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OUCH.. Rib Pain!!!!!

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Anyone else feel like the baby is pushing crazy pressure against their ribs?? ITS HURTS!!!! This little babe has wedged its butt under my right rib..not feeling so good!!
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I have a short torso, so this baby has been in my ribs for months. She is getting better about bruising my ribs.
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I don't know if mine starting dropping really early or what because I had really bad rib pain for about two weeks and then just woke up one day without it. Now I just have to pee every time I stand up and it feels like someone kicked me down there.
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I have a rib that is 'popping out' for lack of a better word because of how the pregnancy affects my spine and it hurts like crazy!!! Adjustments are helping some, maybe something like that would benefit you too? 


hug.gif I'm right there with ya!

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