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I'm just done with cleaning up messes.


My 26 month old (who's been EC'ed almost full time from 4 months old) has regressed completely. She often flat out refuses the potty, and is back to 100% misses. I've tried putting her in gerbers with pants so that when she pees, everything gets wet and uncomfortable. But for 5 solid months now, it's been miss after miss after miss. The last time she pooped in a diaper was when she was an infant (minus the occasional poop miss on the floor during naked time), but now it's refusal of potty, then poop on the floor. 


What would you do? Pull-ups are easy but expensive (and won't teach her anything), and diapers are a pain to put on and off (which might help create a negative association). I was hoping the gerbers would do this, but no luck. 


She does tell me that she just pee'd, and a couple times she took me to the toilet and asked to be put on... But don't ask her to sit because the answer will be a big "no".


What would you do? How would you handle this? I'm at the point where I have to fight myself from getting angry when she pees on stuff. 

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OT. The new board looks AWESOME!! *thumbs up*

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I have never seen the Gerber's but I don't think that they have a protective barrier inside, am I right?


We use one-wet trainers here... they look and go on like underwear but have a soaker with a layer of PUL sewn in... it doesn't hold more than one pee, and will wick if you don't change them within a few minutes, but they don't get everything wet...


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We've decided to go to pull ups, but they're a little on the small size (which actually works to our favor). She'll put them on just fine, but then she'll spend some time digging out wedgies, squatting (legs spread like riding a horse), trying to adjust them, etc. She'll eventually just take them off, and when she starts to pull them down, I offer her the potty. No pee, and they go back on.


So far, fingers crossed, this seems to be working. And miraculously, no fights!! 


I'm not really sure what else to do, but don't mess with what works, I guess. 

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