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Ribs stretching?

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Lately I've been having a really odd pain in my chest. It's not an internal pain—it kind of feels like a bruise, like I got kicked in the ribs.


Could this be my ribcage stretching out or moving due to the baby? I'm carrying WAY high up (in fact, I can still wear all of my low-rise pants, including a really fitted, tailored pair of dress pants) and if feels like this kid is practically in my chest.


Are any of you experiencing this, or have you felt it with previous kiddos? I'm not really worried about it—mainly just curious as to what's happening.

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I have it now and I had it with my last but only under my ribs on the right side.  It's worse when I lie down on that side.  If I put pressure on it it feels better.  I have no idea why it feels that way, so I'm not much help there, but your not alone.

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I've had this for at least a month on my lower right ribs.  I know for me it isn't actually baby up there (yet) b/c when it started my fundus was still just above my belly button.  I think it must just be the way my organs have been rearranged.  I can't handle underwires at all (I always wore them and they never bothered me before) and even elastic can make it worse if I have been sitting a lot.  My frequent 2hr bus rides are much less enjoyable greensad.gif

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For me it's my lower left ribs - the same spot as with my first pregnancy.  Then I was wearing underwires (now I'm in nursing bras), and I kept thinking it was the underwire digging in, but it never helped to take my bra off.  I agree it feels good to put pressure on it.

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