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PP Issues

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For the bunch of us that had our babies in late Oct/early Nov, I wanted to see how everyone is feeling. Are you healing up? Does anyone feel back to normal yet?

I'm really frustrated with my healing. I had a small tear, mw decided not to stitch it up. A week and 2 days later, I'm still in a great deal of pain even though I followed her plan of care. She is now saying that she should have stitched me up. She is coming over on Wednesday to check it out but there really doesn't seem like a lot we can do. Plus DH is going back to work on Thursday so I'm not sure how this whole bed rest thing is going to continue.
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I'm doing good healing wise. My nipples are healing also. At night baby tends to nurse like he did before getting his tongue tie clipped which makes for morew blisters, but during the day I work on it more and it gets better. I may have to just take a couple of nights and sit up to nurse and help him more until he gets it. I'm still waiting for his belly button to heal up. I think his stump fell off before it was ready by rubbing against the blankets. It still leaves blood on my shirt and his cloth diapers. I switched back to newborn diapers for the cutouts.
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feeling physically better by the day, although my pubic bone and pelvic floor are still a bit sore. I had some major anxiety and panic attack situation for a couple of days, but that has subsided and now just some baby blues remain. I get weepy over everything. particularly that anti-climactic feeling, of the build up, and the exciting birth, and then...well my beautiful girl of course. But everything just feels-over. esp since this is probably our last baby. and I just found out my MW is moving to Canada next year-which makes me very sad. If I were to have another baby, I can't imagine using anyone but her, since she's delivered my 2 girls. Guess I'd have to go to Canada! ANyway-sorry for rambling! lol
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Not back to normal! I am doing okay, still sore (1 stitch so it wasn't a bad tear). Weepy and a little anxious. I talked to my midwife today and she says if it hasn't improved by the end of the week to follow up with her (I had a bad go-round with ppd after my last birth). Also feeling that letdown from the excitement, and trying to balance meeting everyone's needs. My husband has had to work some even though he has been "off" and that has really sucked. I have tried to rest as much as possible, but that can only happen so much.
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I had my son on the 25th and I'm feeling completely back to normal. I had a teeny tiny skid mark, but that was totally healed by 3 days pp. We had sex on day 8 pp---a little uncomfortable, but okay. Then when we did it again on day 13 pp, it was normal and felt great! It has been SO awesome having hubby home for two weeks, but he went back to work yesterday. Baby Malachi is nursing great, I just started using the football hold which helps him latch on the first time instead of 4 false starts <big hugs> for all the mamas feeling the baby blues. You will be in my thoughts and prayers
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I also want to send hugs and support to mamas (or papas) dealing with ppd of any kind. Hopefully we can continue to use MDC and this DDC to find support.

Niamh was born on the 31st and my recovery has actually been awesome. I had one stitch and everything is healing well. I feel pretty normal except that my bleeding is still coming and going. I actually had the slightly scary, soak a pad in ten minutes kind of bleeding at 5 days pp. Had the same stop and start thing with ds last time and it lasted for 6 weeks! My mw thinks I'm doing too much, but I find it hard to be really sedentary.

My baby girl is beautiful and amazing and I feel really blessed by life right now.
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I had Oliver on November 3rd and I am feeling so so.  He seems to be nursing fine but is still jaundice so I am supplementing with donated breast milk from a friend and he nurses frequently like upwards of 12 times a day.


I had two little tears one has healed and the other is on its way to healing.  I have been having some pain in my clitoral area for the last two days and I am hoping that its everything just going back into place.


I have been feeling really good and I encapsulated my placenta, which I think has been helping a lot. I do get a little emotional but I think it would be much worse if I wasn't taking it.  I haven't randomly cried but I have been feeling kind of angry and frustrated lately.


Overall I feel wonderful compared to the last time, after my first birth I don't know what I was expecting but the whole idea that a human had made exit through my vagina left me feeling a little traumatized and I didn't want to hear his birth story or tell it to anyone for months.  This time I feel really good about how everything went and I feel really good telling the story and just good overall.  I also am feeling way better about my body and was pondering if its because I have become more accustom to a soft tummy or if its not as floppy as last time, lol.


I have had dtd on my mind but will wait a few more weeks for healing sake and because I never want to risk being one of those moms who gets a positive pregnancy test at the 6 week follow up.

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Matilda was born on the 25th and I'm feeling mostly back to normal now. I'm still a teeny tiny bit sore but since I didn't tear at all this time it's not bad. My mood swings are controllable with placenta pills, thank goodness. I've had a lot of back and neck pain that I assume is just going to happen while my body readjusts itself to a non-pregnant posture. I'm also feeling pretty weak and out of shape, which is frustrating when I need to chase my toddler around and carry him up and down the stairs. But otherwise, I feel great. The only thing I hate doing is Kegels, but my midwife has warned me sort of sternly that they aren't really optional from your second baby on, unless I like the thought of wearing diapers or a pessary by age 50.  So, I do them whenever I remember...

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Well, I finally had started to feel like I healed it up and started to feel almost normal again. But now I have Mastitis! I really just want to be well again - my mom is leaving in a few days and I want to be closer to 100% before she leaves.

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So sorry to hear that. Mastitis is so awful. Take care of yourself and feel better soon.
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We are all getting back on track now. I really didn't have anything to 'heal' from physically and emotionally I'm over the let-down and weepy stage (had that about week 3)

Azure is 6 weeks this Monday and I'm just trying to figure out what happened to my newborn and where did this honkin' baby boy come from?!! He's is such a healthy eater and always has to be 'worn' or held otherwise he wont sleep. Wonderful for baby-time bonding but man I need to do that laundry! 


DTD 3 times now....not uncomfortable but it was mostly for hubby's sake....maybe sometime when I can take a break from being a mom and being too distracted about what the kiddos are doing in the other room then I'll actually  get to enjoy it.   ...."What are those kiddos up too?...."jumpers.gif

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It's been a little rough for me.  I had a second degree tear and my stitches were so painful that I could hardly even move around, then I got a UTI on top of it.  I've also been bleeding for a very long time.  It was only period-like for about a week, but I've had spotting almost every day since then and I'll be 7 weeks on Monday.  Seeing the doc on Monday for my pp checkup and hoping they'll say I can start exercising, as my utter lack of ab muscles are really making my back sag and hurt.  I haven't even been able to contemplate dtd yet. disappointed.gif

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I had Ezri on October 14th.  I am pretty much back to my normal self and have been for a few weeks.  When she was 3 weeks old we drove 16 hours to come stay with family and have been here for a couple of weeks now.  It has actually been super great not worrying about feeding/taking care of all our pets (left the 6 of them at home), and my housework.  We are having a great visit and I'm glad we decided to come. 

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