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EZ-2-Nurse vs My Brest Friend, Twin Nursing Pillows?

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Has anyone tried out both brands, or have info as to why one may be better than the other?

For the sake of discussion, I am referring to the twin version from each company.

Any other brands that folks love?
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I had a my Brest friend. It is MASSIVE!!!!

I have never mastered the tandem feed so I rarely use it but it is supportive and I like how you can clip it on your body. It feels really stable.

BTW, what does the popcorn graphic mean in the other post?

Best wishes,

Mommy to Franklin & Callan
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That little guy usually
means she is waiting around to hear the responses as well.
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I used the EZ2 nurse one and it was great for the first 6 months until they got too heavy. I've now lent it out to 3 other friends who've had twins and they were thrilled with it as well Easy to clean, easy to adjust, not too big.
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when using the EZ2 did you fine the slope an issue, it seems to be one of the complaints, but also one of the things folks seem to like it for
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Not at all! The slope was great to get them positioned well. I think it has more to do with if the person is short or long waisted and how big their boobs are.
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im middle of the road onthe torso, 5'7" and average build, but i do have D's (or DD's now since i have been preggo) so i hope its a good combo. for those that dont like the slopes, cant it just be turned over?
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I'm exactly same size as you And yes you could flip it over, BUT then it's a little less safe if they doze off and you do too and then they could roll off.
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any less safe than other models like the MyBrest Friend that does not seem to have a slope? of do those models have some other way to keep the babies on the pillow?

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The EZ2 nurse has a minimal slope but enough of one to keep a tiny baby from falling off.  I slept sitting up nursing them and knew that if I dozed off they would not roll off.  The other brand doesn't have a way to keep them from rolling off and that IMO is not safe!

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I had the EZ2Nurse pillow, but I didn't really use it and it just took up space until I sent it to another mom on this forum.  I felt trapped in it, if that makes sense.  It clips around your waist, and the chair has to be wide enough to accommodate it as well.  But I had a toddler to chase around, so getting up easily and quickly was important.  I just propped two/three throw pillows or bed pillows around me and the babies so that they were brought up to the breast and I could sit comfortably wherever we were.  No traveling with the huge nursing pillow everywhere.  You can always see how that works and decide after the babies are here if you would like one. 


And congratulations on your sweet babies!


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Yes it's definitely bulky... I only used it sitting up in bed.  When I was out in the living room on the sofa, I'd use my regular boppy and sit in the corner of the sofa and that would work.



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Well I scored today and got a nearly new EZ2 for $15, so I guess I'm good to go and see if I like this one and go from there, wow it sure it huge! But i can also see how it could be really wonderful too.
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My brest friend has a dip in the pillow for positioning. I kind of hated it, so I flipped the foam over and put the cover on upside down. I prefer it flat. The babies kind of, I don know, sank into the dip, it made their necks all wonky too. But it's there if you want it.
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