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No M/S Support

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I know it's still really early for most of us, I'm only 6w2d, but especially as a PAL mama my total lack of morning sickness is starting to get to me. I've never been so eager to be sick in my life. I keep telling myself that every pregnancy is different of course, and I know plenty of people who've had healthy pregnancies and dodged the m/s, but....It's so hard in these early weeks to feel calm and secure, especially without many symptoms. I didn't have much nausea or symptoms in general with my loss. I'm completely, utterly fatigued so that makes me feel a little better.

So anyone else who can sympathize? Anyone with previous successful pregnancies with no m/s?
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With my son I thought I'd totally missed the morning sickness boat and was congratulating myself...and then the second trimester hit. I didn't have a twinge of sickness before then, but throughout the second trimester I had it bad! (Like pulling into the turning lane so I can puke out the window--I didn't even have time to pull to the side of the road!)

So I eventually got it, but this early in the game I didn't have any morning sickness. I haven't had any yet this time around either, though my stomach has been pretty unsettled and NOTHING sounds good to eat.

I'm trying to take a more relaxed approach with this pregnancy. Previously I've scheduled dr.s appointments as early as I could, this time my first one isn't till December! I must admit, that its harder than I expected to go without any outside 'proof' that things are progressing properly.

So I'm glad for the extreme fatigue and the food aversions. I've been complaning so much about random smells in our office that a coworkers jokingly accused me of being pregnant (!!!). Better keep my complaints to myself for a bit longer.
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