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Hi Mamas, I made a Facebook group page and added some of you.. here is the link---




I am not sure how the groups work exactly or if I did it right wink1.gif but it looks like MDC is back up!!!!

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lol, i actually like the way the fb group works better than this mdc forum!  am i the only one?

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I'm sure we'll love this new MDC once we're used to it - it looks like it has tons of new functionality.


That being said, when I'm this close to having a baby, learning a whole new format takes more brainpower than I currently have available...

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I have to say, I love being able to give posts I like the "thumbs up"!  OK, gotta go make breakfast for these rugrats...

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i sent you a request... this new MDC format also has my head spinning!   

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sent request... im also finding this new MDC pretty confusing...

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I requested to join smile.gif. My initials are JL.

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I'm on there but haven't said anything yet. lol... I just woke up and I'm thoroughly confuzzled. orngbiggrin.gif

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I just sent a request to join.

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I just sent a request--I'm Francesca

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