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birth stories of twins

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I am a Lamaze Instructor, doula, Breastfeeding Specialist and Infant massage Instructor. I am trying to put together birth story's of Twins so my clients can see they can safely go past 38 wks with out being induced and also can have a vaginal birth with twins even if twin B is bigger then twin A. The Dr. is putting alot of pressure on mom. I think hearing others story's will really help. Thank you all in advance.
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Well, I didn't go past 38 weeks, and I was kinda induced (I was going into labor on my own already, doc broke baby A's water to speed things up, both were born two hours later). But I did have an amazing natural vaginal hospital birth with a very supportive OB and nurse. Twin B was transverse and was turned after the birth of twin A. B was also an ounce bigger than A, but I am pretty sure that counts as the same size.

Anway, if it would help, my birth story is here: http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1214085
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I just found this community and haven't had a chance to introduce myself yet, but I think my birth story fits your bill. I carried my twins to 39 1/2 weeks and had them both vaginally. They were born at home under the care of midwives. My first daughter was vertex and weighed 8 lbs. My second daughter was a footling breech and weighed 9 lbs 2 oz. Yes, I was very uncomfortable! But I was glad that I was able to carry them so long because they were so big and healthy when they were born... no problems whatsoever. One interesting thing about my twins is that they were born 7 hours apart and on separate days!

Hope this helps.
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I made that video a few years back to provide some inspiration for a variety of twin birth situations, including gestation.


And, I had my babies via hbac as well, just over 38 weeks, went into labor spontaneously, had them two hours apart, both 7+ pounds, and very healthy.

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My story is, happily, quite uninteresting.  I had my babies at home with 2 m/w, one apprentice, DH, and my mother.  I went to 41 weeks.  I had been 4cm dilated and 70% effaced for several weeks.  We finally decided to have MW break my water.  It was only 5 hours before both babies were born.  Baby A was 8lb 1oz, vertex.  Baby B was 6lb 5oz, breech. 


The first doctors I had seen were going to not let me go beyond 37 weeks, and any breech baby called for c/s (I ran from these folks!).  At a 35 week u/s (different group of docs), both babies were measuring 7lbs.  I hadn't fully realized how innaccurate the u/s estimates could be.  I sometimes wonder how little my baby B would have been if I had been induced a month earlier.

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I don't know if you still need stories but here's ours:

At 38+4 wks, I went into labor spontaneosly with my water breaking at 3:30pm.  Went to the hospital, had first baby at 4:38pm (head first); 2nd baby was breech, came out feet first 7 mins later.  1st baby was 5#15oz, 2nd baby 7#7oz.  As you can see, 2nd baby was 1.5# heavier.  Babies did well, I did well and went home the next day.

Since I delivered the 1st baby less than half an hour from the time I walked in the door, there was a mad rush to get ready.  They had about a dozen staff on hand for any contingency.  As it turns out none of them were needed.  The only 'intervention' I had was an IV that was placed while the 1st baby was crowning.  There wasn't time for anything else!  I had planned on having an epi in place in case my little breechling was difficult/distressed or for issues with my tailbone I fractured very early in the pg.  Totally not needed, and really it was probably one of the least painful deliveries I have had.  The twins were #7/8. 

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Christyc ~ thank you so much for sharing that youtube video!  What a wonderful, wonderful encouragement for those of us facing a multiple birth.

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I haven't had my multiples yet (I'm pg with triplets and planning a vaginal birth with the support of my OB) but I'm also a childbirth educator and doula and had a student/friend who gave birth to twins about 6 months ago. She was put on strict hospital bedrest at 24 weeks because her cervix was 1cm, funnelling, and she was contracting like crazy. Got released from hospital at 35 weeks to home bedrest. At 38weeks started having prodromal labor which lasted several days. She was so weak from all the bedrest, they really didn't want her to get any more exhausted than she already was so she did a "whiff of pit" induction at 38w+5d which kicked things off just fine, she had her twins vaginally and without pain meds a few hours later, first one vertex, second one breech. I can't remember the weights, but B was slightly bigger than A. The second one had to go to the NICU for a few hours to evaluate the severity of an unrelated genetic condition that they already knew she had, otherwise they were perfectly healthy, went home with mom a couple days later and are still breastfed. :)



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Morgan - I saw you had your triplets!!! Congrats and T&P for a speedy recovery and that the babies continue to feed and grow well!

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My story really is very short so not much to share there. 


I went into labor at 39w6d.  Both were here in about an hour and a half from first contraction.  I had no idea I was really in labor until a babies head was crowning.  Both babies were born in the caul.  Baby girl weighed 7lbs 12 oz baby boy weighed 7lbs 4 oz.   They had this really neat semi fused placentas with a membrane that covered them both that was so thick you couldn't even see thru it.

Great experience and its possible to go past 38 weeks... even with a history of preterm labor and contractions its possible!   

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carried to 39.5 weeks.  planned hosp. vag. delivery.  but, water broke at home and within the hour I had one big contraction at the end of which out flew baby A, 6 lb 5 oz.  less than 5 min later out came baby B 7lb 7oz double footling breech.  Paramedics arrived - we were all transferred to hosp.  Discharged 24 hours later.  Everyone healthy.  Over a year later mama and papa still shocked.  lol. 

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i love this.


was a vertex?

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