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Favorite Vacuum?

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I need some opinions!


I'm in the market for a new vacuum. Been wading through online reviews and just got totally overwhelmed. It seems like if someone likes one model, ten other people say why it's crap. Is it really this complicated?


Basically I want a not too expensive model, upright, bagless. We have mostly hardwood, no carpets (some area rugs). Does anybody have the Shark Vac n'Steam? I like the idea of vacuuming and then steaming with just one piece of equipment, but I wonder if it's all just hype.


So, if anyone has a vacuum they love, please share and why! No $500 models please, lol.



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I looked through reviews a lot too, and gave up. Then months later, someone recommended this vacuum: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Hoover-Nano-Light-Upright-Compact/10174466


I know yucky Walmart and all, but I really love it. It's super lightweight, takes up less space in my closet and gets the job done. The only cons are that it covers a smaller area at a time, and the cord isn't terribly long, so I should probably use an extension cord for it. It was definitely worth the $48.

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I have a Dyson animal. I've had it for 7 years and it is still working great! We have 4 cats and it's worked well with 2 Saint Bernards. I know it's not the cheapest vacuum, but it's lasted a long time.

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Also not a cheap one, but my Oreck has been through the wringer for 10 years, both Stateside as well as via a transformer (which is supposed to lessen the power of electronics) overseas, through a long-haired dog and 2 longer-haired cats for most of those years, through both kiddos...in both carpet-only homes, tile/hardwood homes, etc.  It weighs 7 lb, which is perfect as every 1-3 years we are moving, sometimes into apartments, sometimes into 3-story homes.  Our next one will probably be a Dyson due to its excellent reputation and increased power when sucking...but my Oreck just keeps on running, lol!  The smaller vacuum w/its attachments has been perfect for cleaning our vehicles as well as nooks and crannies in our homes  smile.gif

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Our Oreck is over 10 years old now and still going strong! We replaced the cord once and that's it.


We also have a Roomba and love it for frequent floor cleaning. The battery is currently giving us trouble. The Roomba itself is 3-1/2 years old and we replaced the original battery already. I have to do some reading to see if the newer versions have better quality batteries. If so, then we will buy a new Roomba when we see it for a great price (got our first one on woot.com). If not, then I am going to be sad...

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We have this Dyson vacuum...love it!  So easy to maneuver. The only con I find is the cord is quite long to it tends to get in the way at times, but I have got used to moving the cord out of the way with my left hand when I need to, and steering with my right. 

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