at 11 to get my tooth looked at... hopefully fixed. In the last 2 years I have had 12 cavities filled, 4 root canals and 5 crowns put on. Just thinking about going to the dentist makes me want to puke. The anxiety from all that dental work led me into therapy to learn how to control the panic attacks. I feel calm now but will probably freak out when I am driving there. Wish me luck!
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Alisha - I'll never do a deployment while pregnant again either. Hence the reason we originally intended to wait, but then we found out my DH won't be deploying with his National Guard unit because they don't have a position for him to go back to. Deployments are hard enough on the kids as it is, but it's definitely rough when you're pregnant and/or have a small baby that everyone has to adjust to as well. I'm looking forward to all of us being together and getting to enjoy a new baby.

Have a great time at your ball! We've had two so far for this half of the year and it's really nice to have an evening out.

We still haven't told my husband's parents or family yet. I'm not entirely sure how, I just get the feeling that they'll be disappointed about it. And I'm still kind of nervous about telling others because of how early it is.

I've been forcing myself to eat so I don't feel so sick today, just slightly queasy. I'm finding that I alternate between freezing cold and really hot, I'd think this was menopause if I didn't know I was pregnant
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Good luck at your appointment, Tracy!
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tracymom1, good luck at your appointment! I hope that the drive there was very uneventful!

Katie, why would your inlaws be disappointed?! a baby is such a wonderful thing! It sucks that not everyone sees it like that

Im nervous about telling people right now too, so I really haven't told anyone other than my mom because of when im due and one friend who knew we were going through fertility treatments.

We have to tell friends of ours soonish.. in the next few weeks. I hate telling people so early, but they think we are coming to their destination wedding (2 months after my due date) and they're paying for stuff at the end of November! I don't want to screw them over by pretending that we're going to go. We think that 2 months is just too soon to be flying especially since we don't know if ill end up with another c-sec.

Cheryl, good for you for getting yard work done with your show coming up! I keep doing more and more for my show, I cant wait for it to be done! I have such mixed feelings about it right now :| Im shocked that it hasn't snowed here yet!

Ive been feeling very very nauseous no barfies yet, but they feel like they could come at any time. Im hoping that my gallbladder increased my morning sickness the first time around, so maybe now that I don't have it I wont be sick as much?

Gotta run! its 3:30 and I still haven't took a shower! I did have an awesome bath and took the dogs and the little Mr to the dog park, but I can't go to Kindermusic like this! I LOVE my Mondays off work!!! I secretly think that they might have contributed to us getting pregnant finally - so much less stress!
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Heavensearth - They weren't happy about the 1st baby, my MIL hated me at the time. They didn't say anything about the second baby, they don't seem to show much interest until the actual baby is here. Now they may just think the timing is bad and that we already have too much on our plate. My MIL already advised me to wait a few years for #3. We've never had optimal timing with any of our children, I don't know anyone who has had it entirely perfect. My FIL is a saint and I know he'll be happy no matter what. My MIL is helpful after the baby is born, at least after Laine she was. It's just during the pregnancy itself.

Like you, there's a destination wedding planned 2 days after my due date and they made a down payment for all of us to go, despite us telling them that we really can't afford it since we're moving. Now we're definitely going to have to cancel and they'll probably be disappointed since it's a cruise. I think we're just going to tell them to go on it and then come and see us when they get back.

Less stress is
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first appt was ok. I was going in kind of hoping for a yes or no and got more of a maybe. She said I can wait a few more weeks if I would like and see how it goes, or that I can go and have a lab test done. In my area it would be about $60. It's $54 for a yes or no, and $60 to say how far along you are, approximately.

The midwife herself was nice, and I think if my instincts are correct and I am in fact prego, then I will go with her as a provider. DH has shifted from saying it's probably a sympathy pregnancy to saying, how are we going to pay for everything?? I think he's underestimating me. Babies need a handful of things when born. A place to sleep, clothing to keep warm, a car seat for traveling, and diaper for the obvious reasons. I am planning to nurse, so for the length of maternity leave in my area, bottles would not be necessary for a while. Then there becomes the issue of childcare.

I am of the opinion that we will take things as they come and figure them out.
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Well, after a migraine with aura on the way to the dentist, I am happy to say that I have a temporary crown in place. I can't really have any work done until the 2nd trimester so he just did the temporary today (without any anesthetic- ouch! it really hurt). At least that is done for now!

Katie, I kind of know how you feel but for me its my parents. DS blurted out our 'news' to them on the phone the other night and my mom was pretty restrained, considering her usual attitude. She grumbled out a few congratulatory words and then immediately started in with things like "well, you sure will have your hands full" and "I don't know how you two plan to afford this" and several other unpleasant things. But for me its a long-term problem and I have learned to let it go. She has been demeaning and verbally abusive for my entire life and it took me 30 years to learn how to properly digest her comments and behavior. I could tell you stories about the way she has treated me that would make your head spin!

It was in the 60's here today and will be tomorrow as well! I am soaking up as much as the warm sun as I can before the dark days of winter are upon us.
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Originally Posted by scheelimama View Post
Lisanne, did you husband just deploy or just return from R&R?
He just deployed 2 weeks ago. Baby was my going away present He's in the Air Force so the deployments aren't as long as Army. He'll be back in March.
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I also have in laws that won't be thrilled. Not in a hurry to tell them. I might let my little one tell them in December when we visit. With our first there was just silence on the other end of the phone when my husband told them. They were better about the second, but wished we had waited longer. Their daughters each stopped at 2 kids.
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Brittee - Are you going to have lab work done?

Tracy - I'm glad you were able to get the temporary crown. I hope you're able to have some relief now and everything settles down until the second trimester.

It's so hard having difficult relationships with parents Especially during pregnancy when you could use their support. I haven't spoken to my mother in over two years, we just don't have a relationship for a lot of reasons but in the end it's better that we not. My MIL and I have a better relationship than we used to but she still has a tendency to be passive aggressive, she knows I don't have parents of my own to lean on so in a lot of ways my IL's have been that way for me but they can still be difficult. She is just really judgmental by nature and nobody but me will give her a wake up call about it.

My DH was sweet enough to run out and get me a late night snack, one thing he's always good for is running out to get my pregnancy food cravings.
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Same problem with the in-laws here too. With the 1st, we hadn't been married long enough, and we weren't financially stable enough. The 2nd came too soon after the first, still not financially stable. The 3rd they didn't say too much negative, but it was a deployment baby, so they were concerned about that. The 4th, we got no negative comment on. But I know we will this time, they are sure we should be done with 4, and of course, I've got my hands full already, how in the world will I handle a 5th child.

Whatever, we're of the opinion that all babies are a blessing from God.
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