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wow!!! good for you!


I"m here because I have the same exact issues. We eat out sooo much. Almost every weekend we eat at least once with my parents. It's so hard to cook for 6 people, when if we were eating alone, we could just have toast and call it done. but it really adds up!

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Good and expensive, lol, but still way cheaper than eating out...  I am feeding 6 people, and all but one have an adult-sized appetite (or more, they are growing so fast!).  I just started a whole 6 quart crockpot of pork and veggies w/mushroom gravy to serve over jasmine rice.  That plus a big berry cobbler will last for supper tonight, 2 or 3 people's lunches tomorrow, plus maybe some cobbler for breakfast and a snack tomorrow.  Plus I made a big loaf of bread, and am about to cook the pancake batter I made earlier.  I use 10 cups of flour(s) in a single batch, lol.  I am leaving the house before supper time and won't be back until late (rare for me), and I know there will be not one slice of bread left when I get back.  It'll probably disappear before supper, actually.  Then there will be bedtime snacks of pancakes, I'm sure.


***disclaimer***  we don't normally eat so much baked stuff in one day, but we do seem to binge once a month or so. 


So, OP, what did you cook?  Obviously roast (which answers my ? in my last pm), but what else?  Good job on getting so much done! 

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Good job, OP!


I didn't see this mentioned (though I only skimmed), but I subscribe to this thread.  You may find it helpful.  smile.gif

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