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Midwifery Studies + College classes -input please

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I am currently working on an independent study approach to midwifery training & have the option to attend college classes this semester to help me in the process.

I plan on taking Anatomy & Medical Ethics but need at least 2 more classes. I already have a BA in Psychology, and minors in both Sociology & religious studies... I am currently working as a doula so if it could potentially benefit me there, I am open to that as well.

If you could take classes to assist you in your journey towards being the PERFECT midwife what would you choose/have chosen?
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What about taking online classes through an accredited midwifery school?

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A solid background in anatomy and physiology will serve you well.  Also, medical terminology, pharmacology, and microbiology would be useful.  I enjoyed my classes in nutrition, statistics, human development, and psych (which you have plenty of!).  But then, I believe that all school benefits you in some way, even small.  Enjoy your semester!  

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I strongly agree, my classes in A&P, med. terminology, microbiology and nutrition have proven very helpful to me already and I'm not too far in my studies!

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Anatomy, Cellular biology, nutrition, business communications, and women studies. I really enjoyed my women studies courses and found them so helpful. I am similar to you a BS is psych but luckily I was prenursing so I got all of those type of classes done as well.

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I am in A&P and developmental psych and one thing I can tell you is that I have zero time for midwifery studies or practice on top of family and school.  A&P alone eats up 20 hours a week.  I am regretting it a bit because I feel like it's setting me back a year on my midwifery studies.  I think a strong midwifery based A&P class through a midwifery school would have been much more useful.

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The reason I'm not taking classes through an online program is cost... I can get scholarships & loans for actual college classes... This university is really odd though... The only med. term class is for physical therapy/nursing students... I could take nutrition I guess...   I ended up signing up for Anatomy, chem 2, medical ethics, yoga, & group communication...  I am already 1 class from a minor in women's studies, but almost all our women's studies classes are women's history or lit...  Thank you all for your input... It helped a lot...  Oh & all our classes with a medical influence are closed to non med students... & the day I ever see this school offer a class on the placenta I'll get my fat tush up & do backflips lol.. Im jealous of those of you where that is an option!

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