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Wait wait wait... teething ALREADY?

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Okay so maybe not... but maybe... and if so Ive been in denial for a few weeks now as DH (who has NEVER been a parent before... so I should know better right?) pointed it out...

She has a little white spot on her gums. Lower right, right where a first tooth would usually come in. At first it was just a little white spot, but now... its a little hard white bump! like a tooth about to break through!

And shes drooling like crazy like the other two did when they started teething...

But shes only 6 weeks! That is CRAZY early!

Luckily we are going to the midwives tomorrow for my 6 week so I will talk about it then and have them check it out but uh... is it really possible?!?!
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Wow, I don't know.

I've heard of some teeth coming way early, but have no first-hand experience of it...

She is an "older" six weeks b/c she cooked for so long, but that's STILL crazy early.
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It is possible it could be a tooth, but that is rare to have them come in that early.
The other possibilities are bohn's nodules or inclusion cysts both of which can resemble teeth. I don't think it could be an epstein pearl though iirc they are usually present at birth and dissapear within the first few weeks.
I'll be looking for the update to see if Mae's actually getting teeth already!
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oh goodness thank you!

of course I will double check with my midwives but it DOES look like a bohns nodule (and has probably been there since she was born, we only noticed it about a week later but as she had a good latch we had no fears requiring us to look in her mouth)

Maybe its getting larger as it is about to resolve?

I was so scared to have a baby teeth so early... at least at 6 months they can sort of be taught not to bite you... at 1 1/2 months not so much!
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Our twins were early teathers...their first teeth finally came through right at 4 months old. They were definitely teething for a long while before that.
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Same here ROM
My son broke his first teeth at 4. He had 4 at 4 mo, 6 at 6, 8 at 8, 12 at 12, 16 at 16, and thankfully, we've stopped there last time I checked.
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E has been drooling like she's teething too! She's been doing it for about 2 weeks (she's 10 1/2 weeks). My boys were also early getting teeth (4 months old), but they never drooled as babies. It's kinda messy, E's clothes actually get wet. She makes a lot of bubbles with her spit.
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Midwives confirmed it is not a tooth
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Glad it's not a tooth yet!!! She needs to stay a newborn a little while longer, right?

Caden has been SUPER drooly since about 1.5 months and he's 2.5 months now. He's stopped spitting up most days but still has to wear a bib so his clothes don't get soaked!! Yesterday he was gnawing on my arm while I was juggling him and another task and my sleeve ended up with a big wet spot. His little teeth BETTER stay in for a few more months at least!!
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Yup! Little man has been drooling and chewing and ONERY! Thankfully it seems to be a "day time" onery, he is still sleeping pretty good. If he was teething would it affect his sleep?

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DDCC madison was born with a canine tooth! it's not all the way thru, just broken the skin, but yeah it's proof that i am in fact part vamp after all haha

she has a pre molar cutting thru too


odd but true :D

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