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Lower-tech mamas / Who HASN'T seen/heard the baby yet?

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I really hope nobody takes any offense to this because absolutely none is meant but it seems like almost everybody has already had an ultrasound and/or heard the heartbeat, or if they haven't they are worried because they haven't and can't wait to. Which is fine, but I'm wondering if there are others like me around? I know there are a couple. Last pregnancy by this point I'd already had one ultrasound, and I had another at 12 weeks, but this time I'm taking a much more low-tech route. If we go with the midwife we're interviewing tomorrow, she only does fetoscope (unless you request doppler I suppose) so I will probably feel regular movement before she is able to hear the heartbeat! I haven't been checked in any way yet this pregnancy, by anyone but me.

Who else?
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We haven't yet. We will be hearing the baby at the next appointment(with doppler) and then waiting until we can use the fetoscope (18-20 weeks). We are only planning on the 20w ultrasound, which I am sure we could not do. We will see. We were very low tech with DS. It was interesting watching the MW's at a big practice use the fetoscope for the first time in a long time... They always had to find the fetoscope when we came. The practice (8 OBs and as many MW's) only had one
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me! By this time with my last pregnancy I had allready had an ultrasound as well. We are opting out of doppler and I believe I will have 1 ultrasound in my final trimester just to check the c section scar on my uterus. ( I know it's not extremely accurate and I have only a 1% chance of rupture (this will be my 2nd vbac) but it covers the midwifes and if that makes them more comfy then I think I can handle that.) As of now I'm going to avoid all the measuring etc during the ultrasound and just go for the quick scar check. The birthing center I'm using does use doppler but I'm opting out. It's definately different being as I had multiple exams and ultrasounds with both of my boys. I've checked myself a few times but kind of backed off on that when I realized my cervix is not easy to read right now.
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Me. I have been pretty low tech w/ most of my pregnancies. Way back when, LOL, expecting my twins 16years ago women did not get U/S so early very often. I heard the HB at 10 weeks w/ a doppler and had an U/S at 16 weeks discovering two, then on it was madness. I skipped that pretty much w/ the rest. I am 8 weeks and have not had an U/S, nor will I and have not heard the HB. I used a fetescope w/ most of my UP's, but w/ the last two, after a miscarriage and a SCH w/ Finnian, I used a doppler, but I am not sure if I will use it this time to hear the baby early.
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We're low-tech too. I don't expect to hear the baby until I can hear the heartbeat with a fetoscope.
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I'm only semi-low tech I've had a previous loss, so I *could* get an early u/s, but I choose to wait until 12 weeks. My doc also does use the doppler. But here I am, 12 weeks now, and don't know if there's a live babe in there or not.

I found out w/ my m/c at the 12wk u/s, so I am pretty nervous. With Z though, my placenta was in front, so I didn't feel movement until 23!!! weeks, so waiting that long I think would have freaked me out!
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Nothing at this point, and we are not planning to have any ultrasound. We will listen for the heartbeat at my appointment at 12 weeks with the doppler. I am hoping we hear it. I've had some anxiety about this baby just because it came as such a total and complete surprise and I am still working through my shock.
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I haven't had any appointments yet, and it's my first pregnancy. I have to say though, I'm starting to wonder if that was the right decision for us. I haven't been feeling very pregnant (symptoms were worse a week ago than now) and I wonder if having an appointment this week would be helpful.
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I haven't done anything yet. I have my first midwife appointment in a few weeks and I have no idea what this midwife will or won't do. I suspect whatever I want. We will probably be having an ultrasound because I don't think dh can wait to make sure everything is ok (or prepare if it's not). I will only have one this time, though, whereas I've had at least two in the past.
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We're not doing U/S but the midwife is going to use the doppler next visit at 12.5 weeks, which will be on my birthday! We'll just use it the one time, then wait til the fetoscope can pick it up. I have to admit I'm getting a little anxious, partially because I've been feeling better the last couple days and feeling kinda "less pregnant" and also just cause it's my first and I really want to hear that little heartbeat. Only a week and a half to go!
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Us. We are super low tech too. I am actually seeing the midwife tomorrow. I will be 10 weeks. She is a fetoscope user. I think I could request the doppler but not sure if I will. Doubtful I would hear the hb anyway as her doppler isn't a super strong one. We will have no other interventions during pregnancy. No ultrasounds, no testing, nada.

You are not alone in low tech. We haven't heard anything, seen anything and it's likely we won't for several more weeks. I may actually feel baby (I tend to start to notice quickening about 14 weeks) before we hear any heartbeat.
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None here! This will be a up/uc unless something comes up I feel needs attention. Don't know how far along I am right now, haven't looked at the calender, lol. So just chillin and enjoying the ride as usual
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although I am happy with our choice to be low-tech, this stage where I don't feel pregnant yet is hard, it would be nice to know for sure something was going on in there
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I'm not too low-tech but I'm very low intervention. This midwife probably won't even see my vagina the entire pregnancy/birth (if I don't go UC that is)

I decline all testing unless I feel there's an issue -- no bloodwork etc. I do one ultrasound later on because I do like to know the gender and if we do choose UC I'd love to know if there were twins in there or something else I'd like to be aware of, and I do like to hear the hb every visit if they can find it but am fine with fetoscope when they can hear it with that.

So, moderate tech but zero interventions here
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So far nothing here either. I will see the midwife at 12 weeks and she will use the doppler then. Other than her checking the heartbeat with the doppler at any appointments I don't expect that we will do any u/s or tests unless something comes up that indicates a possible problem.
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Still going on blind faith and a pregnancy test here too.

My first pregnancy we had an early ultrasound because of a prior early loss/chemical pregnancy so we knew right away that things were growing and doing fine.

This time I'm just over 7 weeks and haven't been to the midwife yet, but have an appointment for 9 weeks...still too early to hear the heartbeat (didn't hear my daughter's until after 11/12 weeks) so I'm actually hoping to start having some more morning sickness soon! I thought I'd be much better at going with the flow, but I keep asking myself if there's really a little one in there.

We'll hear soon I guess! Probably won't do an ultrasound until 20 weeks.
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I see the midwife for the first time on weds. She uses the doppler for a little while but as soon as she can she switches over to the fetoscope and I know if I didn't want the doppler I could request that she not use it. I do want an ultrasound at 20 weeks just to know where the placenta is.
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We aren't planning any ultrasounds, and will keep doppler use to a minimum, but will probably use it at some point. If only so I will finally really believe I'm pregnant! I keep thinking it must be a trick. Then I put on my pants, and I think well, I sure hope there's a baby in there because otherwise I'm getting pudgy fast for no good reason
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I have not had an u/s or doppler yet. I plan only on having the 19/20 wk u/s unless something unexpected happens. I had subchorionic hemmorrhages with my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies, so ended up with more u/s than I would have liked.
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i had planned on only one around 25 weeks but had spotting and hCG wasn't increasing enough to rule out ectopic so i had an ultra sound. i am supposed to get another at some point to check to see if the placenta thing is resolving but from what i understand there is nothing anyone can do to help it resolve or not resolve but that it almost always resolves so i am in no rush for another ultra sound.
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