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who works a night shift?

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what do you do? what are your hours? do you have any small kids?

i SAH with my 2 babies, dh is in construction and waiting for some work to come around. due to his union, he cant look for work, so we just have to sit around and wait.

and wait.

i will not leave the babies during the day, so im thinking of a night schedule. please tell me your situation the only thing im really qualified for is childcare, but that wouldnt work in the night. hhhmmm.... fast food is the next option
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I have a seventeen month old and I am also pregnant. I currently work as an RN 11p-7a Monday-Friday. It hasn't worked for me at all because I work all night, sleep much of the day, and even have to sleep Sat, which is supposed to be my day off. Also, I don't sleep very well because I miss my daughter and wake up FREQUENTLY. I think I could make is work if it were less hours. Five night shifts a week are too much, especially with a little one.

I just recently got a new job working 12 hour day shifts because I couldn't see DP home every night with two babies. I initially took the night job because I thought it would give me more time with my little lady, but it has been worse for us.
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I just recently started back to work.  It's evenings and weekends, so not quite the same as over night, but I don't need daycare this way.  So far, so good.  


It's in retail.  This is a good time of year to try to find a retail job, but it will probably be temporary.

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I work nights Sat-Wed in network technical support, but when I was in college I got jobs in various industries working nights... food manufacturing and retail, specifically.  You DO have to sleep during the day, though.  It won't work without child care.

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I've been working overnights in retail for a couple of years now. I used to work 4 shifts/week, then switched to 4 mornings a week in the cash office and 2 overnight shifts/week. I'm bucking for a full time overnight supervisor position, if I get it then I'll go full time, which will stink but with Dh out of work (still going to school full time tho), we desperately need the money.


You gotta do what you gotta do.


One thing, it is unreasonable to expect to be able to watch little ones and sleep at the same time. DD was 4 and a bit when I started overnights, and it was rough for her at first. At 7 she's better adjusted to it, but I have no illusions that it'll be feasible to be alone with the baby when I need to sleep during the day past the point when he gets mobile.


Fortunately I plan on going back to school next fall myself, and plan to give up the job then.

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Exotic dancer..I have no schedule at all, but try for 4 nights per week, usually from about 8-2.  I can usually get about 6.5 hours of sleep and that's been working well (knock on wood!). It can be a juggling act for childcare for 3yo DS.  He tried 1/2 days Montessori this year, but we decided he's just not ready for it yet..so we have a part-time nanny come in the morning to watch him while I sleep.  I love my job :) 

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I work nights as a HUC/PCT in a large hospital about an hour from home.  I work 7p-7a and I get NO time with my kids on the day after I work.  It's rough.  I usually get up at 7am with the kids, am up with them all day, and then work 7-7, so I am up for 24 hours the first day, and then get home around 9am, sleep from about 9:30-4:30, leave for work at 5:30.  I see the kids, hug them, and then kiss them goodbye.  That's pretty much it :(  

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