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Update on baby Brayden

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First of all I cant believe he's 3 months old!! OMG . . time has went so fast.

Its been a struggle from about week 5. He was affected by the recalled Similac and then colic creeped in. For about 5 weeks it was a very difficult time for both of us. I hated to see him in so much discomfort and me being a first time mother I just felt hopeless and exhausted.

But with help we made it thru and the last few weeks have been about 80% better. His birth weight was 4 lbs 7 oz 17 inches. At his last appt on 10/5 he was 9 lbs 2 oz 21 inches and we go back this tuesday for another check up. So I bet he's over 10&1/2 lbs.

He is such a joy! Its a honor to be his mother. I can't imagen how we ever lived life without him. Everyday I can't wait to see his big blue eyes and that smile. Life is great!
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So glad that the colic is getting better, I can't imagine how rough that would be for ya'll.

It keeps getting better and better from here on out, hard as that is to believe
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It really does get better. There for awhile I'd cry right along with him. It felt like it was never going to end. But it does. Thank God! lol

Being a first time mother other parents would tell me, you cant imagen the feeling or the love you'll have. They were right. . . it almost hurts b/c I love him sooooo much! Best thing that has ever happened to us.

Me and DH will look at each other and say " Is that OUR beautiful baby"Really"? I almost wait to give him back to someone. . lol . . .thats what over 10yrs of infertility will do to you.
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Congratulations!! Sounds like he is growing very well and is very healthy now!! Yay for reaching 10 lbs!!

Amazing that the colic crept in once he was the age of a term baby! Sorry you have had to deal with that -- I know it's hard! My first was like that, and my second is increasingly so. We are much better prepared to deal with it this time, though.
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Thanks for the update!
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I am so sorry you have had to deal with all of this.

My first had what I thought was colic, but turned out the be an intolerance for casein protein in milk. So we switched to soy, then he became allergic to soy, switched back to milk, still intolerant, then to the hypoallergenic formula, still caused issues (and was beyond what we could afford for how much he was eating). Luckily he was older (8 mo) and it was safe to use a milk alternative. We used Hempmilk for months and months, then coconut milk.

This time, we aren't able to fully BF, about 50/50, and are actually making our own formula. I personally don't trust a lot of the ingredients in commercial formula, or the canning process either. You can google Weston A Price Foundation Baby Formula Recipe and find it. It looks like a hassle, but it's really not, find the milk is the hardest.

I WISH WISH WISH WISH WISH I would have known of this as an option when I was going through all my issues with my first. I'm SO glad I know it now and am VERY happy to use it, although I was a little weirded out by it at first and thought it was crazy, I'm super happy we do it. She's doing great by the way, and the times we have had to use canned powder formula, she's had bad gas, stomach upsets, and the same colicy stuff our first had.

Just some info to think over.

Glad things are getting better, I"ve been thinking of you! HUGS!
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