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Cramping, please reassure me!!!

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Hi ladies,

I've been having cramping on and off today.  I keep thinking I have to go #2, but...then I don't.

Last Saturday I was cramping all evening and it was very painful.

Is this a typical symptom?  How worried should I be?  Please reassure me!

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I'm sorry, I have no help or wisdom to offer as I am doing this the first time myself.  Just wanted to send a virtual hug! 

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Thank you Joanna!  I'm scared.  I'm sitting at work trying to hold back tears.  Hopefully the tears are emotional pregnancy symptoms which only confirm my babies strong presence!

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Yes, I cried out of nowhere last night too...my poor DH.  At least the work day is almost over, right??   I was just perusing the June Due Date club, and some of the posts there might be helpful.  There seem to be a lot more people there too.  Or hopefully someone else will weigh in soon too.  Hope you can have a restful evening.  And keep us posted! 

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Hi Staryla!  I just wanted to say that I have spent the last week or so feeling like I am going to either get my period or have a bowel movement  - a lot of cramping that has made me think twice about being confident about this pregnancy.  That being said, I remember the exact same thing happening with my last 2 pregnancies as well and everything was fine.  I think that it is just the body's reaction to the expanding uterus, increase in blood flow and slow-down in digestion.  Cramping in early pregnancy is considered normal.  Obviously, bleeding is something to watch for and could be indicative of a problem.


Sending lots of good vibes to you and your little bean!! 

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I feel crampy too, like I have to... toot. smile.gif


I think it's normal, I feel like this happened last time too.

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My cramping has really picked up today as well.  I remember with my first feeling so crampy and thinking my period was going to start any moment b/c the cramps were so much.  It's definitely a symptom.



(For the record though...pregnancy # 9 for me and the cramps are still disconcerting.)

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hug.gif  I agree with the others that it is probably pretty normal.  With all of my pregnancies I experienced PMS-type cramping very early on, and knew I was pregnant when the cramping continued but AF never showed up.  I'm usually done with that by about 5 weeks or so, but I suppose it could be different for everyone.  If you're not bleeding or doubled over in pain, I think you're fine. 

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I am crampy too. For me, it's just another sign that I am indeed pregnant. This is my 4th baby, and I was crampy and achy with all of them in the 1st trimester. Please don't worry! Most likely, it's just your little bean making room and preparing to set up shop for the next 9 months!

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I get that also. There is no need to be concerned unless the cramping is in your back. If you get really bad back cramping, especially if it accompanied w bleeding or spotting that is NOT good. What you have sounds normal to me.

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For me cramping is a good sign. It means that the uterus is starting to grow. It sops around 5 to 6 weeks for me.




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Thanks for all the replies!  Things settled down and I've been feeling much better over the last day.  It's good to hear that this is just another symptom and not neccesarily a bad sign.

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