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Really moody ... how much longer???? (major vent)

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Is anyone else in need of an attitude adjustment? I am! My mood has officially gotten bad ... I'm mad at everyone and feel like this baby will never be born (I'm only 37 weeks, too!!! ARGGGHHH) I've been sick twice within a month of each other (bad asthma/coughing/wheezing) and I'm so scared to be sick again. Last week contractions seemed promising ... now I don't know what to think. I had some sporadic ones last night but nothing steady like Thursday/Friday. I went through major nesting last week and have my house completely in order and am determined to keep it like that for the next 3 weeks!!!! I'm also hoping to keep us all well for the next month, too!!!! I keep having contractions if I'm lying down or sitting up ... just about doing anything. I am so stressed out right now. Oh -- and I have another lovely yeast infection (just popped up this morning) from being on antibiotics and prednisone for 5 days. I need a break! Thanks for letting me vent.
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me too! i am officially two days late, and gumpy! tying to stay relaxed and calm and patient...but i've neve been past my due date befoe, so it's had. plus i am tried of cleaning the house after 3 little kids each day thinking it will be my new babe's birthday. agh. come on little guy...i'm ready!
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Right there with you. I'm a mess today. Sick with a bad cold/sinus infection and 2 days past EDD. My 2 year old is being very clingy and whiney. My house is a wreck. I'm in a horrible mood. I just want this sickness and pregnancy to be over....
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Last night I had a mini freak out and was crying to my husband that the baby doesn't WANT to come out and I'll be pregnant forever. I do weird things like this fairly frequently at this point. Luckily he has been very understanding and just rubs my back and gives me pretty much whatever I want.

I feel like a total wreck though and it is time for this baby to appear!
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DDCC - Do you think stalking December might help some? I know at 36 weeks I'm starting to get antsy (especially if I hang around here in November too much) but its a great relief to know that no one in December has had their babies yet. Some of us have had some practice labor stuff (or maybe it was just me) but sometimes its discouraging to see everyone else hitting milestones long before you.
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I am 3 days past our due date, and am really struggling. It just has not been an easy pregnancy emotionally. I had a bunch of preterm labor scares, and thought for sure we would have a baby as soon as I stopped taking it easy at 37 weeks. In fact, one of my midwives was out of town until I was 37 1/2 weeks, and we were all concerned I would wait until she got back. Well, her I am at 40+3. I've never even seen a due date come and go, and I am just so frustrated. My parents have been here to help out, which is nice, but they have to leave on the 11th, so they might not even get to meet their 3rd grandchild--and it also means we've totally lost out on the opportunity to have their help during the early postpartum period. This all means I will get one week of DH home so I can rest, then I better hope I am feeling spectacular because there will be no more help. Ah! It just was all "planned" out so nicely when we all thought I would go early. I kinda feel like I let everyone down, and I am getting SO SICK of people asking how I am doing. I totally avoid answering that question, yet they continue to ask. Believe me, if I had any control over this situation I would have had the baby by now! Leave me alone! (Yay, I'm feeling a little sensitive.)
I just feel bummed this morning. I feel let down and broken. I know those things are not true, but I am having a hard to time adjusting my attitude. I want to hold my baby. I want to know there will be people around to take care of me. I want to get back to feeling normal. I want to be able to tie my shoes and take a long hike and sleep well and be rid of all the anxiety I have while I wait for the birth. I'll stop, 'cause I could just go on and on this morning.
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• This means that you should try to think of what she needs before she needs it, agree with her even if what she says is not logical, and pay attention to what she is saying, even if your two favorite teams are playing in the game of the lifetime or your boss has assigned you a critical project. *[/B]

I LOVE this!!!
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Kim, I know what you mean by saying that you feel like you let everybody down. All along we've just *felt* as though I'd go early. I have no idea why but I was so so so convinced of it. Here I am at 38w 4d and still pregnant and now thinking I'll stay this way for a while. I feel like I've kept the world on pins and needles for weeks now.
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