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DH rocks.

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I've been doing a lot of reading and researching lately about patient rights, and newborn interventions that are required by law (ie will be done against the parents express wishes/without consent).  I was so mad yesterday as I was telling DH about it all.  He looks at me and says "Well, we can move somewhere else for a few weeks if that helps."  Conversation carries on and he says "Do you really need the midwife?  If you think we can do this on our own that's ok with me."  I was stunned.  I mean, I know DH is totally supportive of me, and believes that since I'm the one birthing, my desires trump his on all things birth-related... but to hear him volunteer the options of moving temporarily or having a UC made my heart just swell with pride and love for him. 


So many of our threads are vents (which I've done myself and am totally thankful to have MDC for venting!) but I thought I'd share a happy note today.  smile.gif


((And although I don't have any real intentions of UC'ing - in every birth dream I've had I have given birth into my own hands, because baby came fast.  I've also felt sad in my dream though, because I didn't have 'my women' with me for the birth. ))

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My hubby is also 100% supportive of what I feel is safest for me and baby and best for our family.  I feel weird gushing on him sometimes when others are going through such hard times.  But Im so grateful to feel so supported.


So glad your husband can be so supportive of you and your birth journey! 

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hooray!!! joy.gif

that is seriously too sweet. 

i also am thankful for a husband who trusts my instincts as far as birthing goes and is completely down with whatever i think is best for the baby and me orngbiggrin.gif

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My dh totally rocks! He is super supportive, even is ok with the idea of a HB, which I find shocking considering what happened last time!
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Yay for awesome and supportive partners!!! My DH is super supportive, though he does worry a little more than I'd like about what I'm eating orngtongue.gif He really wants to be involved in the whole process too, which is awesome smile.gif

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