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Flicker N Suds

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I placed our second order with Flicker N Suds on 11/29. In our confirmation email we were told she could "get these poured this week and hopefully have them shipped within 2 weeks." We paid the total and waited. We did not receive that shipment until mid January.

End of January we immediately ordered again and paid on Feb. 7th in hopes that we would not run out. Again we were told it would be shipping in two weeks. As of 3/25 our items had not shipped. We emailed flicker-n-suds and asked for a tracking number or full refund.

On 3/25 our WOW was put up for sale in the flicker-n-suds website, however no refund was issued. We were told she would refund in the next few days. So at this point she is selling products we paid for, and has not compensated us in any way.

I would not do business with her again, but will update if/when we receive our refund.

ETA : After she sold out her stock she did send us our refund. & that order dates stated above are dates that we PAID not ordered. Regardless of what her site said, her emails to us said 2 weeks... and was never delivered promptly. Nor did we receive shipping totals as she stated in her post below.
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It is stated on my site soap cutres 4 weeks.

I did let you all know about the delays and also had made extras and actually did refund you prior to selling it out. You asked for refund I gave a refund. Plus shipping monies was not sent when requested and order payment was also delayed.
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I ordered a bar of WOW after hearing how great it was ... Sherry shipped it the day after I ordered it and it got to me two days later - just in time for ds to explode all over his wool cover! She was very prompt in emails and even had sent a confirmation number so the package could be tracked.
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I ordered a bar of WOW and a few 2oz bottles on May 11th and now it has been over a month and still no package. And it isn't like it has to travel across the country, only across a county.

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As soon as we found out her package

had not arrived we refunded her full amount even though our policy states to buy insurance due to PO problems. Her package shipped same day or following day. At the time we ran out of ink on our printer so since I did not have any DC without hesitation we refunded. 90% of all orders we do provide free DC. We followed up as soon as we were told it did not arrive with her refund so I am sorry your package is NOT there yet and hopefully it will come.
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Originally Posted by ustasmom
I ordered a bar of WOW and a few 2oz bottles on May 11th and now it has been over a month and still no package. And it isn't like it has to travel across the country, only across a county.
ETA: Sherry has refunded my money, which I promptly put into the Samuel/Levi raffles. So I am still WOWless.
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I love my soaker

I won a soaker on eBay and it is beautiful! So soft and yummy! Sherry shiped it right away and included a wow bar. I have a pair of custom longies on order. Can't wait to get them.
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I bought 4 bottles of WOW wash from Flicker-N-Suds, it came a couple of days ago(very timely shipping) and it smells so very yummy. I can't wait to try it out. I will definitely shop there again.
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I ordered 2 WOW bars and paid promptly. My WOW showed up a mere couple days later! I don't think I could have gotten it faster if I picked it up.I will definatly order again.
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I ordered 4 bottles of liquid WOW soap for my wool. It all smells wonderful! I really like the product.
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I received a wholesale order today

and throughout the entire process Sherry was able to provide me with updates and ship date etc. I am very impressed with the customer service I have received on this last order. I simply adore these soaps and am so happy that she is back in the swing of things. to Sherry I am very pleased with the WOW soaps and hope that Sherry continues to wholesale these awesome soaps.
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I ordered a WOW bar, received it promptly. Bought a used soaker off the TP- it is beautiful and I love it! And I purchased two in stock soakers directly from Flicker 'n Suds, received them promptly, too, and with a free WOW bar. Also, the pail mates work great. I'm a big fan!
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Sherry is such a great mama to work with--- responsive, helpful, generous, and oh my golly, the WOW wash is so yummy. We have four different scents, and just tried the Red Clover- it is so scrumptious smelling that I could almost eat the soakers! :LOL When we run out one day, I'll definitely be back for more. Who thought I could enjoy washing our soakers so much?!
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Picture of Custom Soaker Shorts (scroll through to see all the views)

I ordered a custom pair of soaker shorts, they are extremely cute and well made. My custom slot came up while I was on vacation visiting family for 3 weeks. Since I was away from my home email I gave her about 5 different email address for when I was away (I kept changing which one she could contact me at) but she was very good about keeping in good contact. She let me know when she dyed yarn, started knitting, started the embelishments and shipped it off.

The embelishment was a dolphin which I asked to be embroirdered onto the soaker opposed to being knit into it. It came out great! It was excellent work.

I am in the process of return the soaker because the yarn was very thick which I didn't realize before I got it. It was totaly my fault, I ordered cashmere which is very thick and I didn't specify that I wanted thin yarn. I feel had I said I wanted thin yarn she would have let me know that the cashmere was thick and the problem would have been solved before it started. I assumed I wouldn't be able to return it since it was a custom order but she has been awesome about it and is offereing a full refund.

There were a few email problems with emails not being received but at the time I was using my yahoo mail account and had been having issues. She was quick to respond when my emails actually went through. :LOL

Also, she sent a free bar of Plum Spice WOW with my order. It smells great but just not a scent that I would use (I'm more of a fruity scent lover. ) but I was going to return it anyways since I am returning the soaker. I do have one of her WOW bars that I got off of the TP when she was out of stock and I it. It works great and the scent on that bar is very faint, not too strong, it is prefect and keeps my covers well lanolized between lanoline treatments.

I plan to order more WOW from her in the future as well as another soaker when DS grows out of what we have now. I would definitly reccomend her as a great momma to work with as well as very gifted. I just wish things had worked out better, but it was mostly my fault that I didn't like the end product.

After posting this I just want to express how sad I am that I can't justify keeping this. It is just so cute and well made. It will probably be for sale on her page soon, I hope it goes to a good home.
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I ordered a WOW bar and it was shipped very quickly. It also arrived beautifully packaged. I love the scent (Spiced Plum) and it works rather well. I will definately be getting more.
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I ordered 3 bottles of liquid WOW and was impressed with the way Sherri kept in contact with me, letting me know when they would be shipped. And the smell divine! I wish the scent was stronger so it would linger on the wool longer. But they do smell fresh and left my soakers feeling nice and soft. I even used some on an itchy wool blanket and was happy with how it came out.
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I ordered several sample sizes and a bottle of liquid WOW. She was having a sale. The website stated that orders were sent out same or next day. It was over a week before my order was sent out. Everything I ordered was stated as being Instock.

I am pleased with the product. The scents I received are very nice and not too strong. The delay in shipping does concern me when it was advertised as otherwise on her website at the time I ordered and for several days afterwards.
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You are correct

All orders under 1 lb ship same day from my mail box however your box was well over that so I had to go to the PO. It was 7 days after you paid when I got to the PO (with my 4 kiddos + my nephew) BUT I shipped it PRIORITY mail (which was of no charge) to make up for your delay. Normally when I offer free ship it is sent cheapest way and it would have made it to you in about the same time.

Glad you are enjoying and thanks for your feedback. I will take this to heart and make it clearer on my site.
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Sherry is a wonderful soap maker. I have placed 3 orders total with her over the past 2 years. The soap was a nice organic/natural fragrance (not overdone fake smelling), lasted a long time, and was a nice natural color. I gave some out as gifts, and my friends gave the soap rave reviews- I knew they would be impressed.

My favorite scent is mint patchoulli. One of my good friends would always smell my bar when she was over, so I figured I'd order a whole loaf of it for us both and as gifts to other friends. I placed my order on 5/10, it arrived on 8/11 . Now, my previous orders took about a month to arrive (instock), so I wasn't expecting it to arrive that week or anything. So, since my order was a custom order, I assumed it would take about 1 and 1/2 months to arrive (around mid June-ish). Around that time (6/21) I emailed Sherry to see how things were coming along. My soap was finished , and needed 4 days to dry out because it was humid at her place. I also cancelled my WOW order with her that day (only because I stopped using wool), which she was very cool about and said she'd refund me later. My invoice stated that my shipping price was $4.75 (which I had payed for along with my order already- paypal), yet she thought it would cost her more than that and she requested that I pay her the difference once the package arrived. So, once I would get the soap, she wanted me to let her know the shipping price so she could subtract the difference from my liquid WOW refund. I had not heard from her about whether or not my soap had been mailed later that week, so on July 30th, I asked if it was on it's way. I was told my order was sent out 2 weeks ago (7/16)- yay! Unfortunately, she didn't think she had my delivery confirmation because her printer ran out of ink that day. Two days later she informed me that she indeed could not find my delivery confirmation. Luckily she had made another batch of my exact soap the day before I emailed her , so she will ship it priority with extras that tuesday (8/3) . It was explained to me that the soap had not finished curing (she said it normally takes 4-6 weeks, but to let it sit for at least 1 week), and instructed me on how to let it sit out and for how long, etc. She told me she'd email me the delivery confirmation # (I never recieved it, which was fine, I didn't ask for it anyway). I was asked that if I recieve the 1st package she had sent, to either 'return to sender' or just keep it. She assumed it would end up back at her place damaged because that's happened to her alot lately. She let me know that if the hurricane didn't hit her town, she'd go to the PO that day. On 8/9, I emailed to see if my soap was sent out yet. She let me know "It went parcel post and DC" the previous week . It was actually postmarked on 8/7 (2 days before), but that's ok, it arrived (8/11) ! The shipping was $1.52 more than I had initially paid, which was deducted from my WOW refund. The loaf of soap was banged up all along the edges. It was wrapped well (wrapped in a paper towel, then in bubble wrap), but I guess since it wasn't cured yet, it was soft enough to get damaged.. these things can happen. I recieved a free bar of soap and 2 votive candles with the loaf.
She did reply to all of my emails. She told me her son was sick and had to be in the hospital (these last few weeks- I think, maybe days), but she's been completely occupied with him.
As a wahm, I completely understand putting your family's needs first.. I've had to shut my store down a few times due to this. She was apologetic about the long wait. Unfortunately, I can't wait that long again. I hope her son is feeling better, and I wish her luck with her new store.
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I will be back with my review...
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