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Thinking of getting some vax for my 6yo

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My ds had the first and second set of vax at 2 and 4 months nothing since. So he has had 2 DTaP, 2 IPV. He also had Hib and 3 Hep b and prevnar but I will not be doing those now or in the future.

I am considering doing a few vax at this point. If I decide to go ahead and do some vax I will only be doing at most 1 shot per year so I can watch for issues and know which shot would cause the problem so I will not do multiple shots at once other than possibly the MMR since getting those separate is next to impossible I hear.

From what it says on the back of his shot record He should end up with 5 DTaP, 2 MMR and 4 IPV but at his age would he need that many of each or would I be able to just one or 2 more of each? I am looking at the cdc catch up thing and it is confusing to me though I do see that he would only need 2 more DTaP to be done.

Something else if I do decide to do this I am a bit worried about my religious exemption. Because dd has had bad reactions in the past (though her ped refuses to see them as reactions) I will not be vaxing her ever again. So I need that exemption for her and will not risk loosing it to vax ds.

I live in TN so we do have the vax registry but I was unable to find a way to opt. out of it. Does anyone know if there is an opt. out option here?
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No one?
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You would only need 2 more DtaP and 1 more polio (last dose isn't needed if you got your 3rd after 4).

hmmm, I have no idea how exemptions work when you are using it for one child and not another...I will try and look that up...
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Since it is religious I know I cant use it for one and not the other So if I do vax I have to make sure that they dont find out or I would loose the ability to use the exemption. That would mean that dd wouldnt be allowed to go to school which cannot happen and ds would have to do all the catch up shots including ones I have no intention of ever giving him.

I know many states have the opt out option for the registry and that is the only way I can make this work. Otherwise ds wont be able to have any vax and at this point I dont think I am OK with that.
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I am going thru something similar right now. We are in NC and I want to get some vaccines for the new baby and my toddler, but I have a 6yr old in kindy this year who I just filed a religious exemption for. Our FP isn't really no vax friendly, so I am hesitant to get the lo's vaccines with her.

I am trying to find a selective/delay/no-vax friendly doc to do the vaccines I want to play it safe and then keep my fingers crossed no one challenges my religious exemption for dd.

As far as opting out of the registry, I am trying to find out the same thing for my state. Have you tried calling the health department? That's our next step here.
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Not yet but I did email the registry a little bit ago and hopefully I will hear back soon.

It sucks that me the parent cannot make decisions based on what I know is best for my kids without someone in government getting involved.
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I agree, its frustrating to have such little control as a parent on this issue.

My children would probaby have more vaccines if i could selectively vax...wouldnt that be "better" as far as the states concerned? It makes no sense!

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How frustrating.  My state has a philosophical exemption which allows you to delay or refuse with no conditions.  Maybe you'll have better responses if you post this in finding your tribe and get other TN mom's perspectives and experiences. I totally agree with Kayla.  We have friends in an "all or nothing" state and they've not done certain vaccines that they would have otherwise because of their state's ridiculous law. 

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