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Is it a Maya I'm after?

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I own a Zolowear ring sling and I hate it. Hate hate hate hate it. From what I understand, the silk variety is much better, but I own the cotton-y variety and again, I hate it. The fabric folds over on itself and twists and gets jammed no matter what I do, how I thread it, or how careful I am when I tighten it (up and over up and over up and over . . . .).

I really like the idea of a ring sling though, and feel like I would really love to have one that wasn't made with such junkie fabric . . . .

I'm leaning towards the Maya, which seems to be well reviewed. Anyone out there have any opinions? Anyone buy the Maya, only to wish they had gotten something else?

TIA ladies!
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You are not the only one who has had trouble adjusting a Zolo sling.  I have found that people either love them or hate them.  It does help to think of it more as an adjustable pouch, meaning that you should fit it to your body and then only make a couple of quick adjustments after the baby is in.  But for some people (myself included!) the thing that makes a ring sling so appealing is it's adjustment abilities, so to not be able to easily tighten and loosen as needed can be frustrating. 


Maya Wraps are really nice ring slings and well made.  Personally I don't love the padded shoulder, but that is a "your mileage may vary" thing.  I also found that the cotton fabric wasn't supportive enough for me with older, heavy babies and toddlers.  A few other brands to look at are Sleeping Baby Productions, Sakura Bloom, and Kalea... they all have options for different fabric types.  Linen, silk, and woven wrap fabrics are the most supportive of the bunch. 


Anyway, while all ring slings can have the issue with the fabric bunching and twisting in the rings, if you thread it properly to begin with and adjust it piece by piece it shouldn't be a huge problem.  Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the reply mama . . . . I think you're right and I'm going to end up getting something that's double layered for when DD is older. Def going to check out sakura and kalea/


And then I'm going to ceremoniously burn my Zolo.


Just kidding!

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Sleeping Baby Productions have a nice (lower) price point and have a well earned reputation for excellence and a great shoulder pleated.

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I've tried several varieties of ring slings and hated them all except for my Sleeping Baby Productions.  Her price point is much lower and her quality is amazing.  I would recommend a linen - I find it very supportive for my toddler!

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If you opt against burning the Zolo...would you be interested in passing it along to another mama?

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