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Well this is just great.

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Tonight I was cleaning up the kids rooms (and granted, moving light furniture and such)  There was a tub of outgrown clothes on the floor that I wanted to move into the closet.  Rather than pick it up (it would have been heavier than anything else I'd moved), I decided to push it with my leg.  Sure enough, the second I applied pressure, my pelvis POPS.  It hurt!  I immediately stopped and went to sit down.  I felt fine after a few minutes and wasn't too concerned - went back about my evening.  Loaded up the kids, went to pick up my paycheck, make a deposit and several other 'drive thru' type errands.  I get home and nearly collapse at the pressure of my weight on my pelvis.  I can hardly put either foot in front of me without writhing in pain.  Call my midwife and she says I've pulled my pelvis.  That the liklihood of it healing before I deliver is rare (it takes a long while and the added stress of the baby won't help) and that it could make labor more difficult.  Oh, and I probably can't work anymore.  Awesome. 

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Oh no, I'm so sorry. I hope she's wrong and that it will heal back up. I had SPD with my second pregnancy and it was horrible. I had a great delivery though, on all fours and everything. But the pregnancy was miserable with it.

I really hope you feel relief soon. greensad.gif

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Oh, no!!!

I have a terrible habit of pushing/kicking things around, and my pelvis and knees are already a wreck.  I'll have to be more careful.


Sending healing vibes!!!!!!

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Oh no! That sounds horrible. I really, really hope she's wrong and it heals quickly.

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I'm so sorry!  greensad.gif  Sending you lots of healing vibes.

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Ugh!  That sounds awful!  I guess I'll be sure to tell DH that I am NOT helping him to rearrange the furniture in our bedroom...


Hope you feel better soon!


ETA: can you go see a chiropractor who specializes in prenatal care?

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