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*May 06 Mamas NEW thread!*

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Ok ecoteat, I figured I would take your suggestion and start a new thread, lol! We are doing well here, so far no major illnesses (knock on wood) and Alayna is doing great! Starting to gear up for Christmas (really??!!), can't belive that is just around the corner.

Max- I hope things work out for you all, mama. Continuing to keep you in my prayers.

ecoteat- That is hilarious about Phoebe changing her mind! Alayna had picked out a Superwoman costume at Goodwill, but last mintue decided to be a ladybug from last year. Worked out well for us!

Mamabeakley- Anything new with trying to sell the house? How is the job??
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Hey mamas!


We're hanging in here. Busy with the magazine stuff, plus taking on a new position (still volunteer), plus teaching 3 English classes, plus a new blog (link in profile, for those who aren't already FB friends wink1.gif).


Life is great aside from the fact that it's been raining for a week and we all have cabin-fever.


Max, am thinking of you all. I hope you're ok.


Amy, great to hear about your costumes! Sounds like you had a lot of fun.


Sydnee, I am always so blown away by everything you do. I wish I had your organization!!


MB, hope the commuting is going ok.


Hugs to all!

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Oooh, la la.  New platform for MDC!


Sydnee, nothing new on our house.  The problem is not us or the house - it's the HOA, which has to get its act in gear or Fannie Mae will not allow any mortgages to be written in our Co-op.  There may (or may not) be progress on this by January . . . sigh.  For right now we are still driving back and forth each week.  The job is fine, though.


Baby is sleeping - must get stuff done - but just wanted to check in!

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Hey mamas! Not much going on here (for which I am grateful). It's snowing and it looks rather peaceful. Right now we're getting ready to go to a birthday party.


Orion was a boxer for Halloween (not that he knows much about boxing!). Originally he wanted to be a "Vampire Bat SuperHero" but I couldn't find a bat costume for a 4 yr old boy to save my life(it was mostly Grim Reaper/Axe Murderer get-ups). We went to a party at a friend's house and then we went to the community center, but their party was nothing like the past few years (cake-walk, costume contest, locals)--instead it was jam-packed with people from town(I live in the rural outskirts of Fairbanks, I guess it could be called the 'burbs if the 'burbs were full of mushers, hippies, sourdoughs and dry cabins!) and it wasn't fun. Not at all. There were only 2 activities and that was it. So we left after 5 minutes. I was going to be a 20s starlet but I lost my dress at the last minute so I wasn't anything.


In about 3 weeks, we're heading back to Vermont for the holidays. It'll be the last time for awhile that we'll get to go out for so long, so we hope to make the most of it! Hugs to all :)

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I pop in here every now and then!! I can't believe my big girl will be 4.5 on the 17th! My small girl turned two yesterday - oh where is the time going!!


Nothing too exciting going on. Just busy as usual and still home schooling!



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Phoebe was so difficult this evening and I'm recovering from it right now! She had preschool, came home had a snack, and took her normal nap (yes, she still naps 2-3 hours every day!). Usually she naps 4-6:30 on preschool days and goes to bed at 9:30. Today she woke up from her nap at 5:30 and was an insufferable grump. She whined and screamed and cried and was clingy from the moment she woke up from her nap until I started to lose my head just before bedtime. Well, except for when I wasn't in the room and she was with dh. Then she was just fine--laughing, conversing nicely, having fun. I thought I was going to scream. It was so maddening. I'm glad she went to bed on a happier, sweeter note.


The first part of today was so fun for her, though--she went around telling everyone that she was four AND A HALF today. She's delighted. She said she feels different now that she's 4.5, like she's older or something. And she really is! This week she started really taking a serious interest in letters. We can't spell things in front of her anymore as a means of her not knowing what we are talking about. We opened the Starfall can of worms and she loves it and asks to play it every day. It's hard to say no to 10-15 minutes of screen time when she loves learning about letters so much! I'm excited for her that she'll probably go to my school for kindergarten next year and for the first time this month that thought doesn't scare me. Ah, talking about how great Phoebe is is already making me feel better about what a turd she was this evening. love.gif


Mama Beakley, what a pain that the whole house process is such a drawn-out thing. I hope it resolves soon!


Phoebe, what a bummer about the disappointing Halloween party. I am wondering what sourdoughs and dry cabins, are, though! How long will you be in Vermont? I can't believe we are into "The Holidays" already! I am pleased with myself that I've already finished knitting my sister's scarf and my dad's hat and I have the tops almost pieced for doll quilts for Phoebe and my niece. I'm also thinking ahead and will get envelopes for Christmans cards and supplies for an Advent calendar this weekend, instead of rushing to do it at the last minute!


Max, any progress with the business? DH started up a new business on the side a few months ago for when he has research projects coming in that don't go through his university. It makes my head spin how complicated setting up the accounting bit is. But I'm relieved that we'll have an accountant do all our taxes this year! I've been using TurboTax the last few years, which is fine, but I never feel like I'm doing it right.


Mary, you sound busy! I'm off to check out your blog...

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Can you all believe our LOs are four and a half??? DS has been pestering me since about a month after his fourth birthday about when he'd be four and a half. Well, it happened on the twelfth. He's so excited about it that he checks every day to make sure it's still true. Too funny, and so strange to think we have such big kids!


Amy, we have turd-y moments here, too, from time to time. And wow, what naps Phoebe takes! Lucky you!


Alaskaberry, are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? What about you, Sydnee?


It's a rare quiet moment over here. In about an hour three four year olds will show up for their English lesson. I'll be talking to them about Thanksgiving and we'll be making turkeys. Lol.


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Mary, the naps are pretty wonderful, but I'm already starting to worry about next school year a little. She's had the exact same sleeping schedule/routine for well over 2 years. There is going to have to be a pretty big shift before next September, but ideally it wouldn't happen until after June, since DH depends on those naps so he can work while I'm at school and Phoebe is asleep! In a perfect world she'd naturally start to drop that nap and go to bed earlier in July so we could firmly establish the new routine before school starts. I can't even wrap my head around getting her and me out the door by 7:30 every morning. Right now she often wakes up at 7:30! And we love our family time in the evening after dinner before we start bedtime around 8:45. She'll have to be asleep by 6:30 to get the same amount of sleep she gets now! Most nights we don't eat until 6:30.


Also, Mary, I enjoyed reading your blog posts! I'm looking forward to poking around that website more--it looks pretty interesting.


I have mountains of schoolwork to do and I'm procrastinating. I MUST get off MDC! (And convince myself that Facebook is not a better use of my time!)

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Hello May Mamas. I just found this thread, and the new forum! Going to have to reaquaint myself around here.


We are all doing well. Thank you all so much for keeping us in your thoughts. The court battles are over. We've signed the final agreement and dh can finally move forward with his business plan. Now, it is just a matter of getting the business started. We are finally optimistic again. And I cannot even say how much all of your support has meant to me. You mamas are the best!


 Four and a half - it blows my mind! Sometimes when I am volunteering in the big kids' school, w/LO along side of me, I just cannot believe that next year she will be in kindergarten. Four and a half also means that we all have been together over 5 years, counting the DDC. That is also mind blowing, and amazing!


Sydnee, I am so glad to hear that Alayna is doing well. Was there ever a final diagnosis of what was going on for her?


Amy, that will be so awesome having Phoebe at your school. I am sure it will present it's own special challenges, but I think the good will far outweigh any bad.


Phoebe, have a great trip to Vt. I hope you have some really nice ime w/your family.


Mamab, I'm :fingersx for you that the troubles w/your HOA get resolved. How are you liking the new job?


Mary, so nice to hear from you! I've missed you. You sound super busy w/all your writing. I have lost track of your blog, but plan to catch up again. I really enjoy your writing. You are talented my friend.


kgianforti, nice to see you back.


Have a wonderful night all. :blowkiss

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Hi, everybody!


I feel bad - I totally missed DS2's 4-&-a-half birthday, after making kind of a big deal out of DS1's 6-&-a-half earlier in the year.  But, DS1's is easier for me to remember because it's the day after my mom's birthday.  But he IS 4 1/2 just the same!  He's getting more logical, also is interested in Starfall, and loves to count things.  I think he has a little bit of an issue with verbal expression - I know he basically knows his letters and numbers, but has a hard time saying "that's a "A" or whatever, and asks, "What comes after 4?" EVERY time, even though he really knows it's 5.  But I think he will probably grow out of it, eventually.  He is such a morning person - and is so happy when his sister plays with him in the morning (DS1 is NOT a morning person and it's always been a source of conflict between the brothers.)  I'm excited that he's getting a new carseat next week!  DD grew out of her infant seat (it's a Graco SafeSeat which is designed to last past a year - she's almost 16 months) and will be getting DS2's old seat (Britax Boulevard), and he'll be in a Britax Frontier 85, in Cowmooflauge!  thumb.gif  I wish they had these when DS1 outgrew his Britax Marathon - DS2 should be able to stay in 5-point for another year or more and then use it as a belt-positioning booster till he's 8.  It's expensive but with the amount of time we spend in the car (at least 10 hours a week at this point) it's totally worth it.


I am feeling down about our commuting/non-selling house/etc. today, but am turning it over and trying to get on with my job, which is for the most part going very well and which I enjoy.  I think Saturdays are hard because I'm leaving everybody at my mom's house and going off by myself.  I get lonely, and everything about our living situation feels worse.  There really isn't anything I can do about it today except let it go, though, so I will.  The one thing that's changing now is that DH's 5-day-a-week work season is ending, which is going to be a relief as far as the commute is concerned (we've been driving separately so he and I could both work, in different cities, on Mondays).  But it's a bit scary financially.  Winter is the slow season for his work and his income and I just don't have any flexibility in earnings right now since I can't teach or doula living in two different cities every week.  And the bills don't slow down at this time of year at all.


Max, I'm so pleased that your DH's business thing worked out.  Good luck as you move forward!  And thank you for pointing out that we've been part of this group for 5 years.  Wow!


Ecoteat, I bet Phoebe will change her sleep schedule in a way that will work for everyone without too much effort.  I remember how I thought DS1 would NEVER night wean and he did it by himself with no input from me at exactly 2 years old.  They have their own schedules I I bet somewhere right around the 5th birthday there is a change in how much sleep is needed . . .

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Hi mamas!  I want to hop on quick and wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!  I am SO thankful to have each and every one of you in my life:)  I am cooking here tomorrow, but it's only us, and my Mom and Step Dad, so not a whole housefull.  I made the pumpkin pie, bread crumbs for the stuffing, mashed potatoes and jello salads so far.  Feeling pretty on top of things (so far, lol) for now.  We are having a small winter storm roll through right now, but not a whole lot of accumulation.


Have a WONDERFUL day mamas!!

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Sydnee, Happy Thanksgiving to you! (And everyone else too!) I'm waiting to take my maple-nutmeg cream pie out of the oven and it smells SO good. The pecan pie and banana cream are done. The squash is peeled and cubed. The rolls' dough is overflowing in the fridge--I should go punch it down before I go to bed if I don't want it to expand to fill the whole fridge! In the morning I'll make the mashed potatoes and rolls and roast the squash. And harvest the chard and prep and cook it. We go do dh's cousins' house and there will be 9 of us. They don't eat land animals, so we have scallops instead of turkey. His cousin also makes this surprisingly amazing baked tofu dish as her husband's entree--he can't eat potatoes, flour, dairy, or a lot of other things, so he gets some special things. We are all really looking forward to a fun day tomorrow. :)

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my May Mama friends. I hope you all had a wonderful day and special time w/your families. :love

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Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


We had a lovely time with my BFF's family, since this was the one weekend we could NOT have to drive to my family 3 hours away.  More kid friendly there, anyway.  My family went to my grandparent's retirement home and since my uncle is a vegetarian who is offended by being around meat, they have lasagne (I love lasagne, but we are not vegetarians and I like turkey.)  It's not an easy place to entertain 3 kids for hours and hours, whereas my BFF's parents have a big house with stairs (DD's favorite thing!) and a playground in the square in front of their house and a lake to walk to.


Okay, I'm going to fix my signature and stuff.  I haven't had time to deal with the new platform yet!

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Hello all. How's everybody doing? We are all well here. We've had our run of childhood illnesses the past few weeks - bronchitis, ear infection, and an alarming case of poison ivy turned impetegio for ds. Everyone is well now thank goodness. Dh is off today on his first official day of making sales calls. Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers as his new business finally is able to get started. (We are still in the process of the legal battle, not sure where that is going at this point, but we are able to move forward finally.)


How are everybody's holiday preparations coming along?


Hope you all are well.

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Speaking of naps and sleeping schedules...whose LO's still nap and for how long or when did they stop napping? My big girl dropped napping when she was about 27 months. She goes to bed between 9pm and 9:30 and wakes up around 6:30am. privateeyes.gif


We all have colds right now. Ugh.

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Well, Phoebe's napping right now. I actually need to go wake her up! On Thanksgiving we tried keeping her up to see how she would handle it. At 7:00 when she was CRASHING she told me she did NOT like missing her nap. So naps it is. I'm working on prepping the Advent calendar tonight. It's fun that this year she knows how it works and what to expect and is putting in requests for activities to be in it. It's interesting to learn which activities she remembers from last year and is looking forward to--simple things like a candlelit bubblebath and having breakfast for dinner! Max, it's great to hear that things are moving forward with the business! If there's any chance we are going to make it to the grocery store tonight I need to get off my butt and get Phoebe moving! Have a lovely evening!
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Thanks Amy.  :) Dh made his first sale today!


Kgianforti, no naps for us any longer. It has been well over a year since we dropped the afternoon nap. LO was just staying up way too late at night when she slept during the day. Now she goes to bed at 7pm and wakes around 6:30-7:00am.  

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Hi mamas!  We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We had my mom and her husband over for dinner, so very small, but oh so enjoyable!  I am absolutely in my element while entertaining, lol!I am in full Christmas mode right now.  The girls were very excited to start the advent tree today, I still can't believe that December is here already.  My shopping is 75% done, cards have been sent, so now it's just figuring out when we will do the baking.  And of course throwing in all the crafts that go along with Christmas.


I have a brand new baby (7 weeks) that started on Monday, and (*knock on wood*) he has really adjusted well.  This is the youngest baby I have ever had, they typically don't start until about 3 months.  Quite an adjustment to being back in baby mode!  Although I am loving snuggling him in my sling.  The other kids have adjusted well, I actually thought they would be all over him, but they don't really pay much attention to him so far.


Max-  Yay on the sale!!!!  I have been praying for you guys


ecoteat-  Your Thanksgiving meal sounds wonderful!  I think Thanksgiving is my favorite meal, lol.


kgianforti-  No naps here, it's been about a year and a half since she has napped.  Once in a blue moon she will nap, but not very often.  She goes to bed around 8:30-9:00 and gets up around 6:30-7:00.  She is one that doesn't need much sleep, lol.

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No naps for us, except occasionally if we're in the car and DS2 is really tired.  I'm really grateful for that, actually, because I remember that one of the most stressful things for me about DS2's infancy was trying to juggle DS1's naps and DS2's naps, which rarely coincided.


Max, congrats on your DH's sale!  That's wonderful.  May there be many more.


Sydnee, how fun to have a little baby around!  I saw that the pregnant mom at the church I work at had her baby this week or last - she had a VERY tiny newborn snuggled up in a pouch on her chest today.  I didn't get a chance to greet her but . . . sweet!  I don't have baby lust . . . yet . . . but they are so darling.  


I'm happy to say that another family at the church where I work just announced they are expecting their 4th child in the spring.  I'm happy because I know I DO want a 4th eventually (like, TTC in about a year or so) and I kind of worry about people's reactions.  It's very much a 2 is normal, 3 is acceptable, any more than that you're crazy kind of culture, I think.  So I'm glad not to be the outlier as a professional staff member!


This was a hard week for us, mostly because DD got an ear infection.  My kids always get lots of colds, but I think this may be the first time any of them have gotten a secondary infection.  I waited 5 days before taking her to the Dr. but she really needed the abx I think, since it wasn't resolving on its own.  I think this is only the 2nd time any of my kids have been on abx (the other time was for an abscess on DS2's foot.)  She's feeling much better, but it was a challenging few days with a very cranky toddler.


I am trying to get things in gear for Christmas.  I went shopping BY MYSELF this week, mostly for clothes for myself (I had 3 work outfits, all of which I am sick of, so I needed some new things) but also looked for little gifts for the kids and cousins.  Christmas cards are underway - but the boys said they wanted to help make them and then keep doing a little bit and getting bored.  Maybe if things are calmer this week I will begin to feel not totally overwhelmed by the whole holiday spirit!


Hope you are well :-)

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