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me!  we haven't used birth control in 5+ years and needed fertility meds to get our boys...to say we are/were shocked is an understatment! lol  DH was done, and I was getting there, although in the back of my mind I felt our family just wasn't complete...guess it wasn't! lol  I still have mixed feelings, mostly due to wondering how we're going to afford 3...and the 24/7 intense nausea that kicked in over the weekend isn't helping...but overall I know this baby is a true miracle and little fighter...s/he was meant to be in our family, and I already love him/her so much!  I know we are incredibly blessed, although it's hard to see the forest for the trees right now  :)

We're in the same situation as you! I had just recently went back on birth control "just in case" and it still happened. It seems so odd given the fact we needed fertility drugs for our girls. This will be #4 for us. Next year we will have a newborn, a 2 yr old, 4 yr old and 6 yr old. yikes.gif

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Big surprise! We were not 'trying' but were not *not* trying, I guess, but we've been doing that for nearly 4 years.  Last month, I saw my naturopath about crazy fatigue and some other issues.  She told me my hormones are all out of whack, next to no progesterone, didn't ovulate that month etc...I was really preparing myself for heading into early menopause and I'm only 35. We've been on the fence a long time about adding number 4. I was just getting to the point where I was about to clear out all the baby stuff in the attic.  I was super emotional and depressed early this month (heading into a long winter here in Norway) and DH just said, "you're not pregnant are you?"  I started taking progesterone after seeing my naturopath just to get myself balanced but now it's lead to starting a baby!  In shock for sure.  VERY happy though! Nervous about how we're going to make it all work and hoping I don't miscarry.....

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Mine was a total shock! I only took a test because I do one now and then just to make sure. My cycles were wonky still as I'm only 13 months pp and breastfeeding my son around the clock. When I saw that faint line I didn't even believe it. Took 3 more tests over the next 2 days, all bfp with the lines getting darker!

It still doesn't feel real except the nausea and exhaustion has kicked in. We knew we wanted a second child but we were thinking maybe after another year or 2, or 3. I can't believe I'm going to have a 22-month-old and a newborn. I was extremely upset at first and even told my DH I hoped I would miscarry. Now it's only a few days later and I can't even believe I had such a horrible thought! Now if I were to lose this baby I know I'd be devastated. I'm starting to feel excited about it now!

So you're not the only one with mixed feelings!
I think I was just scared of the change and needed to process it. So very different from my first pregnancy which was a bit over-planned and came with so much excitement, haha! I've been lurking here for a few days already but didn't want to post until I had processed those feelings.

I haven't told anyone but DH yet. By my calculations I think I am 5w1d.
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Well, we were trying but it was still a huge shock because our second one took 2.5 years and fertility procedures/drugs (IUI/injections) to concieve.  It was only my second PPAF from our last baby (extended nursing) and I was still pumping 3x a day.  I'm still in shock that we actually got pregnant the old fashioned way.

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HUGE HUGE shock here.   I was charting and didn't detect ovulation this cycle.  It must have been early because we were only together really early in my cycle. 


I am a widowed mother of 5!  My current boyfriend has no kids and never intended to.   I thought he was going to disappear when he got the news.  Thankfully he has been really supportive.  I am not looking forward to telling my late husband's family.  They are still struggling with the idea that I am dating again.  


I thought my kids were going to flip out but they took the news fairly well. 



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I had IVF with DS so this was a total surprise even though I knew secondary fertility was a possibility.  Not the best timing but.......

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Hi Mumofmak!

Nice to see another European in this board. I am from Austria!

God luck to you!

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I surprisingly enough, was a surprised mama! It took us 12m to conceive DS, and I had to lose lots of weight. Well, I was working on losing the weight, and I had had PPAF, and ONE single day of bleeding that **may** have been AF, maybe. But I noticed some fertile signs about the right time :) I got a neg test when I tested a little early, but then I "missed" (like I said, I wasn't regular yet from PP) and there it was!


I am really happy, and am glad I didn't have to go through months of trying like with DS. And the spacing is perfect. I was stressing a little that DS was getting older, and DH didn't want to have another for 2 or so more YEARS making DS 4. :( However, I have been nothing but sick and miserable. I have had bronchitis and sinusitis, that I had to take an inhaler for (a class C, which freaked me out) then a yeast infection, now a regular run of the mill cold :( Plus morning sickness is worse. I'm not just nauseous like last time, there is throwing up :( Oh well. Maybe I need to get some baby things ready even thought it's too early. That will make it feel more real!

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Yeah, it was a huge surprise. We were planning to adopt our next, and Dh was getting the snip after the new year. Sometimes I am excited, but anxiety is winning out more often. My pregnancy was not enjoyable as I had HG and was very sick for months. I do not love being pregnant, though I do love the baby at the end, you know? I'm concerned about how being pregnant will affect my dd as I am her primary caretaker.
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a surprise here as well. My daughter just turned one yesterday so I wasn't quite ready to have another one so close together. Also worried about what others will think/say about us having so many kids close in age.


I was pretty upset at first, but have started to get very excited


glad to know I'm not the only one!

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Yeeep.  Big surprise here.  One pp period and I was trying to NFP as best as I could since I just stopped nursing DD but here we are.  I literally had an appointment on Monday with an ob/gyn to talk about birth control options, but I guess it wouldn't have mattered anyway.  Thankfully, DH is ecstatic as he wanted a big family, but I said I was totally done after 2.  I'm slowly getting used to the idea :)  I think

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Big surprise... just got married in July (second marriage after first husband died in '08)... second marriage for him as well- we assumed that my two girls would be our only ones, as we had reason to believe he was incapable of having kids- so BIG surprise!  A good one though :)  It will be a better one after the 24/7 nausea wears off!

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I'll join in to the "knock me over with a feather" group!  Totally shocked!


I think I've "known" for a few weeks (boobs hurt, tired, yucka), but refused to take a test until Friday.


Still haven't told DH.  Waiting till after the New Year.



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A HUGE surprise for us. I've wanted more for a while, but not quite yet! My husband is on his last semester of  school and student teaching, so I'm the only one working. Hopefully that will change before July! Plus, we have a trip to Disney planned in Feb - the first for my boys and the first time for me since I was 12 - I would have planned around that!


I was shocked when I took the test, I was expecting it to be negative and I about fell over when it wasn't.


One thing I'm noticing this time is a lot of people asking me if it was planned. Which is strange, I think it's kind of a personal question to ask. I didn't get that at all with my first two, but maybe that's because I was 17 and 22 and people just assumed (correctly!) that it wasn't planned! :D When I say sooner than planned, I've had people be like, ok - so planned.


What the heck is that even supposed to mean! It makes me feel like I'm supposed to go along with it, cause since I'm married and older all pregnancies just default to planned? I don't know. It's weird.

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