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oh dear, I think I might be pg

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Well, I have been trying to figure out what is going on with my fertility since DD was born 4 mths ago. No return of AF yet and no signs of O.
Therefore we have not been using protection.
This morning I awoke to intense back cramps and then what felt like implantation.
I know anything is possible, but pregnant when EBF dd nurses on demand?
Like every hour or so?
I would be shocked, overwhelmed, etc.
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Do you co-sleep? If so, you might have back cramps/aches from being restricted with your movements while nursing (I get those).

Best wishes, either way...
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FWIW, I have had random back cramps, etc on and off randomly for the past, oh, 5 1/2 months (I'm 7 months post-partum).... I keep expecting AF any day now So, while it's possible that you're pregnant, some people's bodies just do a lot of gearing up before the fact. My cycle came back when DD was 3 months old and when Ds1 was 6 months (and I was tandem nursing the two of them). Seven months is a bit of a shocker for me!

That said, I'd recommend testing in a couple weeks... just to be sure.
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I don't think back cramps mean you must be pregnant. Even hard core pregnancy symptoms can be chalked up to so many other things. That being said, not everyone is lucky to be safe with EBF up to 6 months. Have you seen any other signs of fertility returning like increased sex drive, fertile CM? I would take a test for piece of mind in a week or so (in case the cramps were implantation). And then if another baby is not what you want to see in your cards I suggest exploring yoru birth control options. Good luck!
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Are you sure there were no signs of O? when I became pregnant I had one day of EWCM, it was barely noticeable and I actually wrote it off as sperm. No other signs.

Its possible, but I didn't O until 7 months and EBF supposedly works for 6. Some women it doesn't really work for. There is a thread in Breastfeeding about just this.
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While it is possible, I think it's pretty unlikely (from what you describe).   There are a multitude of things that could cause back cramps besides pregnancy.  And LAM is like 98% effective up until 6 months.

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Of course it's possible. smile.gif Based solely on your 'symptoms' though I wouldn't be sweating bullets. I'd test just to make sure.


I cosleep, EBF around the clock, etc and my cycles return at 6 weeks postpartum every time. shrug.gif

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not pg, started my cycles. thanks for the responses.

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