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Phantom Kicks

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For the last week I have been feeling my baby kicking around in my stomach. At first it was just when I was sleeping, but for the last two days I have felt these "kicks" during the day. I just had a nice episode a minute ago which inspired this post...

Has anyone else felt this? If so, does it go away and why would it start now?
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This is so so sooooo normal and as far as I know, no it does not go away. My moms youngest is 18 years old and she still gets them.

My doctors theory (theres no 100% known cause) is that muscle damage sustained in pregnancy (no matter how healthy you are, stretching that far can cause some amount of artificial damage... which is the sort that would cause this) is trying to heal itself. To do so, it is twitching. This explains why I feel it all over in the tummy but most often in the area where my babies kicked/stretched the most. Also explains why I have SEEN it (rarely, but I have!)

Right now they will seem more prominent/obvious because you JUST had that baby, just a couple months ago you were still feeling that feeling with him in you.

As time goes on I do not know if they get less frequent or we just get more used to them but most women I talk to about it seem to feel it less.
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It happened to me after my boys were born, but I haven't felt any after this pregnancy. It was strange......and VERY, VERY real feeling.
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I get them too so bittersweet.
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I got them after ds3, but they stopped when I got pregnant this time (so four years or so of feeling them). Haven't felt them since getting pregnant. I kinda miss them--it was a fun way to still remember the fun part of being pregnant.
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I've noticed these phantom kicks at night, at VERY lightly during the day every once in a while. It is kinda bittersweet Makes me look forward to my next baby already
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i have been getting them too and this time they just recently started..  so weird.. 

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