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Would you go visit new baby with a cold? - Trip cancelled, thanks!

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I'm supposed to be traveling to see my great-niece this weekend, who will be a little over a week old. (I'd insert lovey smiley here if I could).

Last night it became apparent that I've caught a cold. Today I have a scratchy throat and runny nose. I'm still at work and I'm not sickly, it's mostly just annoying.

We are scheduled to go Friday and we are staying in a hotel. So we have to decide if we should cancel before they will charge us a cancellation fee.


Ds is also congested but he is at school, no fever or anything.


I feel like I shouldn't go, but I don't know if I'm over-reacting. I could go and just not cuddle with her.


Can I have your two cents? This won't be rescheduled anytime soon. Ds is off school friday and all other weekends are booked.




ETA: Trip canceled yesterday. And I feel worse today. I should clarify -- I know better than to visit a newborn when sick. I guess I was wondering more so if it was silly to cancel two days in advance. I think I was hoping for some miracle stories about colds passing in 24 hours. Yeah, right!

Thanks for the input - it helped make the decision a couple days in advance instead of waiting and having to pay a hotel cancelation fee.

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i personally would not go. and as someone that is soon to have newborns in the house, i would really apreciate a visitor that cansceled for this reason.


i'm sure you are dieing to seethe baby, but you are also really kind to be thinking of this


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I think they will appreciate you not showing.  I would be horrified if somebody showed up sick when my babe was one week old.  So sad to have to miss it, though!!!!

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I suppose there is no sense in visiting if I can't cuddle. I'm sad to not see the baby. I'm also bummed because this is a town we like to visit for long weekend getaways and had other activities planned. Dh and I could really use the weekend getaway.

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My MIL came and COUGHED IN THE FACE of my one week old daughter.  Who is now 6 and I still get mad when I think about it.  (Not that you'd do that, but still)

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No, I would not.

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I know you are bummed and I would be too, but on the other hand... if you wait a couple of weeks you won't have to compete with the other visitors and will get more baby snuggle time yourself with no sharing. Plus, you and dh will have a better time all around if you are feeling better.

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I would defintely not go.  And if I was a new mom and found out that someone knew they were getting sick and still came to visit my new baby, I'd be angry.  What could be a cold to an adult could be worse in a baby (think RSV or other respiratory problems.)

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I wouldn't go.

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I'd be really bummed - but I wouldn't go either. I wouldn't worry so much about the baby - but babymoons should be a time when mama/baby/family get to know and enjoy each other - and if anyone in the family gets sick - that makes it way less fun.


My mom took older dd to chucky cheese (a.k.a. petri dish) the day after dd2 was born, and we all got some crud that she picked up there (I'm assuming - I realize it could have come from anywhere). I'm still annoyed about that.

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I would not.  

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I would hold off until you are feeling well. 

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stay home.

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I wouldn't go.  I'm sorry, what a disappointment.

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No way would I ever visit a newborn with ANY type of illness. Sorry, I know that really sucks but it's just not worth it. I would have flipped my lid if someone had come to visit my daughter w/ a cold.

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Please don't  



Not the same but could you Sykpe? You'd at least get a peek at the little one.


Why not spend the weekend being tourists in your own town?  You will still get to go out with your family but will be able to sleep in your own bed (I enjoy sleeping in my own bed when I'm feeling under the weather).

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I cancelled. I hate having to cancel now when maybe this will pass, but I couldn't risk the $45 hotel cancellation fee.

I would never hang out with a newborn feeling like I do today. I just didn't know if I was jumping the gun cancelling. Darn germs.

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Maybe it is for the best?


I remember the first couple weeks postpartum...  There were plenty of hands to help out, to cook a meal, or help with whatever, etc.  But I would say that by week 2, people expect you to be up and running and in the swing of things.  This might give you the opportunity to offer a helping hand after most of the help has left!


I'm sorry you had to cancel, but I applaud it.  I hated having to kick people out of my house who were sick, and then having to feel like a bad person.  It's one more little detail that a new mama doesn't have to sweat, so good for you!

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Unfortunately, I think that it would be best to not go.

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I also would not go.

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