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Decluttering the coffee table (as in getting rid of the entire thing)? - Page 2

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As soon as sbx moved out I removed his ugly green marble topped coffee table and replaced it with a lovely Havertys ottoman from Craigs List for $10! I have a try on it for drinks and odds and ends but usually it's feet on the ottoman and a cup of tea for me!
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We have a great, round table in our very teeny tiny living room that just dominates the area...I love that table but I am seriously considering putting it in the shed.  It's just in the way and a clutter catcher.

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Yeah our coffee table always feels in the way, so it's always shoved all the way against the wall or something.  Since we don't sit on our couch and watch TV or anything like that, there probably is no reason to have it.  Thanks for the idea, I think I might get rid of ours too : )

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I do not really recall when we got rid of ours. We did get a new one at a point given to us by some friends from another country when they moved back away. I still have that one, but it is not in the main living area. I also purchased a new one 3 years ago, but my husband took that one out too, which honestly, is for the best. I prefer end tables. Maybe just get a couple end tables and get rid of the coffee table. I think that is an excellent idea. Oh, what I listed about the coffee tables history for us is over 17 yrs together. I know we had one when we first lived together, but then I think by our second apartment it was gone, which was 15 months later. Then it was another 5 yrs in that place and then we moved to our first house and after being there for 2 yrs, the friends gave us theirs. So basically, I am saying, we usually have not had one and that works for the best. We do currently have one in the media room and my husband's office. But in the media room, it holds all the Wii stuff and books and such as that is more of a playroom type place. Then my husband's office, I think it is a junk holder for him.

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We got rid of ours a year or two ago. I don't miss it at all. We have a small living room & there was not enough space for DS to play or me to work out or anything. We have 2 couches & there is a windowsill behind one & a stairwell behind the other so that's where we put our drinks when necessary. Or the bookshelf or the TV stand or the bar. Wherever there is room lol. DS has a very small toddler table in the corner of the living room too that's super lightweight so when we have company & want somewhere to put a bowl of popcorn, we just move DS's table. I don't think I'd ever bother getting a coffee table again. You could always get one of those little 14" storage ottomans that they sell everywhere... flip the top over & you can use it for your drinks...

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We don't have a coffee table due to how small our living room is. We do have end tables, but they just seem to collect junk. :/

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we have one of those ottomans with the tray on it. i love it, but it's up against the wall now instead of near the sofa. the baby needs floor space, so we moved it. i really like it there actually, since it gets used as extra seating instead of a clutter spot. we have nesting end tables, but they are kind of a pain. i expect they will come in useful someday when we live in a slightly larger space, but for now, they just sit nested. it is a good place for a cup of tea though, and small enough that nothing else ends up there usually.

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We have two foam cubes covered in canvas that I got at World Market 3 yrs ago. They have washable, removable covers, but the zipper on one has come apart. They were/are the best! I still have them out (one still covered, one in the muslin) b/c they're so handy. You can put things on them, company can sit on them if need be, and when not in use my boys love throwing them at each other. I would buy more in a heartbeat if I ever see them again. I was thinking of paying someone to recover them in a nice fabric but that'd cost way more than the $20 they cost originally. Anyway, foam cubes w/ a washable cover -highly recommend.

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I got rid of our coffee table - in the way, kid hazard, clutter gatherer. We don't have a large house dog at the moment, but usually do, & coffee tables are just dog nose & tail height :P We do have a small end table, with a lamp & the phone charger/answering machine on it (has room for a mug & coaster, but not much else - does have storage underneath). I've used large dog crates as end tables before, & that worked well (not for lamps, though). We also have a couple of those little folding tables, for eating off of or if guests need to set drinks down.

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I have a pretty big open square for a family room wtih the couches. I really only have one "sitting" room because that's the only place anyone ever sits anyways, except at the dining table, which we only have one of also. My coffee table is a huge square and doubles for smal non messy meals/snacks especially alfter swimming when everyone wants to watch tv and have a snack.  I have one heavy anchored end table and on the one side a set of lighter nesting tables that can be pulled out and used as a snack tray.  WHere my "sitting reading nook fancy place" would be is the kids study area. They each have a laptop and nice desk, with bookcases and shelving.  I tried to have that fancy little sitting nook to keep my nice things but that just didn'tw ork. I STILL didn't sit there and it's  just one more expensive set of furniture to not get used.

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No coffee table here.


I'm a minimalist and try to have as little furniture as possible.


With three rompy children, we just need the open space.  The center of the living room is where they love to play.

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My living room is small and my coffee table is really a bench from a kitchen table set. It is much more in proportion to the space. It has been used for additional seating on occasion. It is to small to really accumulate a lot of stuff.


The one drawback is that occasionally a kid will sit on the sofa and push off on it tipping it over. 

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